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    27 Things To Post On Social Media As A Freelancer | Are you at a loss for what to post on social media? Social media is a great place to find clients as a freelancer, but being overwhelmed is no fun! Check out this post for 27 things you can create to post on social media today. From quotes to client testimonials, I am sharing a ton of ideas in this post. #Freelancing #FreelanceAdvice #SocialMedia #FreelanceWriter #SocialMediaTips

    27 Things To Post On Social Media As A Freelancer

    March 4, 2019 Amanda Cross 13 min read
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    Freelancing requires a lot of marketing. To find clients, have clients come to you, et cetera, you need to be present online. Social media can be a great way to connect with clients on a deeper level, but what exactly do you post? Today, I am going to share 27 different things you can post on social media, so you always know what to say.

    There are so many other things you can post, so don't consider this an exhaustive list. Get inspired to take action and find some other things you can post on your social pages. Use this content as a springboard and think outside the box.

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    A note before we get started: Did you know I host an awesome group called The Ambitious Freelancers Group on Facebook? I love hanging out in that group and giving advice to fellow freelancers so if you want even more freelance advice click here to join the group.

    27 Things To Post On Social Media As A Freelancer | Are you at a loss for what to post on social media? Social media is a great place to find clients as a freelancer, but being overwhelmed is no fun! Check out this post for 27 things you can create to post on social media today. From quotes to client testimonials, I am sharing a ton of ideas in this post. #Freelancing #FreelanceAdvice #SocialMedia #FreelanceWriter #SocialMediaTips


    First things first, quotes always do well on social media. Whether you are sharing the quote of someone famous, someone popular in your industry, or yourself you can make a connection through quotes. Creating quote graphics is so simple. Many stock photo memberships create quotes for their members, or you can quickly make some in batches on Canva or Photoshop. If you've followed my freelance site Amanda Cross Co. on Instagram, you know I love a good quote graphic. I create mine in batches on Canva. I don't pull from any particular person. Usually, I come up with a “quote” that's from the heart. One of my favorites was, “Don't automate what you could communicate.” It was a simple message that I was able to create a graphic for quickly and post.

    2. Promote A Blog Post/Podcast

    Do you have a blog, podcast, YouTube channel, et cetera that you use to promote yourself through content marketing? Use that as content for your freelance social media profile. You should always be pushing that content to your clients anyway. If you don't have much to post on social media, dig into your archive. What blog post or podcast did you love a ton that could use more traction? It's hard to see results from the content you produce if you never post about it.

    Tip: Create a database for yourself with links to all your posts that way you can quickly grab a post when you need something post.

    3. Video Tips

    Lately, I've been loving filming video tips for my potential clients and posting them to Instagram. I keep these videos short, sweet, and to the point. You can do multiple slides on Instagram, but one slide can only be up to 60 seconds. So, I keep my videos under 60 seconds. Once I finish the video, I use the application InShot to create text borders on my images that help them stand out on Instagram. These videos don't take a ton of time and I can batch create these once a month if I want to.

    4. Infographics

    Do you have a particularly meaty post that you adore? Turn that post into an infographic using tools like Canva or Photoshop/InDesign. Canva has a ton of infographic templates that make creating an infographic quite simple. Post that infographic using LinkedIn Publisher or with a direct link to your blog on Pinterest. Infographics are another way to repurpose your content and create something helpful in the process.

    5. Client Testimonials

    Do you have a particularly glowing client testimonial or a video that a client has recorded about you? Besides front and center on your website, posting that testimonial on social media is an awesome thing to do. Beef that testimonial up by creating an Instagrammable picture with their headshot and their comments about working with you.

    Testimonials are more of a sales message, but having some sales messages throughout your Instagram profile is key. Many freelancers get stuck in this endless cycle of giving free advice on social media because they don't share their products enough. Your ideal clients may want to pay you right now, but you aren't giving them the opportunity to because they don't know you sell anything to begin with.

