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January 31, 2018

#TheHappyArkYear: 28 Positive Tasks For February

Welcome back to another edition of #TheHappyArkYear, in case you are new here I am striving to share 365 positive tasks you can do throughout the year with you over the course of one year. At the end of each month, I am going to share my tasks for the next month so that you can be happy and healthy all year this year! I released January’s list in December, so now it’s time to release February’s list!

1. Read a book for fun

We don’t often give ourselves enough time to just read for fun. Give yourself some time today to get out your tablet or a physical book and read something good.

2. Clean out Your Inbox

Your inbox needs a serious makeover! Take some time today to clean things up, delete things you don’t need anymore, and create some folders for organizational purposes. We can’t all have an assistant who reads and sorts all our emails, but we can take a bit of time to organize things ourselves.

3. Take the time to prepare a meal for yourself today

I am all about cooking in the kitchen when I can. Take some time to prepare a meal in the kitchen whether you are creating a dish in a crockpot or a dish on the stove top. Get in the kitchen for a little bit today!

4. Lock your phone away for a few hours

Sometimes it’s hard to stop checking your email a million times or hopping on Twitter every few seconds. Give yourself a break! Lock your phone away in a drawer or in another room for a bit and work on a project you really need to get done

5. Look at pictures of your favorite animal on the internet

I am a sucker for a puppy. Check out some cute animals by looking up something like #DogsOfInstagram or even just searching for your favorite animal on Google. Look at all the cute pictures and calm down thinking of all the cute animals there are in the world to pet.

6. Make a vision board for yourself

Having a strong vision for who you are and what you want to accomplish is so helpful. Take some time to get on Pinterest and create a virtual vision board or get out some old magazines and create a physical vision board. Gather all the things that make you feel inspired and put them all in one location.

For a look at what a virtual vision board might look like check out my Pinterest board The Anatomy Of The Happy Arkansan which was the inspiration behind the design for this blog.

7. Text someone you haven’t spoken to in a while

We often get this craziness in our own head that the people we used to talk to all the time hate us because we drifted apart. That isn’t always true. Sometimes all you need to do is reach out and you will see that the people we used to be friends with are still close by. Text someone in your phone you haven’t chatted with recently!

8. Laugh for no reason

Sometimes you just gotta laugh to laugh. No further explanations needed.

9. Watch the most watched video from your favorite YouTuber

Go to one of your favorite YouTube channels and sort their videos by their most popular or even their oldest videos if you really want a laugh. You will probably be shocked by how much they have changed over the years!

10. Try a new outfit combo

We get so stuck in our ways when it comes to what we wear but we shouldn’t! Get some inspiration from Pinterest or Google and go try a completely new outfit combo that you wouldn’t have tried on your own.

11. When you look at yourself in the mirror this morning give yourself a positivity pep talk

Pep talks are amaze! This morning when you look at yourself, take a few minutes to give yourself a pep talk while you are getting ready for the day. Remind yourself that you are beautiful, bright, and brilliant!

12. Meditate for five minutes

Taking just a few moments to meditate before you get your day started or after the day is done can really help you out. There are so many cool apps like Headspace and Calm that can help give you those five minute meditations. You may also just get a candle out, put it somewhere you can focus on it, play some meditation music, set a timer for five minutes, and meditate that way. Whichever way you decide to meditate, take some time to focus today!

13. Snack throughout the day

Snacking throughout the day is the best way to stop yourself from binging late at night. Instead of eating everything in the kitchen, eat a little bit all day so that way you can eat smaller meals!

14. Write a love letter to yourself

It’s Valentine’s Day today and one of the most important people you must love is yourself. So, take a few minutes today to write a love letter to yourself and write down all the things you love about yourself.

15. Read your favorite quote or bible verse today

Take a few seconds with your bible or just a quote that you love. Read that quote or verse and really sit and meditate on it today.

16. Revisit an artist or band you loved as a teenager

We all have that awesome band or artists that we used to listen to constantly as a teenager that we don’t listen to as much today. Go back and listen to a CD or two from that artist.

17. Go Online Window Shopping

I love to go window shopping, and I especially love to go window shopping when I can do it in my pajamas. Go to a few of your favorite stores and see what they have for sale. Remember, the purpose of this is to go window shopping, not real shopping.

18. Stretch your body

A little bit of stretching does the body good! Stretch your legs, your arms, everything. Get a little blood flowing to all areas of your body today!

19. Share a positive story on social media today

The world needs more positivity. Look up some positive stories online and share those with your followers on social media. Seeing a positive story is sure to lift their spirits!

20. Remove can’t/cannot from your language today

You can do so much more than you know. Every time you want to say the word can’t or cannot today when it comes to something you think you can’t do, say that you can instead of cannot. You are selling yourself short if you always say can’t. Chances are, you are lying to yourself when you shut yourself down!

