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    Treat Yo Self With Palmer’s This Winter

    January 18, 2017 Amanda Cross 3 min read
    Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more details. Thanks for supporting the brands that make The Happy Arkansan possible!

    Note: This post was graciously sponsored by the lovelies at Palmer's through HerCampus Media. Thanks for supporting the brands that make The Happy Arkansan possible!
    When I learned about this opportunity to work with Palmer's I was so excited and I knew I had to jump at the opportunity to be a part of this campaign. Just a quick fun fact about me before we jump into today's post, I hate dry skin. You can probably imagine that this post was right up my alley!

    Treat Yo Self With Palmer's This Winter | Dry winter skin is no joke, cure it all with Palmer's this winter. Are you treating your skin right? Click through to find out more!

    Winter is here, my friends, and surviving the winter is kinda horrible. Palmer's makes surviving a little easier with amazing and well-tested products. As I stated before I hate dry skin. Whether it's a Palmer's product or some other lotion, I always have to have something to keep my skin feeling great every day of the year (but especially during the winter time.

    Give your skin a break this winter and pamper yourself, or as I, and my favorite duo from Parks & Rec likes to say, treat yo self!

    I am obsessed with this photoshoot that I did for this post on Palmer's. Just a little behind the scenes on this shoot, it started raining while we were shooting. I swear I checked the weather before we left and rain wasn't in the forecast. I wasn't letting a little rain stop me from showing my love for this awesome brand.

    So, why is Palmer's such a great brand to treat yo self with? Simple: Palmer's uses amazing ingredients that help you heal and soften your skin. What's better than a hydrating body concentrated cream or lotion on a day when you are feeling blue because the cold didn't lead to a snow day (and instead led to just another cold day)?

    Let's Chat About Palmer's

    To break it down Palmer's is made with two key ingredients: Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E. They have a whole slew of products available on their website and I was lucky enough to be sent their cocoa butter formula:

    • Daily Skin Therapy Lotion
    • Daily Skin Therapy Concentrated Cream
    • Swivel Stick

    Each of these products feels amazing and does an amazing job of making me feel totally moisturized and treated after using the product. Plus, after I smell like hot cocoa so that is definitely a positive in my book.

    The lotion and concentrated cream are great for long-lasting protection for my body, hands, and feet. The swivel stick has to be one of my favorites though. It is great to wear with my favorite lipsticks! It also works as an amazing spot treatment to keep my skin feeling extra soft if I have one or two problem areas on my skin.

    These products solve all of my winter moisture problems! Palmer's products are definitely my favorite to put on in the morning after my morning shower.

    I hope that you loved learning a little more about Palmer's with me today. I adore this brand and I think you will too. In 2017 let's strive to leave our dry skin in 2017 and add more moisture into our daily routine with Palmer's.

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