    Need something to post on social media as a freelancer? Try a testimonial! It's the perfect sales message that doesn't seem sales-y. Click through for 26 other ideas for freelancers. Click To Tweet

    6. Latest Service Offerings

    Did you recently add a new type of service to your product roster? Mention it on social media and promote it while it's new. Again, we often don't promote our services on social media, and then we are shocked because we are caught in this endless cycle of free content. Promote what you sell so that people can buy it.

    Promoting a new offer will help you feel not so sleazy because you are talking about something you just launched versus something you've been doing for a while. On the flipside, you have to get over that feeling of sleaziness, because you are probably much better at the service you've been working on longer.

    7. Behind The Scenes Pictures/Videos

    What does your face look like when you are in the zone? Does your desk have any cool trinkets? What does your office look like? Share what it looks like behind the scenes while you are working on client work. Take a time-lapse of you working on client work. Edit that down and make it pretty to post on social media. People love to see you working and enjoying yourself.

    8. Product Tutorials

    Do you know of a particular product that you know your audience would love? Maybe you have just tested out a new app on your phone or a new physical product that helps you be more productive. Share that using a quick tutorial. One of my favorite people to follow for tutorials is Lindsey over at Hazel Haven. She is always learning about new apps and showing her audience how to use them on her Instagram. You can use these same techniques to draw in your audience as a freelancer. Once you are done with a tutorial, repurpose them. Share them on places like YouTube, in blog posts, and other spaces you utilize online.

    27 Things To Post On Social Media As A Freelancer | Are you at a loss for what to post on social media? Social media is a great place to find clients as a freelancer, but being overwhelmed is no fun! Check out this post for 27 things you can create to post on social media today. From quotes to client testimonials, I am sharing a ton of ideas in this post. #Freelancing #FreelanceAdvice #SocialMedia #FreelanceWriter #SocialMediaTips

    9. Industry News

    You've got to show your ideal clients that you keep up with news in your industry. This is especially important when you are a freelance writer. I use Feedly to collect news in the freelancing and human resources space, so I am always informed. Follow industry blogs and share that information with your clients. You may lead them to learn about something they didn't even know about. To be a leader in your industry/niche, you've got to keep up with it.

    10. Finished Projects

    Next, share your finished projects on social media. Whether you are sharing a logo you created, a bylined article, or a course outline you designed–share what you've finished. This will increase client confidence in you. Why should your clients trust you to complete their project? Simple, look at all of the completed projects you have already shown them. When you share finished projects, don't just show them off, explain them. What was the concept/instructions behind the work you are showcasing? What was the point of the logo, blog post, et cetera? How did you collaborate with your clients to make their dream content a reality?

    11. Email List Freebie Signups

    Even as a freelancer, you should be building your email list. If you have a content upgrade or email list freebie you can point your audience to, do it! Your audience cannot sign up to receive your emails if you are not pushing them to sign up. You should be promoting your email list to your freelance audience at least once a week because emails are much better than social media followers. If your audience is already following you, take it a step further so you can contact them via email when you want.

    12. Polls To Gauge Client Needs

    If you produce a lot of free or even paid content, you must continue to gauge your client's needs. Maybe they need you to create a more specialized course, or they want you to offer a new service that will help them out. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Stories all have a polling feature that you can use to get your audience involved in the planning process. You can also post to Instagram and have your audience vote by commenting, but that might be a bit trickier to calculate results from if you have a ton of followers.

    Catering to what your clients need is essential. Need something new to post on social media as a freelancer? Try a poll! Click through for 26 more post ideas. Click To Tweet

    13. Industry Shoutouts

    Has someone in your niche done something awesome or do they contribute to the industry in some way? You should shout them out or spotlight them. You can do this in a variety of ways. Share their content, create a follow Friday feature, or write a blog post featuring your favorite industry leaders and share that post on social media (tagging the companies.) I did an industry shoutout in December on my blog for Amanda Cross Co. where I featured my five favorite workplace culture blogs.

