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April 22, 2019

Episode 7: Beyoncé Experiences Over Possessions

Welcome to another podcast. This week I was inspired by Beyoncé’s powerful Homecoming performance. I wanted to talk about the importance of experiences, and specifically Beyoncé experiences, but any experience will do. Keep reading and listening for a trip down memory lane as I chat about how some of my experiences have affected me for the better.

Episode Seven: Beyoncé Experiences Over Possessions | This week for the podcast I was influenced by the amazing Homecoming documentary on Netflix to chat about experiences over possessions. Specifically Beyoncé experiences, though, because who doesn't love those? #PodcastShowNotes #Beyoncé #Beychella


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Here’s Why Possessions Are Not Better Than Experiences

First, let’s chat about why I love experiences over possessions.

Possessions Only Help You For A Little While

You get used to them. They may bring you joy for a little while, but not forever.

Possessions Often Lead To Comparison

Keeping up with the Joneses is real and not helpful.

Experiences can lead to comparison sometimes, but it’s harder to act on one-upping someone with experiences.

You can collect more stuff, but you have to work a bit harder to collect experiences. You may have a wine and shopping night but you usually can’t have a wine and booking a vacation or concert night.

Here’s Why Experiences Rock

Need more convincing? Here are a few reasons experiences rock.

Experiences Last A Long Time

Even if you don’t remember every second, you remember a lot about the experiences you have.

My first concert was in 2007. I don’t remember every song that Muse or My Chemical Romance performed. I do remember the strong sense of ease I had as a 14-year-old girl that I wasn’t alone. That feeling, as if I were among my people for the first time, was so euphoric.

Experiences Can Be Experienced Together

The experiences that you have aren’t just for you. Your friends and family can have the same or similar feelings to you. You get to bond over experiences in a way you can’t with possessions.

How To Afford More Experiences

First and foremost, take care of needs first. Needs aren’t just bills. It could also include things like saving for a rainy day or retirement. But yes, before you spend on experiences, take care of your responsibilities.

Prioritize Experiences

The truth is, you make time for what you prioritize. Give yourself a goal for how many experiences you want. I want at least four show related experiences this year, and I already accomplished one a few months back.

Rethink Experiences

You may not be able to go on a long six-week excursion in a new country, but you can do a weekend trip to a new city. Experiences don’t have to cost a ton of time or money.

When You Think About Buying A Possession, Save That Money For An Experience

Saving can be difficult because it’s putting up money for the future. Savings means you don’t get that instant gratification. An experience can be so much more satisfying though.

Set Up An Experiences Fund

Use a site like Qapital to save money on autopilot so you can use that money for experiences.

Try Using Sites Like Ticketmaster And Their Verified Resale Tickets

Okay, so this is not always cheaper than buying tickets outright. Often it’s more expensive to get resale tickets. Last minute experiences can be a bit less expensive though as people would rather offload their tickets on someone versus making no money at all. Be sure you use approved marketplaces like Ticketmaster so that you know your tickets are valid.

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