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May 3, 2019

The Sill Review: Become A Plant Lady In Training

Lately, I’ve been feeling like adding some plants to my home. After watching some videos on YouTube of other people sharing their plant collections in March, I decided that it was time to become a plant lady. The site that I turned to for that was The Sill. In case you wanted to check out a new place to purchase plants, I wanted to post my The Sill review for you. Are you ready to become a plant lady in training? Keep reading!

Note: My The Sill review contains affiliate links. I am a part of The Sill’s affiliate program. Don’t worry. I only share products I adore on this website. Thanks for supporting the brands that make The Happy Arkansan possible.

The Sill Review: Become A Plant Lady In Training | Want to become a plant lady? Check out my review for The Sill where I feature some plants I got as well as my honest opinion of this plant service and subscription. #Plants #PlantLady #TheSill #ProductReview

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May 1, 2019

10 Factors That Should Go Into Your Pricing As A Freelancer

Pricing your services as a freelancer can be challenging. Freelancing is a new industry for everyone. Freelancers don’t know how to price their services well, and clients don’t know how to pay freelancers well. As much as I wish there was a magical formula I could share with you today, I don’t have that. I am going to break down ten factors you can use to determine your freelance pricing.

Here’s the thing, you have so much power over what you charge. It’s up to a particular client to figure out if your talents are worth that price to them. You want to keep pricing as consistent as possible for the sake of being honest, but it’s okay to vary the cost depending on your skills and what the client needs. Keep working, keep standing in your pricing truth, and I know you will get there.

Let’s get started with ten factors that should go into your pricing as a freelancer.

10 Factors That Should Go Into Your Pricing As A Freelancer | Understanding pricing as a freelancer can be frustrating. There is no definitive pricing formula, but there are a ton of factors to consider. Read this blog post for ten things to consider as you are pricing your work as a freelancer. #Freelancing #FreelanceTips #FreelanceAdvice

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