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April 29, 2019

Episode 8: Lessons Learned From Atomic Habits

This week we are changing it up for The Happiness Looks Like Me Podcast. I want to read more, so I’m dedicating the last podcast episode of the month to what I’ve been reading. This month, I read Atomic Habits. So keep reading for an excellent breakdown of this book.

Episode 8: Lessons Learned From Atomic Habits | Ready for a look into the book Atomic Habits by James Clear? This podcast features an in-depth discussion of the book. Read and hear some of my favorite quotes and lessons from the book in these podcast show notes. #Podcast #ShowNotes #AtomicHabits #JamesClear #HabitBuilding


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Atomic Habits Lesson #1: Habits Compound And Utilizing That To Your Favor Helps

“Changes that seem small and unimportant at first will compound into remarkable results if you’re willing to stick with them for years.” – James Clear on how habits compound.

Forming habits doesn’t happen overnight. Focus on being 1% better instead of trying for massive changes. Habits compound and they work in your favor if you give them to develop.

Atomic Habits Lesson #2: Forming A Habi Is Like Casting A Ballot. It’s Okay To Have Some Rogue Ballots

“In any election, there are going to be votes for both sides. You don’t need a unanimous vote to win an election; you just need a majority.” – James Clear on how habits are like elections and voting.

When I first read this line, it stuck out to me. It’s so easy to think of habits as all or nothing. James Clear posits that habits are actually like casting a ballot in an election instead.

Atomic Habits Lesson #3: You Don’t Need To Go Completely Outside Your Comfort Zone To Succeed

“The Goldilocks Rule states that humans experience peak motivation when working on tasks that are right on the edge of their current abilities. Not too hard. Not too easy. Just right.”– James Clear on The Goldilocks Rule and why you shouldn’t try to perform too low or too high for your current abilities.

You’ve probably seen the quote about great things happening outside of your comfort zone. While this may be true, you probably don’t have to go as far as you think. I love The Goldilocks Rule and will be using it in my daily life.

Atomic Habits Lesson #4: Don’t Go For The Biggest Habit, You’ll Likely Fail. Start Small. Put In The Work.

“A new habit should not feel like a challenge. The actions that follow can be challenging, but the first two minutes should be easy.” – James Clear on gateway habits.

Gateway habits are those tiny things that you add to your routine. They are the starter to your good habits. Want to write a book? Start by writing a sentence.

Atomic Habits Lesson #5: Preparation Isn’t Action, And We Have To Remind Ourselves Of That

“Motion allows us to feel like we’re making progress without running the risk of failure.” – James Clear on why motion and preparing aren’t the same as action.

I am so bad at planning and not taking action. Most of us are though because it helps us avoid failure. Get yourself out there, though. Failure means you are trying.

Atomic Habits Lesson #6: Mindset Matters

“By simply changing one word, you shift the way you view each event. You transition from seeing these behaviors as burdens and turn them into opportunities.” – James Clear on the act of changing the word have to get.

While changing “I have to get groceries,” to “I get to go get groceries,” may seem cheesy, it works. When we are appreciative of what we get to do, the workouts, book writing, and more have more meaning.

Atomic Habits Lesson #7: Go With The Grain

“Pick the right habit and progress will be easy, pick the wrong habit and life is a struggle.” – James Clear on the importance of picking habits that suit you.

Not all books, workouts, recipes, et cetera are made alike. If you enjoy Zumba but hate hiking, get your exercise from Zumba instead of hiking. You’ve got to make it as easy as possible, so you hit your goals.

Atomic Habits Lesson #8: Make Your Habits Visible

“Every morning I would start with 120 paper clips in one jar, and I would keep dialing the phone until I had moved them all to the second jar.” – Trent Drysmid, a stockbroker who brought in $5 million for his company in 18 months.

There are so many ways to make your habits more visible. If you want your habits to be seen and counted, use methods like the paper clip strategy. How will you get better at guitar or running if your guitar and running shoes are stuffed in the closet?

The Ultimate Atomic Habits Lesson: Productivity Is More Designed Than You Think

“Professionals take action even when the mood isn’t right. They may not enjoy it, but they find a way to put the reps in.” – James Clear on putting in the reps even when you don’t feel like it.

Above all else, this book teaches you that even professionals are tired of the work it takes sometimes. They find a way to push through even when they don’t feel like it.

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  • Maureen

    What an informative post! I have never read Atomic Habits but the author’s tips are appreciated especially with going with the grain and mindset. I have found these two “habits” to be life changing. It does wonders and I feel like I can go much further than if I didn’t follow these two sets of rules. I hope you had a great weekend and happy Monday!

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