25 Millennial Bloggers I Love To Read

September 6, 2017 Amanda Cross 10 min read
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I have been in many lists from other college and millennial bloggers, but I had yet to make a list of my own. I wanted to fix that this week and finally share a list of millennial bloggers that I think that my audience should check out. These bloggers will definitely help you survive your college/millennial years with grace and style. They have advice on everything like college, sorority life, career, and just general day to day life. I love all of these bloggers and you need to check them out if you haven't already heard of them.

 25 Millennial Bloggers I Love To Read | Do you need some blog recommendations? Click through for my list of 25 millennial bloggers that I love to read so you can read countless blogs on topics like college, fashion, beauty, working out, dating, sorority life, and so much more.

1. As Life Grows

I had to start off this list with fellow Arkansas native, Samantha from As Life Grows. She creates amazing college content on her blog and I think you will really love it. She delves deep on many of her pieces and in 2017 she has kept up her monthly themes which has been awesome for going deeper on all the subjects she discusses. 

If you are interested in graduate school, I love her post 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Applying To Graduate School. I also really love her post 5 Signs You Might Be Studying Wrong (+ How To Stop).

2. A Wanderer's Adventures

Let's chat about Amelie from A Wanderer's Adventures. She has a ton of awesome content on her blog all about college lifestyle, her upcoming study abroad adventures, and so much more. With her upcoming study abroad session I am sure that she will have a lot to discuss while on her trip so follow her now so that you won't miss out.

She has so many awesome posts but I think my recent favorites are her 75 Things You Should Know Before College post and her 4 Ways To Boost Your Concentration While Studying post. She has also written a couple of pieces for this blog which you can find here.

3. Maya Fleming

Maya is another Arkansas native, but she is currently attending college at Georgetown University. Maya creates beautiful content on her blog Maya Fleming and you seriously need to check this chick out. She discusses everything from self-care to beauty to having a successful school year. 

If you are looking for reads I would suggest her post Back To School Outfit Inspiration For High School & College Students or her post 3 Ways To Look Expensive On A Budget.

4. Living in Full Bloom

Alyssa, the blogger behind Living In Full Bloom, is such a sweetheart with seriously amazing college advice and lifestyle content. I really love her college advice content because one of her jobs at Ball State University is being a Teaching Fellow which means she gets to helps tutor and mentor students and works closely with professors.

Of her recent content I really love her blog posts Tips For Commuting In College and 8 (More) Things To Let Go Of After High School.

5. Bookish & Bright

Alysha has some seriously amazing blog content on her site Bookish and Bright. She covers so much about studying, mental health, and just day to day millennial living. Plus, have you seen her Instagram page? It is seriously Instagram goals, y'all.

I love her post What's In My University Bag and her entire #HappyHealthyStudy blog series. Alysha has so much great content on dealing with mental health while in college and I love that it's such a big part of her blog.

6. The Preppy Scientist

Shontal from The Preppy Scientist is a really great blogger. She shares so many fun things from recipes to college lifestyle content to sorority stuff. Shontal lives in Canada and it's so interesting to see the similarities and differences in the Greek life system there and the one in America that I know more about. If you are interested in that, I would definitely encourage you to check out her blog.

Check out her posts Tips For Informal Sorority Recruitment or What's In My Makeup Bag.

7. When life Gives You Rubi

How do I explain my obsession with Rubi of When Life Gives You Rubi? She is the definition of authentic storytelling in my opinion. She is so real and down to earth with her readers and I love reading her blog and binging her Instagram stories. Seriously, you need to drop what you are doing and check her out.

As far as posts I have been loving lately, I love 11 Things To Do In Between Your College Classes and her post Why I Hated Every Moment Of Earning My Master's (don't worry, she also chats about why she did it anyway which I think is really important for people wanting to go to graduate school.)

8. Coming Up Roses

Erica from Coming Up Roses is another one of my favorite storytellers. She has great content in so many genres like blogging, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She has really created a nice internet home for herself, and I think that many of my readers would love her content. She is such an inspiration for me and has taught me so much about creating blog partnerships with brands that actually tell a story.

