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March 11, 2019

Episode 1: Dealing With Happiness In An Instagram World

In case you missed it, I announced something pretty big on social media last week. I started a podcast!

Starting a podcast has been on my heart for a while, but I finally decided to kick my booty into high gear to create this for y’all. The podcast is called The Happiness Looks Like Me Podcast, and it’s all about my journey to being more happy, healthy, and creatively fulfilled in a social media world. Last week, I debuted Episode 0, which was an introduction episode, but today Episode 1 launched.

Every Monday, I will be sharing the most recent episode with y’all along with show notes which will help you enjoy each podcast whether you like podcasts or not.

Let’s delve into today’s topic, shall we? Today we are talking about dealing with happiness in an Instagram world.

Episode 1: Dealing With Happiness In An Instagram World | The Happiness Looks Like Me Podcast is in full swing with episode one all about happiness and Instagram. Check out the podcast show notes for a quick overview of what is discussed in today's podcast. #Happiness #PodcastShowNotes #ShowNotes

Listen To The Podcast

This podcast is available everywhere you listen to podcasts. For more information on how to listen, check out my podcast page. Otherwise, press the play button on the player below for easy listening.

Instagram Is Heavily Filtered

Dealing with happiness in an Instagram world is difficult. I believe one of the first important things you have to realize is that Instagram is heavily filtered.

If you log on to any Instagram feed, you’ll begin to see just how filtered Instagram is.

I do not try to hide the fact that my Instagram feed is very filtered. I even wrote a blog post a little while ago about how I edit my blog photos.

Editing and posting the best photos are a part of Instagram, even if you don’t want it to be.

If you are looking at Instagram for an unedited feed, you’ll likely be disappointed. Most people on Instagram take the time to showcase a filtered version of their life because it’s often easier to fit in that way.

Remind Yourself How Filtered Instagram Is

We know that Instagram is edited, but we often let ourselves conveniently forget, and in the process, we harm our self-esteem.

You’ve got to remind yourself about Instagram and how filtered it is fiercely.

Create an iPhone background like the ones you can grab below. I created these quickly on Canva, and they have a simple message, “Caution: Lives on Instagram may not be as they appear!” To grab any one of these, right click to save these like you would any other picture.

Chase Authenticity On Instagram

Next, you should chase authenticity on Instagram whenever you find it. Chasing authenticity is not about follow-for-follow. Instead, this is about following awesome people that make you happy when you get the chance. If you like someone’s particular brand of authenticity, give them a follow, so you see more of their content on your feed.

I named some of my favorite Instagrammers in the podcast like:

I follow different people for different reasons, but it’s all about finding the people who make you happy, make you think, or bring some authenticity to your life.

Take A Break From Instagram When You Need It

You cannot pour from an empty cup.

Your followers whether you are a blogger, business owner, or a regular person want you to Instagram from a place of abundance, not lack.

If you need the break take the break.

I am 99.9% sure that your audience will understand and greet you with open arms once you return.

And if they don’t?

Well, those weren’t your people anyway.

Instagram does not own you, and it will be there when you get back.

Don’t Be Afraid To Unfollow People On Instagram When Necessary

I know some Instagrammers will get upset at people who unfollow them.

They may say something like, “Why unfollow? Unfollowing doesn’t get to the real root of the issue!”

It may not get to the root of the issue you are having, but sometimes pressing that unfollow button is the best thing you can do for your mental health and happiness.

If someone you are following isn’t serving you, unfollow, and let the chips fall where they may.

If that Instagrammer you unfollowed tries to make you feel guilty for looking out for your own best interest, don’t believe what they are telling you.

Unfollow someone if that makes you feel better at the moment.

Their account will still be there if you feel inclined to follow after a while.

Think Back To Your Own Social Media Habits

When is the last time that you posted a knowingly posted an unflattering image on Instagram?

If you don’t post those images, you can’t expect others to do so.

There’s a reason why the Fyre Festival’s of the world were able to get away with things like creating an Instagram campaign based on pretty Instagram models and not substance or proof that their festival would work.

We must take ownership of what Instagram has become due to our love of what’s pretty over what’s substantive.

Start with your habits. If more of us put out better content on Instagram, others will follow suit.

Treat Instagram As A Reminder To Live On The Brightside

This last tip may not be the most practical, but it is helpful.

What if Instagram isn’t the place for true authenticity?

We know that many people use Instagram as a highlight reel, and maybe they have a point?

The truth remains that you don’t go to everyone or everything for anything.

For example, if you need relationship advice, you aren’t likely to go to a single friend. If you need business advice, you’ll probably go to a friend or mentor who runs a business.

The ultimate goal should be to make Instagram and other social media sites more authentic, but that may not be possible at the moment.

Instead of looking for Instagram to be a place for 100% authenticity, you may want to change your frame of mind.

Use Instagram as a place to share happy memories. Use it as a place to uplift you when you are feeling blue. It’s okay to have a place that is dedicated to those positive memories you have.

As long as you are honest about what you use Instagram for, you should be able to build a better relationship with the platform.

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