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    10 Props You Can Buy That Will Make Your Instagram Photos And Flatlays Pop

    May 29, 2018 Amanda Cross 5 min read
    Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more details. Thanks for supporting the brands that make The Happy Arkansan possible!

    Are you ready to take your Instagram photos and flatlays to the next level? Today on The Happy Arkansan I am going to go through some of my favorite Instagram shots and show you props you can add that will make your photos pop. Whether you are doing a photoshoot with yourself in a frame or a flatlay, I got you covered with props (that you probably have laying around) that will make your photos stand out.

     10 Props You Can Buy That Will Make Your Instagram Photos And Flatlays Pop | Are you ready to take your Instagram photos to the next level? Today's blog is all about ten things you can purchase today that you can use on the 'gram! Some of these items may already be laying around the house. #Instagram #InstagramHelp #InstagramIdeas

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    A White Rug

    One of my favorite purchases has been my white rug! I got it off Amazon and it has made a lot of appearances on my Instagram feed over the years even if you didn't actually see it. I use it as a backdrop to do various flatlays and pictures. Here it is at the bottom of my Instagram picture where I am showing off a few products i picked up from ELF Cosmetics.

    I also used lace from a table cloth in this shot which can add a lot of texture to any image you post on Instagram. #ForTheGram


    Not gonna lie, balloons are extremely finicky to use on a photo shoot—especially when it's windy out. I was constantly afraid that my balloons would fly away in this Valentine's Day shoot, but they made for gorgeous pictures. You can use balloons like this or equally gorgeous confetti balloons. For your birthday, you can even pose with number balloons. They may be hard to keep up with during a photo shoot, but your pictures will turn out gorgeous as ever!

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    Contact Paper

    Contact paper is life, y'all. You see the brown background that kinda looks like hardwood floors? Well, I don't have any hardwood floors this color around my house. I picked up some hardwood contact paper from Amazon and attached it to a piece of cardboard. It makes the perfect backdrop for my photos if I crop it correctly.

    I also have some marble contact paper that I used to make a similar prop. It makes the perfect fake marble countertop for pictures.

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    Mugs & Glasses

    Mugs and glasses add an extra element to any cute Instagram photo. They are amazing because you can get them to match your personality. I have taken pictures with water bottles, wine glasses, mugs, cups, and so much more. They add something extra to any shot, especially flatlays!

    Get a similar mug to the one I have here (it's made by the same artist, just a different color!)

    Tassels & Pom Poms

    Tassels and pom poms had a little something extra to all your Instagram images. You can easily pick up tassels from a store like Hobby Lobby (mine came on a string, as you'll see, later I did take them off the string and they were cool in photos.) One of my old roommates used to have some pom poms so I would pose with them every once and a while. I am sure you can find these online somewhere though (or find a friend who already has them!)


    Jewelry can make such a statement on Instagram. Whether you are wearing the jewelry or using it for a flatlay, showing off your beautiful jewelry is a must! I love wearing my Metal Marvels jewelry at the moment. Did you know you can save 15% off at Metal Marvels with my code THA15? I also love getting jewelry from an online store called Purple Peridot.

    Books & Magazines

    I love adding books and magazines to fill out flatlays or just to show off what I am reading at the moment. You are likely reading anyway, so you might as well dig through your bookshelf to find some books and magazines with interesting covers on them (especially if you actually recommend the books!)


    Flowers are one of the most amazing props you can purchase. They are actually cheaper than you might imagine. The flowers I am holding below were just $10 and I used them in a blog post that I ended up loving. Plus, after I shot with them, I put them in a vase and they ended up bringing me joy for at least another week. You can also use fake flowers, but real flowers will obviously look more realistic.

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    Makeup is a fun addition to a flatlay, or you can focus on one piece of makeup as the purpose of your picture. You can also use makeup “in motion” and put it on while being filmed making for a cute Instagram shot.

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    Office Supplies

    Office supplies are my jam! Give me a cute desk plate, a fun mouse pad, or a gold stapler and I am a happy camper. Office inspiration is probably one of my favorite things took look at, as weird as that sounds. Office supplies will round out any flatlay and make your Instagram followers wonder where you got that. I love going to places like Hobby Lobby, Target, TJ Maxx, and other places to find cute office decor pieces.


    I hope that these photos and ideas gave you some inspiration on how to make your next Instagram image pop. It can be hard to have fun with Instagram sometimes, but I am learning to love the platform again!

    What props will you be buying? Which props do you already have?

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