Freshmen Tips: Getting to Know People

Getting to know people is important in college. It can be hard to make those connections in college as a freshman. Read below for some great tips on getting to know people in college.


Smiling is the quickest way to let other people know that you are interested in talking and open to meeting new people. Smiling helps you seem open and ready to have great conversations with your classmates and others at your school. Always smile nice and bright!

Put away your cell phone

When you have your eyes glued to your cell phone people don’t want to interrupt you! Always make it a point to put away your cell phone on treks to your classes or while you are eating in the cafeteria. Again, you want to seem open!

Help someone who seems lost

If you might have the answer someone is looking for let them know. Always be the first to help if you see someone who looks lost. It’s a great gesture to help someone in need, make a joke about how it’s hard to find your way around at first, and then be able to make a new acquaintance out of it.

Approach classmates

The transition from high school work to college work can be a big transition! Get to know your classmates and form study groups with other like minded freshmen in your class so you can get through the transition together.

Talk to people outside of your high school comfort zone

There are no cliques in college. You will hang out with so many different types of people. Make it a point to get to know someone you would never have gotten to know in high school. I am close with so many girls I never thought I would ever get to know in high school now that I am in college. Don’t bring along your high school cliques, because in college that is just social baggage.

I hope these tips were of help to you!


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