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January 8, 2019

Curvy Girl Diaries: Trying The Famous Leith Dress

You guys I did it.

I finally hit purchase on the Leith dress after hearing about how it was perfect for all body types, on size small/medium bloggers.

Now, this is no shade to any size small/medium blogger. I follow a TON of bloggers that fall in that range, and I love checking out their pieces. I know that I usually can’t fit into a lot of their pieces, though. And I wouldn’t expect them to fit in many of the pieces I share on this blog either.

Note: This post contains affiliate links.

Curvy Girl Diaries: Trying The Famous Leith Dress | The Leith ruched dress has taken the internet by storm. What does it look like on a curvy body, though? I put that to the test in my latest article and first Curvy Girl Diaries piece. #FashionBlogger #PSBlogger #PlusSizeBlogger #Leith #Nordstrom

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