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April 3, 2017
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Happy Monday, y'all! Today on the blog I am back with another post from Minted to showcase exactly what I got when I was able to shop from the Minted website.

Before you check out this new post take a look at my previous post from Minted “How To Have A Great Graduation Season With Minted” This is where I really detail some great options for what to get around this time and I give my advice on how to survive graduation season. This post will most revolve around a video where I show you exactly what I hauled from Minted.

 Beautiful Graduation Gifts With Minted | Click through to se some of the beautiful graduation gifts I was able to get in my collaboration with Minted. Get excited to watch my latest haul and get to know why I picked the gifts I did as well as look back to the larger post I made about Minted and graduation season.


What I hauled:
Class Grad-Foil Pressed Graduation Announcements
Pink Wash Business Cards
Parisian Windows Wall Art Print
Arkansas Map Foil-Stamped Wall Art

1) Class Grad-Foil Pressed Graduation Announcements

I hauled these announcements because I was obsessed with the actual gold foil on them. They were simple, but beautiful and I can't wait to send them off in the next month or so. They are perfect for any graduating senior and I am so in love with how these turned out. I hope you love them to or that you get to check out their other graduation announcements on the site. I shared some of my favorites in the post from a few weeks ago

2) Pink Wash Business Cards

Business cards are a necessity in my opinion for anyone who is getting out of college. I adore these business cards because they are fun and feminine. I do wish they had a bit more space for a longer email address, but other than that I am obsessed with these cards and I can't wait to use them to wow anyone I really want to work with when it comes to freelance blogging or social media.

3) Parisian Windows Wall Art Print

Wall art is basically my favorite thing in the entire world so when I saw this piece I knew I needed it in my life. Wall art is a great gift for graduating seniors because you need decor to make your dorm room (if you are graduating from high school), your office, your apartment, or wherever you head to after school ends more home-y. I adore this limited edition wall art because it is just so beautiful. Plus, I was also able to get a piece that was signed by the artist which makes me even more happy.

4) Arkansas Map Foil-Stamped Wall Art

I have had my eye on this piece from Minted for what feels like forever. Getting yourself or your grad a foil stamped map is the perfect way to celebrate their time in college (especially if you went to college out of state, you are moving out of state, or even if you just love the state you attended college in.) I, of course, chose the state of Arkansas because I am The Happy Arkansan after all, but there are SO MANY states to chose from so feel free to choose the one that speaks to you.

Final thoughts

Minted has created some beautiful gifts for graduating seniors on their website. You can choose something more practical like a business card or a notebook or you can go for something that will help their new apartment feel like home. I am so in love with the artistry that Minted offers when they ship products to your home. I cannot say enough great things about the products that I was able to get from Minted and I thank them for sponsoring these posts and videos.

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