Check out her post Gallery Walls 101: How To Master A Gallery Wall With Shutterfly for some serious wallspiration. Also go check out her post Trends To Try: Denim On Denim and get out of your fashion comfort zone.

9. Southern Belle In Training

Looking for a total awesome blog babe, check out Annaliese from Southern Belle In Training. I have been following her journey for a few years now and it's been so cool to see her follow her dreams to be a radio personality while running her totally awesome lifestyle blog. She has beautiful photos and covers a wide array of topics from stuff dealing with her career as a radio personality to fashion to lifestyle content.

Check out her post Radio 101: What Does a Radio Personality Wear To Work? or Sunny Yellow Dress + Self Care in Busy Weeks for some fun reads!

10. The Swirl

The Swirl is a blog written by duo Gabby & Hannah. I love this blog because you get two voices for the price of one with this blog. There aren't many collaborative millennial blogs out there so I love that they both produce content equally for this blog. They talk about so many different topics like college, beauty, and lifestyle there.

Check out How To: A Study Plan For A 4.0 or A College Girl's Guide: What To Expect Your Freshman Year from their recent awesome posts.

11. Kayla Blogs

Kayla from Kayla Blogs has given so much to the millennial/college blogging community. One of her best contributions? The #BloggingCollege chat that happens on Twitter and is so fun to join if you are interested in blogging while in college. Kayla covers quite a few topics on her blog and her posts are always very thorough. 

Go check out her posts Perfect Planners For College Students | 2017 Edition and What I'm Buying For Grad School for some great content.

12. Chic Little Honey

Yes, I know another Arkansan, but Mary Kate has some seriously awesome content on her blog. I met Mary Kate because we both went to my alma mater University of Central Arkansas around the same time. She started her own blog Chic Little Honey and she has some great content up on her blog right now.

Check out her post {Grand Opening} Ulta Beauty in Hot Springs and Tropical Inspired Outfit for some beauty and fashion inspiration. She has amazing style and I know that you will love her!

13. Alicia Tenise

I have been following Alicia's blog Alicia Tenise for SO long. She creates great blogs with beautiful pictures and text to boot. If you haven't checked out her awesome fashion and lifestyle blog, I highly encourage you to check out her posts right now.

Check out her posts 10 Things You Can Do To Help Hurricane Harvey Victims as well as How To Take A Proper Staycation for some great reads.

14. Hayle Olson

If you are a fan of beautiful photography, Hayle's blog is right for you. Hayle Olson is an amazing website filled to the brim with excellent college and lifestyle advice. The amazing pictures that Hayle shares alongside her writing really add to the blog posts and are seriously goals. Hayle covers so many fun topics like organization, beauty, and college life.

If you want something fun to read check out 15 Things To Put In Your College Planner or Organizing A Small College Room: Tips & Tricks.

15. Mostly Morgan

Morgan is another blogger I have been following for a long while and I love the content she creates. Morgan creates all kinds of content on topics like college, travel, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and much more. She is such an inspiration as a blogger as well. If you haven't checked out Mostly Morgan, you need to ASAP.

If you want something good to read check out What I Wish I Knew My First Year Of College or Solo Travel: What You Need To Know.

16. College With Caitlyn

Caitlyn's blog College With Caitlyn covers so many topics! Caitlyn discusses college, working out, dating, blogging, and so much more. Caitlyn's blog is cool becuase she covers a lot of things that many millennial bloggers don't cover extensively like working out and even dating. For many millennial bloggers you know this is a big part of their routine, but it's just not talked about much.

Some of my favorite posts are Friend Dates: What Are They And 15 Ideas! or How To Thrive In College Math Classes (I love this post because this is totally not in my wheelhouse so it's fun to read the perspective of a college math major.)

17. GoodTomiCha

Tomi's blog GoodTomiCha is SUCH a fun place on the internet. I always feel a million times happier when I check out one of her many blog post. Following her recent journey as an intern at Insider, what she is doing now getting her MBA, etc is so fun. She has so much going on and her blog is a great place to follow it through her posts about fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and more.

Check out How To Be The Best Intern: 10 Tips To Make Your Internship A Success as well as 23 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog for some great reads.

