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    Organize Your Collegiate Life With Erin Condren

    March 27, 2017 Amanda Cross 4 min read
    Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more details. Thanks for supporting the brands that make The Happy Arkansan possible!

    Erin Condren is bae. When I got the opportunity to work with this amazing brand I had to take them up on the opportunity so I could show you some of the amazing products you can get on the Erin Condren website. Erin Condren helps you organize your life in a functional, cute, and personalized way so I am so excited to share this post with y'all on the blog today. Let's organize our collegiate lives with Erin Condren, y'all!

    You need a little Erin Condren in your life and I am going to give you the rundown on why exactly that is with today's blog post. I can't wait for you to see some of the cute things I am showcasing with today's post.

    Note: This post was sponsored by Erin Condren and includes affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

    Organize Your Collegiate Life With Erin Condren

    1. Erin Condren Is Unique And Personalized

    If you are in college, you know how important unique and personalized products are. Whenever I make a trek across campus, you better believe I see a million of the same backpacks, planners, and more. Erin Condren is awesome because they allow you to quickly and easily personalize everything from planners to notebooks to notecards and everything in between. Even if you hang around in a circle who admires Erin Condren it's hard to have similar items because personalization is a really big part of the Erin Condren brand. They make it easy to personalize (and re-personalize) so many cute products with super cute covers that snap on and off your planner in a jiffy (is in a jiffy still a word people use?)

    Erin Condren really makes personalization so easy and fun. Are you getting tired of your planner or notebook cover? You can easily go to the Erin Condren website and design a new cover for your planner or notebook so that you can have consistently adorable designs. Everything is personalized at no extra cost which makes working with Erin Condren products so fun!

    Erin Condren takes personalization to a new level because you can personalize so much of the notebook. They have TONS of adorable planner covers (or you can design something from scratch by uploading your own pictures or making your own quote cover directly on the website. You can also customize the coil color of most notebooks and planners so you can keep the default platinum or get a little adventurous by picking a gold, rose gold, or black coil color.

    Erin Condren notebooks, planners, and pens.

    2. Erin Condren Helps Keep You Productive

    Another important thing that Erin Condren is amazing at is keeping students productive. Productivity is a big part of all of their products and they have tons of amazing add-ons to help keep you consistently productive. There are so many ways to keep you productive be it a fun customized planner, a jazzy notebook with a productivity add-on, or a productivity dashboard.

    It's hard not to be productive with Erin Condren products because they are so fun to look at. They make you want to get down to business and work with their products because their products keep you excited with colorful and bright pages. Instead of dreading your next planning session you will love it.

    Erin Condren notebooks and pens.

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    3. Erin Condren Helps You “Adult” Better

    Erin Condren has so many fun products that help you get in the mood to “adult” a lot better. This planner company has so many cute products like their Monthly Bills Tracker and tons of note cards that help you get in the habit of budgeting your money and giving thanks to those who deserve it. Their bill tracker can snap into any notebook or planner with snaps so that you can plan out all your expenses accordingly. Erin Condren also has a ton of notecards that will help you flawlessly give thanks to the people in your life. Everyone loves a little thanks here and there so I am sure it will be very appreciated.

    Erin Condren monthly bill tracker.

    4. Erin Condren Is More Than Just Paper Products And Planners

    You can add a little Erin Condren sunshine to all aspects of your life. Erin Condren has a growing collection of adorable products which makes it a go-to brand for collegiate women in my humble opinion. Erin Condren is making a variety of cute new products that are perfect for collegiates like clutches, lunch totes, pajamas, phone cases, nail wraps, accent pillows, and more. My personal favorite item right now are their flair pins. I have been obsessing over flair pins lately because they add a perfect touch of personalization to any backpack, denim jacket, or pencil case.

    When you see a cute gold and pink flamingo flair pin, you add it to your cart, there is no other way to live y'all. How freaking amazing is this pin?

    Erin Condren Flair Pin

    The Haul

    I have talked for a while about all the fun things I bought, but I can't wait for y'all to see the video I filmed for this haul. Check it out below and let me know what y'all thought in the comments below:

    I hope that y'all loved this post. Again, I want to thank the lovely people at Erin Condren for allowing me to showcase these amazing products to y'all. Check out Erin Condren so you can get your life together with cute products that will actually make you want to get organized!

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    Comment below: What was your favorite Erin Condren product showcased today?

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