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    15 After-Work Activities That Will Help You Relax

    Savanna Pruitt 5 min read

    Hustle culture has totally taken over our lives these days. If you aren’t constantly answering emails, working, and generally staying on that #dailygrind, it can feel like you’re falling behind according to societal standards. Now that lots of us are working from home, it’s even easier to slip into a habit of working all day long.  Here’s the thing: There’s…

    7 Inspirational Movies For Millennials

    Savanna Pruitt 5 min read

    It’s tough being a Millennial or a Gen Z-er. It’s even harder being a Millennial or a Gen Z-er during the middle of a global pandemic. Things can seem pretty overwhelming at times, and it’s easy to start feeling bogged down and uninspired. If you’re anything like me, Netflix and Hulu are probably your go-tos when you can’t work up the…

    How To Create Educational Instagram Content For Your Audience

    Amanda Cross 14 min read

    Do you ever wonder how people create perfectly curated educational Instagram content? Whether you are a blogger or a lawyer, you’ve probably seen a fun Instagram carousel dedicated to a topic you wanted to know more about. Today on the blog, I am going to show you how to write stellar content, design it on Canva, and publish it with…

    The Young Adult’s Guide To Resting And Recharging

    Savanna Pruitt 5 min read

    December signals the time of year when things settle a bit and work winds down. Most of us have at least some time off from work responsibilities, which means we have to decide what to do with that free time.  Even though we have this greatly needed break from work, it can be hard to actually unplug and focus on…

    7 Fun Winter Break Activities For College Students

    Savanna Pruitt 5 min read

    Finals are over, grades are submitted, and it’s finally time to enjoy winter break. For most of us, this usually means binge-watching Christmas movies and reality TV, snacking all day long, and trying to ignore the creeping anxiety we have about next semester. Why not try something a little different? Even though things are crazy out there and this year us…

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