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    10 Beautiful Nail Colors That Are Perfect For Cool Weather

    November 1, 2017 Amanda Cross 5 min read
    Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more details. Thanks for supporting the brands that make The Happy Arkansan possible!

    Saturday I made the decision that I definitely needed to get my nails done. I am not usually a manicure person, but sometimes I like to treat myself. Since I hadn't had a manicure since March, I decided that this weekend was a great time to get them done. Before I went to the nail salon I was inspired by websites that I saw online and their fall nail color ideas. So, I decided to create a post of my own. Today I am sharing 10 nail colors that are perfect for cooler weather along with 3 different polishes for each shade you can buy online so that once you find your perfect shade, you know the next steps.

    This list will feature a mix of colors that are fall and winter appropriate so that you are ready for all the cool weather over the coming months.

    10 Beautiful Nail Colors That Are Perfect For Cool Weather | As the days and nights are getting colder, are you transitioning to fall/winter nail polish shades? Click through for some fall/winter nail polish inspiration and ideas.

    1. Burgundy

    I am about as basic as it gets. Burgundy ends up being my go-to shade every single fall/winter. It is such a beautiful shade and it looks great on darker skin tones.

    Plus, not to mention that burgundy is such a staple in fall pieces like vests, velvet numbers, and booties. You can find burgundy everywhere in the fall/winter which makes it a perfect color for your nails.

    Polishes To TryEssie's Bahama Mama, $9; OPI's Midnight In Moscow, $10.50; OPI's Stick To Your Burgundies, $12.50

    In the manicure I am sharing below, I paired burgundy with a gold accent nail. You will see from my pictures today that it's a pretty predictable manicure style for me.

    2. Red

    Red is the quintessential Christmas color. It also shows up in so many aspects of fall like apple picking and leaves changing.

    The color red is such a powerful color, and if you are a fan of red lips like I am, you could also try some red nail polish.

    Polishes To TryChina Glaze's Italian Red, $6.67; Essie's Really Red, $9; OPI's Big Apple Red, $10.50

    3. Burnt Orange

    While Halloween is over as of the time I am publishing this, burnt orange is still a huge color for fall. Where I live, leaves are just starting to change and of course, sweet potato and pumpkin pie season has really just kicked off.

    Burnt orange is definitely a HUGE color this fall so if you try it as a nail polish you will be very trendy.

    Polishes To TryOPI's Freedom Of Peach, $5.47; Jin Soon's Idyll, $18

    4. Brown

    Be transported back to your time as a child when you would create turkeys out of your hand for Thanksgiving. Brown is such a fall color, and it looks perfect as a nail color for cooler weather.

    Feel warmer when you look at this beautiful color on your hand this fall. Plus, there are so many shades of brown that you will never get bored.

    Polishes To Try: Sally Hansen's Brown Nose, $6.44; China Glaze's Mahogany Magic, $7.83, Essie's Mink Muffs, $9

    5. Mustard Yellow

    This medium-to-dark colored yellow is such a cool color for fall. I am just reminded of cute mustard yellow pea coats and dresses that are perfect for fall.

    This yellow is great because it doesn't wash people out as easily because it is a tad darker than the normal yellow you might be used to seeing and avoiding on your skin. if you are afraid of what yellow might do to you, I would encourage you to try a mustard yellow color instead.

    Polishes To Try: China Glaze's Sun Worshipper, $3.98; Zoya's Darcy, $10; OPI's I Just Can't Cope-acabana, $10.50

    6. Gold

    Gold is such a diverse color to use in the fall/winter. You can use it as an accent nail as I did, or you can full glam and use it for every single nail.

    With Christmas and New Year's around the corner, the time for cute gold looks is definitely approaching quickly. Gold can also glam up any Thanksgiving look as well.

    Personally, I feel like gold is always a good idea so if you don't mind glamming up, wear all the gold you want!

    Polishes To Try: L'Oreal Paris' Gold Dust, $6.47; Essie's Good As Gold, $8.99; OPI's Glitzerland, $10.50

    7. Lavender

    Lavender is such a pretty winter color. It's a simple color but it definitely pulls a punch and looks great on so many skin tones (light or dark!)

    I am such a huge fan of purple anything, and this is the perfect cool color to take into the colder months. It screams cold weather, but can also be seen as a transition color for winter into spring.

    Polishes To Try: Essie's Girly Grunge, $9; OPI's Do You Lilac It?, $10.50; Butter LONDON's Fairy Lights, $15

    One interesting way to rock lavender is with other shades of purple. Below I chose a look that got progressively darker. Light purple, medium purple, and dark purple in the middle with a purple glitter topper.

    8. Dark Green

    Dark green is a great winter color. It SCREAMS Christmas, but it's also just a great way to warm up any super cold months.

    This color can also transition into spring a bit when it comes to getting ready for all your spring break vacations to tropical islands.

    Polishes To Try: Orly's Meet Me Under The Mistletoe, $8.37; Essie's Off Tropic, $9; Zoya's Hunter, $9

    9. Navy

    Navy is such a great darker color. It matches pretty much anything. You can go for a more preppy look with some stripes, a patriotic look, a glam look with some gold or silver accent nails, or just a Plain Jane navy nail look.

    With so many ways to wear this nail color, it's no wonder it makes a great shade for cooler weather.

    Polishes To Try: Orly's In The Navy, $7.26; Essie's After School Boy Blazer, $8.99; Zoya's Sailor, $9

    In this manicure I got below I paired some navy polish with a simple gold accent nail.

    10. Light Blue

    Now, let's go for a completely opposite blue. Light blue can be such a great winter statement as it just screams snow and winter weather.

    There are so many shades of light blue that you can try, but I am fond of the color that I am sharing on this post for the colder months.

    Polishes To Try: China Glaze's Bahamian Escape, $6.67; Essie's Find Me An Oasis, $8.99; Essie's As If!, $9

    11. Blush Pink

    Lately, I've been totally feeling light pink/blush pink for a cute, cool look. I think it's so pretty and a notch above straight nude nail polish. You can dress it up so much.

    Polishes To Try: Essie's Go Go Geisha, $9; Sally Hansen's Plush Blush, $6.64

    Check out one of my recent manicures with blush pink, marble, and gold below.

    So, there you have it. These ten shades will definitely help you create some funmazing (fun & amazing) looks these next few months. I am so excited to rock my manicure for the coming weeks, and maybe I will even make getting my nails done a normal thing.

    What nail polish shade will you try next?

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