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June 3, 2019

100 K-pop Songs You Should Listen to Today

Korean pop (K-pop) is one of the most popular genres in 2019. From huge boy groups like BTS to talented girl groups like BLACKPINK, K-pop is a rising genre that has been making headlines in the western music charts. Some fans may be familiar with K-pop, while others may have never heard of Korean music before. So, what better way to talk about this wonderful genre than to share 100 K-pop songs? Before I share my playlist, I’ll dive in a little bit more on K-pop, how I got into K-pop, and why I enjoy this genre.

100 K-pop Songs You Should Listen to Today | Do you need some new music to listen to? Look no further than a new playlist from Jennifer Shreve featuring 100 K-pop songs you need to listen to today. Are you new to the genre of K-pop? This playlist will help you get into this genre today. #Kpop #Music #MusicMonday #Playlist

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November 8, 2018

Now Listening: 100 More Fantastic Rock Songs And A Floral Outfit Of The Day

It’s been a while since I shared a playlist, and you all know how much I love sharing those with you. I have shared quite a few over the last few years. Around this time last year, I shared another rock songs playlist. I decided to bring this idea back for a second go-round in 2018. When I tell people that I genuinely love rock, they are probably taken aback by this statement. Before I get into the playlist, I’m going to explain more about how rock found me. (P.S.: I genuinely think rock found me.)

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Now Listening: 100 More Fantastic Rock Songs And A Floral Outfit Of The Day | Do you like rock music and fashion? Check out my article where I list some more of my favorite rock songs while showcasing the cutest floral maxi dress I've ever seen. #FashionBlogger #StyleBlogger #CurvyBlogger #PlusSizeFashion #PlusSizeBlogger #MusicRecommendations

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October 10, 2018

MEMPHO Music Festival 2018 Through My Eyes

This past Saturday I found myself in a new (to me) part of Memphis, TN. I have talked about my love of Memphis on the blog before, and this time I was given tickets with my dad to go to the MEMPHO Music Festival at Shelby Farms Park.

Today, I wanted to run through some of the acts I saw the festival. Soon, I will also publish a more in-depth look at what to expect when you go as well as a few more pictures from my time at Shelby Farms Park!

Let’s focus on the musical acts I saw Saturday.

MEMPHO Music Festival 2018 Through My Eyes | Are you ready to learn about some of the acts from the MEMPHO Music Festival 2018 lineup? Today's blog is dedicated to showcasing pictures from some of the acts I saw this weekend at the 2nd Annual MEMPHO Music Festival. Check out pictures and get to learn about their sets. #Memphis #MemphisMusic #MEMPHOMusicFestival #MusicFestival

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August 16, 2018

Now Listening: Girl Power Songs & A Summery OOTD

Happy Thursday! As you know by now, I am OBSESSED with music. I started my obsession as I was turning 13, and over the years music has helped me cope in so many ways. I love creating playlists for y’all. Since most of my audience is girls, I thought I would create a playlist filled with girl power songs for y’all on this lovely Thursday. I hope that you love it because I created an amazing playlist for you with 140 songs on it. In total this playlist is almost 9 hours long! Let’s get to what’s on the playlist.

Now Listening: Girl Power Songs & A Summery OOTD | Are you ready for some girl power songs? Click through for 140 songs sung by powerful AF women. If this won't get you in the mood to run the world, I don't know what will, girl.

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