What I Got In My Lauren James Mystery Box

I don't know about you, but I love a good mystery, especially when it comes to shopping. A few weeks back during Lauren James' Pink Friday sale, they had an amazing box for sale. It was just $39, but it included over $250 worth of products. Sign me up! I can't wait to show you what I got inside my box so if Lauren James does something like this in the future, you know to jump on it.

By the way, I paid for this box out of my own pocket, so this is in no way sponsored my Lauren James (even if I wish it were.)

What I Got In My Lauren James Mystery Box | Over $250 worth of products for just $39? Sign me up! Check out today's post where I unbox my Lauren James Mystery Box and discover some cute new Lauren James products you can obsess over.

This box can basically be divided into three main sections: drinkware, stationary, and clothes. If there is a product on the Lauren James site I will link it for you so you can purchase it if you love it. So, let's get started.


Liberty Shell Tumbler, $20; Ceramic Travel Mug--Floral Print, $28; Hanging Koozie--Pink, $5; Pawsitvely Preppy Koozie, $3

Let's start with all the fun items I got to drink stuff with.

I am not afraid to admit that I am kinda in love with the hanging koozie. It is such a Spring Break/beach-y concept, but I am kinda in love with it. A drink holder that I can use hands free? Hook me up, please!

My fave item from the entire drinkware section is probably the ceramic travel mug, though. Lauren James put a lot of thought into designing a perfect cup with this one. It is very well designed, heavy in all the right places, and so on. It looks and feels like a high quality item in my opinion.


Planner Sticker Combo Pack, $15; Timeless Planner-Chandelier, $28; Pocket Notebook-Floral, $18; Spiral Notebook-Floral, $16; Embroidered Accessory Bag-Floral, $16

The next section is all about stationary and cute products that I can use to write stuff in. I got SO many fun items in this category. Planners, stickers, and notebooks, oh my!

I love the timeless planner they sent. It starts in August, but the great thing about the planner is that it's not dated. You can add dates as you see fit. This really stops you from feeling pigeonholed (and allows you to start planning when it makes sense for you.)

I am so obsessed with all of the planner stickers that came in this box too. Lauren James has some amazing stickers, so I am happy to use them this coming year. You are getting a better look at the unwrapped Spring edition, by the way.

I am loving the two notebooks that I got. They are both very different look wise, but they will both make great additions to my notebook collection.


Racerback Logo Tank Top--Light Blue, $30; Stay Fly Sticker, $3  Preptec Athletic Shorts, $40

At the time of writing this post the  Pool Party shirt isn't available, but click here to see what else is available in this print.

Last, but not least, I also got quite a few awesome pieces of clothing and some little extras.

I think my favorite has to be the Pool Party shirt. I tried to find it on the website, but it was one of the only couple of items I couldn't find there. They have other items in the print like tumblers and koozies, though, if you really like that print.

My Thoughts On The Lauren James Box

Was this box worth it?

Hell yeah.

I mean, is that even a question worth asking? You probably didn't even ask it.

This box was all that I could hope for (and more.) When I saw the huge box all this came in on my bed, I couldn't believe it. 

Obviously, the Pink Friday sale is over, so this box is no longer. Be on the lookout though, you never know when a mystery might head your way. I say, if you can afford it, go for it.

Do you like mysteries? What is your favorite mystery subscription service?


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