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April 15, 2019

Episode 6: What Is Imposter Syndrome And How To Deal With It

Welcome to another podcast. Last week I didn’t make podcast show notes because it was based on a blog post I did last year about getting over a creative slump. If you want to listen to last week’s episode because you didn’t get the reminder, listen wherever you listen to podcasts or go to my podcast page.

Episode 6: What Is Imposter Syndrome And How To Deal With It | Today on The Happiness Looks Like Me Podcast, we are talking about a very important topic. What is imposter syndrome and how do you deal with it so you can be your happiest self? #ImposterSyndrome #ImpostorSyndrome #PodcastShowNotes

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What Is Imposter Syndrome?

In short, imposter syndrome is that feeling you have while you are working that you:

  • Don’t belong
  • Will be found out
  • Somehow magically got the job, but you are actually just three children in a trench coat.

Valerie Young, author of “The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women: Why Capable People Suffer from the Imposter Syndrome and How to Thrive in Spite of It,” identified five different types of imposter syndrome:

The Perfectionist

The want to be perfect is stopping you from reaching your full potential because when you aren’t perfect, you begin to doubt yourself.

The Superwoman/Superman

This person doesn’t want to be “found out” so they go above and beyond to try and cover up their insecurities about why they are there in the first place.

The Natural Genius

The natural genius is used to getting what they want when they want. They haven’t had to try hard to succeed in the past. When they are faced with any obstacle or harder to realize goal, they begin to feel like an imposter.

The Soloist

These imposter syndrome sufferers feel like asking for help on a project or a task will reveal that they are indeed phonies.

The Expert

This set of imposter syndrome sufferers need to know all the things. They may not even attempt a project if they don’t know how to do everything already. This stops them from learning and growing while doing which is a skill that people often look for.

For more information on the imposter syndrome check out this article on The Muse for more detailed information or check out Valerie Young’s book on the subject.

How Do You Deal With Imposter Syndrome?

Realize What Kind Of Imposter Syndrome Sufferer You Are

Knowledge is power for getting over your issues.

Do The Work

As you get more done, your feelings may begin to dissipate. Don’t avoid the work, though. Get out of your comfort zone, tackle new projects, etc.

Believe Your Clients And Bosses

If your clients or boss want you to tackle something new, do it. They don’t ask to set you up. They ask because they think you can do it.

Think About How Far You’ve Come

I think back to being a freshman in college. When I was a freshman, a 3-5 page paper seemed like a mountain to climb. By the time I graduated from college, I was writing 15-20 page papers easily.

Know That Being Scared Is Okay

Everyone feels fear. You have to feel that fear, acknowledge it, and get past it.

Be Friends With Failure

Failure means you’ve tried. Befriend failure instead of shying away from it. No one likes to fail, but it’s a good thing.

Write Things Down So You Can Understand Fact And Fiction

Get your feelings out of your head. We’ve talked about this on the podcast before, and I think it’s so important. Don’t let fears rattle around in your head.

Realize That Everyone Starts Somewhere

We all have a starting point. We don’t start perfect, y’all.

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