18. Macarons & Mascara

Jasmin of Macarons & Mascara covers so many topics that college students will love on her blog. Many of the posts that she creates are lengthy and full of information that will help college students thrive in college. If you are not reading this blog, you are missing out on great content!

Some recent posts that I am loving are How To Prepare For Early Morning Classes In College (8 AMs don't have to be difficult anymore!) or her post How To Thrive In Small Classes As An Introvert, Or If You're Really Shy (this post is awesome, especially once you start taking upper division major classes.

19. Chase The Write Dream

When I think of awesome college advice, one of the first blogs that come mind is Chase The Write Dream. Tori has amazing college advice on her blog and she doesn't leave anything out of her content. Not only does Tori have great content about college life, but she also has great content about career and life after college in general. If you are looking for content about how to make that transition, this blog is for you.

Check out the posts 8 Pieces of Advice For New Millennial Workers or Life After Colege: 7 Things I Wasn't Ready For if you want some of my favorite posts.

20. Eyeliner Wings & Pretty Things

 Paige's blog eyeliner wings & pretty things is a great place filled with tons of helpful information for college students all across the country. Paige is really great at offering practical college advice that people can easily follow along with. I highly encourage you to check out her blog today.

Some of my recent favorites from eyeliner wings & pretty things are 7 Surprising Ways To Do Better In School and How to Form Relationships with Professors.

21. Yours Truly, Katrina

Kat's blog Yours Truly, Katrina is surely a STEM girl's paradise. Katrina provides so much information on her blog and she covers a wide array of information on her blog like college, career, beauty, and more. 

I love her recent posts My Experience As An Engineering Intern and The Awkward Girl's Guide To Networking. I think that many of us can relate to feeling awkward while networking, so I am happy that she produced this guide.

22. Samanthability

Sam's blog Samanthability provides SO much great content, especially if you struggle with academics and writing. Sam is a recent college graduate and she has her degree in English which makes her a perfect candidate to teach about all things writing and academics.

Some of my recent favorite posts are 25 College Hacks for Back to School or Overcoming Writer’s Block in College. Writer's block in college is a complete no-no because you can't push back assignments just becuase you aren't inspired so I am so happy that she has written this post.

23. The Confused Millennial

Rachel from The Confused Millennial is such an awesome blogger. She has created such a beautiful place on the internet that is full of inspiration, encouraging words, and great lessons. Rachel talks about all sorts of topics that millennial women would care about like career, college, lifestyle, and more.

Some recent posts of her's that I really adore are How Getting Fired Can Be A Good Thing: 7 Lessons (which is such an important lesson to learn that many people just don't talk about) or 10 Memoirs Every Millennial Women Should Read In Her 20s (hello, new reading list!)

24. Haley Marie Blog

Haley's blog Haley Marie Blog is filled to the brim with tons of great information that will help you succeed in college. Haley discusses so many topics like beauty, organization, wellness, and more. Her blog will surely be helpful for anyone who wants to be healthy inside and out while in college.

Here are some excellent posts Haley has written recently: The Definitive Guide To Going Greek Your Freshman Year Of College or My Five Biggest Money Mistakes In College & How I Fixed Them.

25. The Sensible Stylista

Let's close out this list with the ever talented Kimberly of The Sensible Stylista. Kimberly produces some amazing outfits and her photography is on point. Also, I am secretly obsessed with all the conversations she sparks on her Facebook page. Kimberly mostly covers fashion with a hint of lifestyle, blogging, and travel  mixed in to her content.

My favorite recent posts? Cute Crop Tops: My Achilles’ Heel or Florals Remixed for the Office.


There you have it, Today I shared 25 of the beautiful millennial bloggers that I love. If you want to see a Part 2 to this list let me know, I have A TON of bloggers that I could recommend to you!

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  • Samantha September 6, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    Thanks so much for including me on this amazing list! Love all your recommendations!

  • Hayle Olson September 6, 2017 at 9:09 pm

    You are so sweet! I appreciate your wonderful words and I’m so thankful to be included on this list!! 🙂


  • Paige September 6, 2017 at 10:45 pm

    Thank you for mentioning me and my blog! I’m a huge fan of your blog as well, I can’t wait to check out some of the other blogs on this list 🙂

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