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July 4, 2019

3 Essential Tips To Growing Your Audience On Instagram

Hi there! I see you out there in the vast land of social media, trying to grow your audience. Do you ever feel like you make a post on Instagram and it just floats out there into the abyss never to be seen again? You’re waiting for the likes and comments to roll in because you know you posted great content, but nothing happens.

You’re trying to grow your following, but you’ve been stuck at the same number for weeks. You’ll gain a few and then lose just as many. Why do people have to follow/unfollow?! It can be so frustrating, right?

I’ve been there, girlfriend. I spent years trying to grow my home decor page before I finally hit my stride and starting seeing consistent growth each week. Now I’m right back at the starting line trying to grow my new coaching page.

It’s hard. Really hard.

You wonder what you’re doing wrong, and you can’t figure out that darn algorithm. And why does it have to keep changing so much? It makes you want to give up sometimes, doesn’t it?

At some point, you might have even considered buying likes and followers.

Please don’t do that! It hurts your engagement. Authentic growth is the key to success, so please don’t let your account become full of bots and fake people. That will make you look spammy too.

Instead, try these three tips to growing your audience.

Note: This post contains affiliate links.

3 Essential Tips To Growing Your Audience On Instagram | Struggling to grow your audience on Instagram? Follow these three tips from coach Anna Kat Napier on how to grow your audience online. #Instagram #InstagramTips #SocialMedia

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June 18, 2019

10 Affiliate Programs For College Bloggers

Affiliate marketing can be challenging to break into. When I first started my blog, I was a college blogger, and I had no idea you could make money promoting other people’s products. I wanted to start a series where I share affiliate marketing opportunities for various blogging niches. I wanted to start with my roots.

Want more affiliate marketing tips? Check out this podcast interview I recently did with Samantha on her podcast Offbeat Grad. We dish about affiliate marketing for about 50 minutes on the podcast episode. We talked about how I got started with affiliate marketing, my tips for success with affiliate marketing, and so much more.

Now, let’s get into these affiliate marketing programs for college bloggers:

10 Affiliate Programs For College Bloggers | Are you trying to get into affiliate marketing as a college blogger? Read my post for ten affiliate programs for college bloggers so you can start monetizing your influence. #CollegeBlogging #AffiliateMarketing #AffiliatePrograms #AffiliateMarketingIdeas

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June 13, 2019

10 Ways To Reach An Actual Audience As A Newbie Blogger

Connecting with other bloggers is an excellent way to network, but eventually, you need to make actual connections. You can’t keep depending on other bloggers and hoping for the best. To make a dent in the blogging world, you need to create an actual audience filled with people outside the blogging community. Finding an audience can be challenging because you have to figure out where real people hang out. Today on The Happy Arkansan, I am sharing ten ways to reach an actual audience so you can grow your brand and create influence online.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting the brands that make The Happy Arkansan possible.

10 Ways To Reach An Actual Audience As A Newbie Blogger | Are you struggling to reach out to non-bloggers as a beginner content creator? Check out my post with all the tips and tricks you need to know to expand your reach and get your blog seen by new readers. Forget the blog reciprocation threads, and learn new ways to make a connection. #Blogging #BloggingAdvice #BlogAdvice

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May 29, 2019

How To Fight Overwhelm As A New Blogger

Being a new blogger is one of the most overwhelming feelings. There is so much to do, and you aren’t sure if you are doing any of it effectively. Today on the blog, I am going to share some advice and tips on how to fight those feelings of overwhelm. I want you to focus on what is most important on your blog and the plans you have to make it successful. Overwhelm has no place in your head because I want you to feel excited and motivated to be a fantastic blogger.

I wanted to share today’s post because I know that summer is an excellent season for starting a blog. Blogs come with a ton of work on the backend, and I want you to be prepared. Please let me know if you found this pot helpful on your blogging journey.

How To Fight Overwhelm As A New Blogger | Is starting a new blog getting you down? Starting anything new can be overwhelming, and blogging doubly so. Most of us don't know a ton of bloggers in our day-to-day lives, so we don't have anyone to turn to when it comes to dealing with it all. Click through for my best tips on battling overwhelm so you can take your blog to the next level. #Blogging #BlogAdvice #BloggingAdvice

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