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    The Importance Of Daring To Stand Out As A Woman

    September 27, 2019 Amanda Cross 4 min read
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    Today I wanted to pop in and have a conversation, y'all. With so much going on in the world as it relates to women and women's rights, I just wanted to share a quick message. I've been sitting on this idea for months now, but I think this topic is more relevant than ever. Women deserve a say in our own lives. I want women to take up more space, relish in more leadership positions, and be boss AF.

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    Stop Trying To Make Yourself Smaller

    First, let's start with the obvious, stop trying to make yourself smaller. Making yourself smaller is something women do almost subconsciously. We try to take up less space in meetings, on public transit, everywhere we go. You have to be willing to be bolder, louder, and all-around more visible. You have every right to be in whatever space you find yourself in. The one inch of space you give someone else is one inch of space you take away from yourself. I am not saying you shouldn't care about how comfortable other people are, but you shouldn't do this at the expense of your basic comfort.

    I want you to live an abundant life full of care and love for others, but you can't pour from an empty cup. If you don't have your basic comfort levels down, how can you ever truly provide comfort for other people?

    There Are People Out There Who Need To See You Chase Your Dreams

    One thing you must always remember when you feel like shrinking yourself is that people need you. There are people out there who need you to chase your dreams, be your authentic self, and be the fantastic person you are. Who are you to deny them from your fabulous presence? You have no right to be complacent and small. You've got a story to tell and things you want to accomplish. Don't hide that from other people.

    For the shoot I am sharing in this article, I am wearing stuff from Metal Marvels. Katie, the CEO behind Metal Marvels is the definition of someone who chased their dreams and changed their life path. Metal Marvels is several years old, but it truly started taking off when Katie dove headfirst into who she was. Now she can hire multiple people, chase her creative projects, and see her items in stores. If she had stayed small, created basic items, and refused to let her personality shine Metal Marvels wouldn't be where it is today.

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    Your Courage Gives Others Courage

    One of the best parts of courage is how it makes others feel. When you dare to chase your dreams or stand up for yourself, you give other people courage. Why not start the chain reaction of courage where you can? Why not be unapologetically you?

    The World Doesn't Need Another Copy Of Someone Else

    The world doesn't need another carbon copy of someone else. The world needs the unapologetic, messy, real you. You give so much to the world just by being who you are. You don't need a mask or a disguise. We need you to be who you are, so other people can be who they are.

    Confidence Comes With Practice

    As much as I can tell you why the world needs you to be you, I know that confidence comes with time. You can't have Lizzo levels of confidence without practice and loving yourself daily. So, start the process of loving yourself daily. Write down things you love about yourself every day. Admire yourself in the mirror. Work on personal development, the parts of you that you aren't so proud of, and creating a better version of yourself. Listen to Scuse Me by Lizzo on repeat.

    We are all on a confidence journey. Some days loving yourself and being confident as fuck will come with ease. Some days it'll be hard to look at yourself. That's okay. It's a part of the process. Learn, grow, get help when you need it.

    Being Yourself Is Just More Fun

    Last, but not least, I want to mention that being yourself is way more fun than being anyone else. No one has your history or exact way of seeing things. You have a unique perspective that you have every right to share with the world. Do you, boo!

    Today's Outfit

    Do you want to check out some of the items I featured in today's look?

    I got this amazing Refuse To Be Silenced shirt and the Hydrated AF water bottle in this look from Metal Marvels. Use my code THA15 to save money when shopping at Metal Marvels.

    The mom jeans are from ELOQUII.

    The purse is from JustFab.


    Today's blog post was a bit shorter than my typical posts. I just wanted to spend this Friday giving you guys a pep talk. You are brilliant, and I want you to love yourselves, love being a woman, and radiate that positive energy to others in your life. You are in a unique position to change the world around you. I hope that you work on yourself so you can give that energy back to those around you. Women out there need to see you being unapologetically you. I know you can do it!

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