    14. Pictures Of You Outside Of Work

    It's not just about looking like someone who works constantly; you've got to show your personality because that can help you connect with clients. I make sure to throw in a few pictures of me outside of work, like this picture I took outside of a local museum. Yes, your clients expect you to work, but they don't expect you to be at your desk 24/7. Pictures outside of work show you in a different light than stiff work shots and quotes do.

    15. Ask A Question

    Want to engage with your potential clients and followers? Ask them a question. You can create a question quote graphic like this, or you can ask a question in your picture caption. When you make the question a part of the graphic, though, it helps your question stand out and get more attention. When you ask a question, ask one that requires more than just a yes or no answer. Answer the question in the caption of your social media message and answer it like you'd like your audience to. Ultimately, your audience will mimic your response, so if you give a short answer, they will too.

    16. Introduce Yourself/Tell Your Story

    You never know when your audience may find out about you. Chances are, they don't know you very well, but you need to give them a chance to get to know you. This is where introducing yourself and telling your story comes in. You should introduce yourself, what you do, and tell your story every 1-2 months. Don't make it repetitive or copy/paste it month after month, give it some pizzaz. Make your story interesting enough so that people want to listen to it.

    • Who are you?
    • When did you start freelancing?
    • Why did you start freelancing?
    • How did you determine your niche?
    • Who exactly do you help?

    Take your time, add a few fun facts about yourself every time, and make sure that your audience gets to know the person behind the account.

    17. Share What You're Reading Lately

    If you are a bookworm, now is the perfect chance to show it off! Reading books, especially industry-related books, is a great way to boost your credibility and learn about your craft. If you've been reading a book related to your industry, let your potential clients and freelance audience know on social media. If you haven't been reading a ton of books, what's on your reading list for the next few weeks? You could also share some of the best books you've read in the past. What has left a huge impact on you?

    18. Do A Live Class On Something That Will Help Your Clients

    One of my favorite writers to follow who often hops on live streams to do classes is Danielle of D. Southern Writes. She often does Instagram Live classes on a variety of topics like emails from hell, gems to drop on your website, and turning followers into clients. What are your clients struggling with? How can you use some of your time to serve them? Lives are also great because you can repurpose them. After most live sessions are over, you can download them and re-upload them to sites like YouTube so you can serve even more people.

    27 Things To Post On Social Media As A Freelancer | Are you at a loss for what to post on social media? Social media is a great place to find clients as a freelancer, but being overwhelmed is no fun! Check out this post for 27 things you can create to post on social media today. From quotes to client testimonials, I am sharing a ton of ideas in this post. #Freelancing #FreelanceAdvice #SocialMedia #FreelanceWriter #SocialMediaTips

    19. Share Something From A Fellow Freelancer

    Community over competition is always the way to go. You don't have to compete with anyone and sharing content from another freelancer won't make you look bad. If another freelancer wrote an article or created a resource that you know your clients could use, share it. Go a step further and even tag them when you share it! Your potential clients all have their particular flavor of freelancer that works well with them. I would even share content from other human resources technology freelancers if it made sense for my social media feed.

    20. Participate In A Challenge/Something Trending

    Remember earlier this year when the 10 Year Challenge was trending? Find ways to utilize those trends on your own freelance social media pages. One awesome thing about Twitter is that it constantly tells you what the trends are. Use that to your advantage! Do you see something trending that your clients and potential clients might be tracking? Give your take on that and be sure to use the words or hashtags associated with that trend.

    21. Attend Twitter Chats

    Twitter chats may seem like a thing of the past, but they are still very much alive and well, especially in the corporate world. Depending on the Twitter chat you attend, some chats are still pulling in a ton of people every week. Go to a bunch until you find a few that excite you. Attend those chats often and make it a part of your schedule. Work on your responses, so you send out informative ones, interact with other chat attendees, and grow your network. There are chats in every industry, and if there aren't maybe it's a sign you should create one.

