How To Pick Your Perfect Lead Magnet

People need more than a simple join my list prompt these days. As a blogger, you should strive to provide value for your readers so they have a reason to enter their email address and click subscribe. 

You entice people to sign up to your email list with a lead magnet. Lead magnets are a simple way to make a connection with your readers, offer them valuable information, and move them up your sales funnel. 

So, how do you pick the perfect lead magnet for your blog? Let's work on that today!

How To Pick Your Perfect Lead Magnet | Creating a great lead magnet can lead you to a blossoming list, but how do you even do that? Today on the blog I am going to be sharing 5+ tips on how to pick your perfect lead magnet so you can focus on the opt-in that will get you the most quality opt-ins!
How To Pick Your Perfect Lead Magnet | Creating a great lead magnet can lead you to a blossoming list, but how do you even do that? Today on the blog I am going to be sharing 5+ tips on how to pick your perfect lead magnet so you can focus on the opt-in that will get you the most quality opt-ins!

1. Think About All The Different Lead magnet Options

Before you begin thinking about lead magnets, you may want to consider all the options there are for lead magnet creation. People learn in different ways and certain content just performs better in different formats. When you think of the big picture and see all the lead magnet options out there, you can easily pick the options that work best for you.

I am listing a ton of different lead magnet options, but you have to do one thing for me, make sure that your lead magnet makes sense. We will cover this more in-depth later on, but this is so important for any blogger. If you are a mom blog, stock photos won't really make sense unless your mom blog is geared toward mommy bloggers or people who would benefit from having access to free stock photos. Make your lead magnets work for your brand, not the other way around!

  • Quizzes: Quizzes can be an easy and quick way to generate leads for your website. Learn more about using my favorite quiz lead generation website Interact!
  • Workbooks & Worksheets: Help people take action by providing a number of worksheets or a workbook that helps them achieve something like creating goals or planning a passive income product!
  • Toolkits: Toolkits are SO fun and easy to create. They require very little work on your part, but can be extremely valuable for your readers. Click here to download my guide to creating toolkits.
  • Swipe Files: Do you have an email that works really well and has gotten you hundreds of dollars in sponsorships? Use that as a lead magnet! Do you have an affiliate email series that blows your readers minds every time they read it? Use that too! Swipe files help people create better proposals and emails for their readers, clients, etc. so they are inherently valuable to your ideal audience. 
  • Email Courses: Take my email course New Blogger Motivation so you can see how I structured and made my email course!
  • Webinars: People love informative webinars! Even if you just share a pre-recorded webinar, people will find the opportunity to learn from you valuable. Of course your topic needs to be interesting, but this can be a great way to generate leads.
  • Checklists: This is another lead magnet that is simple and easy to create. You can create checklists on all sorts of topics like: fall closet essentials, what to do after you publish a blog post, pantry staples, etc. Checklists are simple yet valuable because they allow your readers to take action and check things off as they go.
  • Free Consultations: When you are just starting and you have a lot of time on your hands with your business, offering free consultations or free customized advice can be really valuable. When you set up this as a lead magnet, you need to have a very specific set of instructions. These instructions may include: the length of the consultation sessions, the amount of free sessions a person can book, how these free sessions will take place (Skype, phone, email), and more. These free consultation sessions can prove to be extremely valuable though, as they allow you to connect with your ideal audience and understand what questions they have.
  • Stock Photos: Whenever I see stock photos, I never pass them down. If your audience may like stock photos because they are bloggers or business owners, offer them! You don't even have to shoot them, you just have to have permission to share them. For me, I spent some money with the awesome Color U Bold on custom stock photography. With that, I had slightly more photos than I was expecting so I packaged a few up on Dropbox and they are one of my many lead magnets.

2. Consider What Your (potential) Audience needs

Okay, this is the time where you need to do a little internet sleuthing.

What is something that you can provide your audience (or potential audience) that will help them with a problem they are having?

This may be something you keep hearing about in Facebook groups or it may be something that people in your own audience have come to you with questions about. Whatever that thing is, it's important!

Keep a running tab of important questions you see in Facebook groups or get asked about by your audience often. Pay particular attention to the ones that you think you can add the most value to.

Then, you can use one of the many examples of lead magnets I share above (or something completely different) to offer relief for those common questions you keep seeing.

3. Think About What You Have Time To Create

When you are first starting your email list, it can be difficult to focus hard on creating an extreme lead magnet In fact, you may want to start with something very simple like a checklist, a worksheet, a toolkit, or a quiz.

You don't want to spend a tens of hours working diligently on a lead magnet that you aren't even sure if people will want to sign up for.

So, as you are crafting your first or even third lead magnet, really focus on the time aspect.

What lead magnet will get you the best quality leads in the shortest amount of time?

4. Focus On The Bigger Picture First

Your first lead magnets should be able to be used EVERYWHERE on your site. Lead magnets take some time to craft and create, so your first few shouldn't be highly targeted to one specific post. You should create a few quintessential lead magnets that encompass as much of what you want to be known for as they can.

For example, if you are a college blogger, you may focus on many different aspects of college, but what do you want to be known for? Maybe it's your study and organizational tricks. In which case, how can you create a lead magnet that can be used on a wide variety of your content. You may want to put together a checklist to help people have more organized study sessions, or you may want to put together a quiz that helps people analyze how they should change their study or organizational routine.

When your first few lead magnets can be used everywhere, you have a default way to collect leads everywhere. So many people have those boring join my list pop-ups as their main email collection strategy because they don't have a simple lead magnet that they can place everywhere.

Once you create that lead magnet, you can change the entire game!

5. Consider What You Sell (Or Want To Sell)

The truth is, when you are just starting your email list it can seem like you are just trying to shoot in the dark. What can I do to provide value that would get people on my list? Well, that's okay for a couple of your lead magnets, but eventually you need to set your sights on something.

That could be affiliate sales, course sales, e-book sales, whatever, but it's important that at least some of your lead magnets, lead somewhere.

What is the next step that you would like your readers to take after they get on your list?

That could mean using your thank you page to your advantage to discuss a related personal product, including affiliate links in your first email, etc.

Whatever that looks like for you, pick a way to monetize your email list because email lists are not cheap to maintain, and you should be making money back from building yours out.

Bonus: Don't Forget To promote Your Lead Magnet!

Before we say goodbye, I want to share a quick note--don't forget to promote your lead magnet! So many people get frustrated with their lead magnets because they don't take the time to actually promote the lead magnets that they create.

If you don't promote your lead magnet, you can't expect people to find it and sign up for it.

So, use things like Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, your blog posts, etc. to your advantage. You should be including your preferred lead magnet multiple times throughout your posts, and you should be sharing your lead magnet on social media for people to opt-in.

Focus on where your ideal audience hangs out. My ideal audience often hangs out in Facebook groups, so I make it a point to share my lead magnets in threads when I can so that people know they exists.

When you promote your lead magnet consistently, you can begin to see consistent returns!