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    20 Healthy Habits For 2020 With Freshly

    January 15, 2020 Amanda Cross 8 min read
    Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more details. Thanks for supporting the brands that make The Happy Arkansan possible!

    If you want to be healthier in 2020, one of the best things you can do is pick a few healthy habits to follow in 2020. Many people have the resolution to be healthier, but they don't define what that looks like for them. Keep reading for a few healthy habit ideas you can follow in 2020. Which ones do you want to integrate into your daily routine?

    Note: I am an affiliate for Freshly. Thanks to Freshly for allowing me to share why I love their products so much and providing the meals you see in this post.

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    1. Drink More Water

    We could all drink more water. I know I could be more consistent with my water drinking. My goal for the next few months is to drink at least one liter of water every day. I would love to get up to two liters of water by the end of the year. Overall, I want to stay more hydrated because I know it will do wonders for my skin. I want to avoid breakouts as much as possible in 2020.

    Pick a water goal that works for you. We can't all drink a gallon of water a day. For me, one liter is excellent for now. Don't get intimidated by people who drink all the water. Move at your own pace so that you can drink water consistently.

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    2. Create A Skin Care Routine

    Your skin needs to be hydrated. I have a relatively simple routine I've been using lately. I spend a few minutes washing my face with a face wash, and then I use my moisturizer to add some hydration back to my skin. Your routine doesn't have to be complicated. Pick a routine that works for you and keeps your skin looking good throughout the day. Since I switched up my skincare routine, my face is softer than ever, and I don't mind going makeup-free in photos.

    3. Take Daily Walks

    If you are like me and you work from home (or you work from an office), getting a bit of exercise is essential. One of my goals this year is to get out of the house more and take walks daily. It might be a short walk to get out of the house for a while or a more complex one. My goal is to start small and then increase the length of my daily walks.

    4. Make More Room For Food Throughout The Day

    I am the worst at making room for food sometimes. Often I will find myself enthralled in work, and before I know it, it's 3 PM, and I haven't eaten yet. My goal in 2020 is to find more room for food throughout the day, so I don't overeat at dinner.

    What I love about having Freshly meals around the house is that it's simple to pop them in the microwave when I have them around the house. Instead of struggling with what's for lunch, I know that I can get a meal out of the fridge and have something ready to go in three minutes or less. Freshly is so convenient for me.

    If you want to try Freshly, now is the perfect time to give them a try. Freshly has some amazing meals lately, like my favorite meal ever: their Cod Cakes!

    5. Journal Daily

    Another healthy habit you could take on for 2020 is journaling. It is important to get your feelings out there. If you are struggling, you should never hold things in. Purchase a journal and devote ten minutes daily to writing out your feelings, struggles, and triumphs. You'll feel better when things are out of your head and on to paper.

    6. Make Room For Reading

    I want to read 12 books this year. That's not a lot of books, but it still takes time to do it. Daily reading is the best way to read more. You don't need to take a ton of time each day. 20-30 minutes per day works wonders for reading more books. I would set a reading goal for the year, and make sure you are reading enough every day to make that goal a reality.

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    7. Take Time Off Social Media

    I love social media, but I also know how toxic it can be if you use it unchecked. Use apps on your phone like Screen Time and the social media apps themselves. Set reminders and stick to them throughout the day. At the end of each week, use your apps to understand your social media usage. Another idea would be to have one completely unplugged day or to set up parameters of when you can and can't use social apps during the day. We have so many tools that can help us curb social media use. We just need to use them.

    8. Wear Blue Light Glasses Regularly

    I am on the computer a lot. As much as I love being on the computer, I know it's not amazing for my eye health. Lately, I've been using blue light glasses while working on my computer, and it's helped me a ton. If you have a job like mine, you need to wear blue light glasses regularly. Whether you need prescription lenses or just blue light protection, you can get a pair of cute blue light glasses for cheap. Blue light glasses aren't those weird yellow-tinted bulky glasses they used to be. There are so many genuinely stylish pair on the internet now.

    9. Eat Balanced Meals

    It's so important to balance your meals. You shouldn't be eating just meat, all veggies, etc. Your meals need a balance to be healthy. If you notice that you are eating too much meat, grains, or veggies, pick better dishes. One reason I love Freshly is that all their dishes are balanced. There is always plenty of meat, veggies, and grains on all their plates. I never feel like I am missing anything, and the food is delicious too.