21. Record a video of your feelings

Taking the time to record a quick video or audio recording of how you feel can be a great way to check in with yourself. Take a few minutes today to record a small video and let out all your feelings on the video.

22. Do a word search

Sometimes a great act of self-care is just relaxing and doing a word search puzzle. Take some time today to get a $1 word search book from a store or just download a word search puzzle app on your phone.

23. Restrict your email usage today

I can’t admit to how many times I checked my email while writing this blog post because it’s hella embarrassing. It is so easy to keep refreshing and refreshing our emails so instead of doing that, we are going to restrict the amount of email we use today. Be simple, check it during the morning and at night and no times in between!

24. Create a budget

Now, I don’t think you should create your entire year’s budget today, but even creating a monthly budget or a budget for an upcoming trip you are going on will be great! If you want to go above and beyond and create a yearly budget, that’s cool too!

25. Have a Sunday Staycation

You don’t have to be out and about every Sunday. This Sunday have a little staycation. Binge watch all the television shows, read all the books, and just relax a bit!

26. Send a piece of snail mail

Snail mail is something we all love getting but we don’t send enough of. Get out a pen and a piece of paper and write a letter to send to someone you love!

27. Text your parents and let them know you are thinking about them

We all love to know that someone is thinking of us. Take some time today to shoot your parents or someone you love a text to know that you love them and they are on your mind.

28. Do some pre-spring cleaning preparation

It’s almost spring time! I can feel it! Do some spring-cleaning prep today, what do you need to think about adjusting in your apartment or house?

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December 27, 2017

#TheHappyArkYear: 31 Positive Tasks For January

It’s The Happy Arkansan Year, y’all. You may be thinking, “Amanda, WTF is this?!” Well, it’s going to be a monthly blog post I will put out during the last week of the month that will detail some positive actions that you can do the following month. The positive tasks will be equal to the amount of days that month, and they won’t put you out of house and home monetarily. Hopefully, they will all be individually great, but coming up with 365 tasks over the course of a year is a HUGE undertaking (one I wanted to do all at once, but who has the time to put that together all that right now?!)

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this list of positive quotes. Get your #TheHappyArkYear self ready to read this list and don’t forget to use that hashtag throughout 2018 so I can find you and send you all the love on your positivity journey.

 31 Positive Tasks For January | This year on The Happy Arkansan I am bringing you #TheHappyArkYear, 365 positive tasks that you can do each day in 2018 (and beyond) to become a more happy, positive person. Check out the first list of tasks and come back at the end of every month for a new positive mission!

1. Past Year Reflection

Take some time to reflect on the positive things that have happened to you last year. It’s the start of a new year, but that doesn’t mean that you should abandon all the amazing things that happened to you last year just yet. Take some time today to reflect on last year’s journey in preparation for a wonderful new year.

2. New Year, New Word

Create your positive word for the new year. If you could sum up what you want the new year to be in one word, what would it be? Take some time to create that word and stick it up somewhere you will see it each day.

Your word has to mean something to you–so think on this word today.

3. Ghost A Negative Thing

Drop one thing from your life you don’t want to worry about for the rest of the year. Be it a person, a bad habit, or just a food you eat ghost that thing like your life depended on it. You can leave things in the past! Make sure you follow through on this ghosting.

4. Start Your Positivity Journal

Writing things down can be extremely helpful. Journaling will help you make the most of your year as well as be a great thing to reflect on at the end of the year. This doesn’t have to be something you write in daily, but obviously the more you write in this journal, the better.

5. Bake Some Cookies

Bake cookies (or eat the cookie dough, I won’t judge!) Baking cookies is just such a fun, winter activity so get a cheap package of cookies from the store and bake them up this evening.

6. Charity Time

Whether you donate $5 or an hour of your time, a charity in need will thank you! I recently shared a post all about how to make your donations go further, so be sure to check that out!

7. Share Some Positive Vibes On Facebook

Write something nice on a friends Facebook wall. There is not enough happy and positive vibes on people’s walls outside of their day of birth. Go share a sappy message with a friend for no reason other than happiness.

8. Donate That Ugly Top

You have my permission, throw away or donate one thing from your closet that doesn’t make you happy anymore. We all have something in our closet that we just don’t like now, so donate that top you don’t like in hopes that someone else will love it or trash it if that makes you feel better.

9. Watch A Good TED Talk

There are so many phenomenal TED talks out there, all you gotta do is look for them. I am recommending one of my favorite TED Talks below, but you can pick any talk you want.

10. Explore A New Area Of Your City

Your town is bigger than you think. Grab a friend or go solo to explore a part of your town you have never been to before.

11. You Deserve A Bubble Bath

Take a bubble bath or a longer shower and don’t feel bad about relaxing. Get some of the stress off you by washing it down the drain.

12. Call Someone Just To Chat

Call a friend or family member just to chat. I love just talking with my family (sometimes for hours.) You don’t have to have anything to talk about in particular, just chat with them.

