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    How To Build A Relationship With Your Affiliate Marketing Manager

    April 30, 2020 Amanda Cross 6 min read
    Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more details. Thanks for supporting the brands that make The Happy Arkansan possible!

    Affiliate marketing managers can be an incredible asset to your business as a blogger. Affiliate marketing managers are a great connection to brands that you want to work with, but you need to make a connection with the manager first. Your affiliate marketing managers are going to be different depending on the brand you work with. Some managers are outsourced, and these managers can be the gateway you need to get into a variety of cool programs. Some managers are in-house, and they can provide a plethora of opportunities with a brand you enjoy. No matter who employees your affiliate marketing manager, making nice with them will only serve you as a blogger. Let's talk about how to build a relationship with your affiliate marketing managers today.

    1. Follow The Rules Of Your Affiliate Program

    First and foremost, you should follow the rules of each affiliate program you are apart of. You can't expect to build a good relationship with your affiliate marketing manager if they are always contacting you about a rule you broke. Read into the rules of each affiliate program, because each one you join probably has slightly different rules. It's essential to take your time to read these rules because if you don't follow them, you could get a warning, or you might be kicked out of a program altogether. No one wants that.

    There are many rules you need to follow, but most of these revolve around how you can promote the brand. Many brands don't allow email or PPC advertising. Most brands also have restrictions around words they trademark or creating websites with URLs that are similar to theirs. Overall, most brands want to make sure that you are using fair business practices and that you aren't advertising on keywords that matter to them. If you have any questions about what is and isn't allowed with a brand, connect with your affiliate marketing manager to get some clarification. Your manager will applaud you for taking the time to get an understanding of the rules.

    2. Build Consistent Income Using The Program

    The point of affiliate marketing is to make a consistent income for you and the brand. Brands use affiliate marketing to make more sales, so affiliates who make consistent sales get lots of benefits from their affiliate programs. Building consistent sales as a blogger is easier said than done. You have to be consistent and drive more traffic to those pages. Don't post one piece of affiliate content and expect to get paid overnight. It took me a few years to understand what makes a good affiliate post and what drives traffic to my affiliate partners. I am still learning more about affiliate marketing and how to be a better affiliate.

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    3. Don't Be Afraid To Connect Outside Of The Inbox

    If your affiliate marketing manager has a link to their social media pages in their email signature or a phone number to call, don't be afraid to connect outside of the inbox. Above all else, you need to be respectful and make sure that you are taking your affiliate manager's need for privacy into consideration. Don't go above and beyond to find them on social media if they don't seem open to building these relationships. If they encourage you to connect on other platforms, though, you should do so.

    4. Take Part In Any Challenges Your Affiliate Manager Sets Up

    Challenges and bonuses are the perfect way to build a relationship with your affiliate manager. Affiliate programs often have bonus programs where you can make more money by driving sales. Taking part in these programs will build your relationship with your manager while making your wallet thicker. What's not to love? Keep up with any emails you get from your affiliate marketing manager about bonus offers or challenges. Make sure you set up something to promote these challenges on your blog or social media channels. These challenges can prove to be very financially rewarding for you, so you must take time to create a strategy for these offers.

    5. Alert Your Affiliate Manager Of Any Opportunities You Have To Promote The Brand More

    Affiliate marketing managers want to get more recognition for the brands they serve. If you ever want to grow your relationship with a manager, let them know what you can do for them. For example, maybe you want to do a review of the product. You could connect with an affiliate marketing manager to share a review on your website. You might even be able to cut the costs of reviewing the product by getting a free sample or a discount on the product.

    Take a good look at your editorial calendar. What do you have coming up? Where can your current affiliate partnerships fit into that calendar? For example, maybe you want to do a roundup of work from home outfits, connect with a fashion brand that has an affiliate program to get clothing for this awesome blog post idea.

    6. Refer Other Bloggers Your Manager Might Want To Connect With

    Do you know another blogger who would be the perfect fit for the program that you are currently in? Your affiliate manager might be looking for other bloggers and site owners to connect with right now. Consider passing your friends' information along to your affiliate manager to see if they take program referrals from other bloggers. Since affiliate managers are always looking to build fruitful relationships with the right bloggers, your email will be appreciated.

    7. Connect With Them About How To Improve Your Sales

    Taking the initiative to increase your sales will always be seen as a positive. One way to do this is by asking your affiliate manager about what they've seen work for other affiliates. Ask your manager what they suggest you look into as the best way to make money with this program. Send them a social post or blog you've written that includes them. When you send the social media post or blog, ask them how they would improve it for better conversions. You should feel comfortable asking for help, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing and their brand.

    8. Reply To Any Emails Your Affiliate Manager Sends You

    Your affiliate marketing manager is likely to send out regular emails to affiliates. If you want to build a relationship, reply to those emails. You can't build a relationship with your affiliate manager if you never talk to them. Replying to an email is the perfect way to build that relationship if you're scared of bothering them.

    • Ask questions
    • Provide feedback
    • Let them know how excited you are about an upcoming product or promotion

    Above all else, show interest! The relationship you build with showing up as consistently as possible will prove to be a huge asset as you grow your brand and make more income with your affiliate marketing efforts.

    9. Send A Thank You Note At The End Of The Year

    Do you send out holiday cards at the end of the year? Everyone loves happy mail, and I am sure that your affiliate manager would love to be included in the joy you send through the mail. Connect with your affiliate manager and let them know that you'd like to send them a holiday card. Take your time and spread some holiday joy at the end of every year. You can use a simple holiday card or get something custom made using a site like Minted.

    10. Make An Effort To Connect (Even When You Don't Need Something)

    Last but not least, make an effort to connect, even when you don't need anything. It can be easy to connect when you have a question, or you want an increase in commission. But what about sending an email just to check-in? Make sure they are doing okay, especially during a time like this. Your affiliate managers do a lot for you throughout the year. Don't hesitate to connect with them and let them know you are thinking about them.


    Connecting with your affiliate marketing manager is a fantastic way to grow your blog and business. It's not always easy to make those connections, though, especially if you are an introvert. Your affiliate marketing managers want to hear from you, and they want to help you and their company build a more successful business. Your affiliate manager is there to help make the promotion of their company's product easier for affiliates like you. Are you taking the time to get to know the affiliate managers that move your favorite companies forward?

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