    10. Learn Something New Every Day

    Next, learning is crucial. Whether you are in school, have a corporate job, or anything in between, you need to learn. Being a lifelong learner helps you learn new skills that could help you at home and work. It's not just about work; it's about life too. The new skills you learn could lead you to a side hustle or a hobby that you love.

    11. Work On Your Own Projects Regularly

    As a freelancer and content creator, I get so enthralled in other people's stuff. I love getting to work on content for my clients, but working on my own projects brings joy to my soul. Being able to focus on my blog or podcast for a day lights me up. It's healthy to work on something that brings you joy. Make sure you are taking the time to truly work on projects that will bring you the most benefits.

    12. Mix Up Your Work Environment

    As much as working from my desk makes me productive, sometimes you also need a change of scenery. It's important to get out of the house every blue moon and work from a different location. Consider getting a coworking pass at a place that lets you space hop if you live in a big city. If you live in a small city, purchase a coworking space, or work at different coffee shops/restaurants around town. I love working on my iMac, but I still have a laptop that I can use for smaller tasks to move around a bit.

    13. Start Meal Planning Regularly

    Meal planning is everything. It helps you know what you are going to cook, so you can know what you need to make, you can prep ahead, and you know when to take breaks for lunch. Freshly is the perfect addition to your meal planning routine. Freshly dishes are fantastic, and they are finished in about three minutes. You can throw a few Freshly meals into your meal prep routine to make cooking for the week even easier.

    14. Get A Plant

    I love plants. Plants are amazing for the environment, and inside plants can help us be happier and healthier. Plants are also fun to take care of, and depending on the plant you get, they can be quite low-maintenance. Some of my favorite plants for beginners are ZZ plants and snake plants. You'll find that they don't need a ton of attention.

    15. Create Boundaries Online

    As much as I love sharing my life on social media as a blogger, it's important to create boundaries. Even if you aren't a blogger or “public figure,” we could all benefit from more boundaries online. Create specific boundaries around what you choose to share on social media. Creating boundaries will help you keep the right stuff private.

    16. Pick A Self-Care Activity You Love And Do It Regularly

    Like it's important to work on your own projects regularly, it's also important to pick a self-care activity you love and do it regularly. For me, I love to get my nails done with my momma. We make a date out of it every month. I love seeing my nails from the last month finally taken off, my new nails placed on, and the excitement of a new manicure. It's something simple I do for myself. Find your self-care activity. It could even be a weekly bath with a bath bomb. It doesn't have to cost much as long as you are doing it for you.

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    17. Do A Digital Decluttering Regularly

    We often think about purging our wardrobe or getting rid of the junk around our room. We don't give nearly enough energy toward all the digital clutter we acquire. We acquire so much digital clutter like our email inboxes and files on our computer. It's important to clean up our digital stuff regularly, so our computers and phones function at maximum capacity. Nothing ruins your day more than a slow computer.

    18. Plan More Time With Friends

    We all need more time with our friends. I am pretty bad at hanging out with people, chatting on the phone, etc. If you can, make more time for that in 2020. You don't need to be on the phone for hours, but a quick check-in text can go a long way.

    19. Eat More Meatless Meals

    I love a good meatless meal. I've been trying to eat a bit better in 2020 and have days where I don't eat meat at all. I am not sure if I will ever go full vegan/vegetarian, but I do like to eat the occasional vegetarian meal. How many times a week do you eat meatless meals? Strive to add a few more meatless meals into your routine. Experiment with different types of protein and foods that are meat-like.

    20. Get Better Sleep

    Last, one of the best healthy habits you can adapt in 2020 is any habit related to your sleep. Sleep is crucial for our brains and bodily functions. We need sleep to live our best lives. So, go to bed at a regular time each day, stop browsing your phone at night, and make your room a place for restfulness.


    Being healthier doesn't have to be challenging. Start by understanding where you are and picking a few ways to expand that in 2020. Go through this list of ideas and pick out 2-3 that you'd like to implement in 2020. Whether you are changing the way you eat, exercise, or take care of yourself – you can do it! Thanks again to Freshly for helping me create this amazing post.

    P.S.: I plan to publish a video sharing more about the box I got from Freshly soon, so if you want to keep up with that, follow me on YouTube!

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