13. Make A Personalized Playlist

Make a personalized playlist for someone you love so they can discover some new music. I love creating mini-Spotify playlist so pick a few songs you think your friend or family member will love.

14. Follow The 1:2 Rule

Whenever you say something negative about yourself today, follow it up with two positive comments about yourself. This will make you very happy today and get you thinking about all the negative things you may say about yourself daily.

15. Fire Meme Delivery

Send a meme to one of your favorite friends. Everyone loves a good relatable meme so go to one of your favorite Facebook meme pages (we all have those, right? I am loving Petty Mayonnaise lately) and pick some memes your friends would love.

16. Get Excited About Your Hobbies

Think about your most creative hobby and do it for a few hours. Taking a few hours to relax with a creative hobby will help you recharge and spark some creativity in your life.

17. Pledge To Say Nice Things To Yourself

Pledge to say 10 nice things to yourself today. Whether you compliment your brains or your beauty, say some nice things to yourself today, throughout the day. Don’t just start your day with 10 nice things to get this over with!

18. Social Media Authenticity

Be real with your audience on social media today whether you have a big following or not. Your authenticity could be exactly what someone else needs and you will feel better because you won’t have to force yourself to be perfect on social media.

19. Unfollow Negativity

Unfollow a negative person in your life on Facebook. You don’t have to unfriend them or cause controversy in your life–just unfollow them for a while so you don’t see their posts in your timeline. Don’t know how to unfollow someone? Check out this tutorial from Facebook.

 31 Positive Tasks For January | This year on The Happy Arkansan I am bringing you #TheHappyArkYear, 365 positive tasks that you can do each day in 2018 (and beyond) to become a more happy, positive person. Check out the first list of tasks and come back at the end of every month for a new positive mission!

20. Get Some New Tunes

Discover some new tunes. I love discovering new tunes I haven’t heard before. Go to your music listening service of choice and find a playlist to listen to so you can find all sorts of new tunes at one time. If you love alternative rock (like I do) check out my post where I share 100+ alt rock tunes with y’all.

21. Clean Out The Moldy Cheese In Your Fridge

Clean out some of the stuff in your fridge. Cleaning out your fridge is a productive thing to do, and a task that we don’t do enough to be honest. You never know what you will find in there, but you will feel better that it’s in the trash and no longer in your fridge.

22. Small Treat Yo Self

Treat yourself to something small (under $5!) This challenge is not about going broke so I will never suggest a splurge, but you can treat yourself so much with just $5. Grab some coffee, get a book on sale from Amazon (it’s surprising how many times I have seen books on sale on Amazon for less than $5, plus you can always get a Kindle book!), or get some donuts from a donut shop. Yes please!

23. Reflect On A Great Thing You Did

What is one great thing you have done lately? Praise yourself for that thing and reflect on it. We often don’t give ourselves enough credit for the things that we have accomplished, and today is your day to do that.

24. Hit The Ground Running On A Task

Get a head start on something you have to do soon. We love to push back tasks that we know we should be doing, but what would happen if we just did the tasks when we are assigned it? A lot less stress, that’s what!

25. Walk To Class/Work Without Headphones

Drowning the world around you out with music is fun, but it doesn’t always make it easy to meet new people. Instead of drowning people out, walk to your class or work without your headphones. Greet people as you pass them by and put out positive vibes to those around you.

26. Stop Multitasking

We all know how I feel about multitasking (and in case you don’t, I think it’s killing our productivity and positivity.) When you are working today, try working on one task at a time instead of being pulled in a million different directions.

27. Read A Post By Your Fave Blogger

Read a post by one of your favorite bloggers. They would love to have you check them out, and you will love catching up with a friendly internet face!

Need some fave bloggers? I shared 25 of my favorite millennial bloggers in a September post.

28. Create Something You Pinned On pinterest

We all have that crafts or recipes Pinterest board that basically acts as a junk drawer where we dump crafts and recipes we like but probably will never do. Get out one of those crafts or recipes and actually follow those instructions today.

29. Sleep Like A Grandma

So many people want to criticize you or tell say you are a grandma if you fall asleep before 9 PM, but sometimes you are tired. Instead of trying to stay up to a “socially acceptable” hour, sleep whenever you feel like sleeping today.

30. Support A Friend’s Business

If you have a friend who is running a blog or business, go show them a ton of love on one of their pages online by liking all their stuff. Engagement really matters in the blogging/business world, and your engagement can spark engagement by other followers and fans. You will definitely be appreciated for all your likes and comments!

31. Wake Up On Your First Alarm

Hitting the snooze button is not good for you. Instead, set the alarm right the first time. Wake up on your first alarm (and if you like it today, try doing it more often, you will really feel better doing it!)


That’s it, 31 tasks to get you in a more positive mood this January. Join me at the end of every month in 2018 for a new set of positive tasks you can complete the next month. I cannot wait to go on this positive journey with you this year. Remember, use the hashtag #TheHappyArkYear so I can follow your positivity journey.