    22. Take Advantage Of Daily Hashtags

    There are hashtags based on most days of the week. Are you ready to participate in hashtags like:

    • #MotivationMonday
    • #TacoTuesday
    • #WellnessWednesday
    • #ThrowbackThrusday
    • #FearlessFriday

    Yes, these hashtags exist, and people use them. I love a good #SunnySunday myself. You can use these hashtags to your advantage. Create content around these hashtags for your audience. You may not get a lot of clients from the use of these hashtags, but they might help you create the themes that your potential clients will come to love.

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    23. Brag On Your Clients And Their Accomplishments

    I am all about bragging on the excellent things my clients have done. Bragging on your clients is great for you because it shows the kind of clients you like to surround yourself with. Do you work with amazing clients or do you work with clients who are playing small? Don't be afraid to congratulate your clients publically on social media when they do things like:

    • Move to a new office
    • Announce a new integration/application
    • Get more funding for their startup
    • Create a new product/service
    • Bring on a new staff member

    We don't brag on each other enough on social media. Don't be afraid to truly communicate with and brag on the people/companies you work with.

    24. Share A Relatable Meme

    No matter your industry, we all come together to laugh over relatable memes. Now, this isn't the time to whip out your dankest memes. This is the time for regular memes, okay? You don't want to scare clients off, after all. What do people in your industry find funny? Is there a simple meme that you know people in your industry would want to share or find entertaining? Maybe you can create great memes yourself, or cringe-y ones that help you tell a story. There are tons of meme generators out there like Imgflip's meme generator.

    25. Celebrate A Holiday

    There are tons of more serious, federally recognized holidays like Christmas and New Year's, but there are also more fun holidays like Waffle Day or Puppy Day. Celebrate those big nationally recognized holidays and sprinkle a few posts throughout the year for more obscure holidays, especially if they relate to your freelance work. Time And Date has a wonderful list of fun holidays to follow. Go through that list, see which ones would stand out for your audience, and add them to your calendar. Create a fun post dedicated to those holidays as they pop up throughout the year. You could honestly generate 1-3 posts per month based on these fun holidays.

    27 Things To Post On Social Media As A Freelancer | Are you at a loss for what to post on social media? Social media is a great place to find clients as a freelancer, but being overwhelmed is no fun! Check out this post for 27 things you can create to post on social media today. From quotes to client testimonials, I am sharing a ton of ideas in this post. #Freelancing #FreelanceAdvice #SocialMedia #FreelanceWriter #SocialMediaTips

    26. Link To Another Social Media Network

    Do you have multiple social media networks that you keep up to date? Make sure you take some time each month to link to those networks and remind your potential clients to follow you there. Create recurring posts on your social media pages that link to your other pages, groups, or anything else you have going on. Your audience is always growing. It's imperative that you make sure that everyone you follow knows where to find you across the board. You never know, that audience member may have seen you on Instagram, but they use Twitter more.

    27. Hold A Q&A

    Last, but not least, host a Q&A! Take some time out of your day to host a Q&A on your social media feed, do it live, or ask for DMs/use the question sticker to post your Q&A in your stories. A great thing about a Q&A? You can use the questions you get more than once. You may want to answer the questions that day, write them all down for a Q&A post on your blog where you give more complete answers, then use them again to create a blog post for each question you received.

    For example, your audience might ask you how you manage day-to-day tasks as a freelancer. You could share 1-2 tips in your Q&A session, write a blog post featuring all your questions where you share a few more tips, and then write a dedicated piece called “The Ultimate Guide To Managing Day-To-Day Tasks As A Freelancer.” One Q&A could lead to weeks of excellent content for your audience to devour and a ton of interlinking opportunities in the process when you link back to your social media pages and your initial Q&A blog post.

    Need some ideas on what to post on social media as a freelancer? The Happy Arkansan has rounded up 27 amazing ideas that will take your freelance social media to the next level. Click To Tweet


    We went through a lot on today's blog post. I hope that you walk away with a ton of knowledge of what to post. I never want you to look at your freelance social media profiles and draw a blank ever again. There is so much that you can post to keep your profiles fresh, and I hope this guide gave you some inspiration.

    What are your favorite things to post on social media as a freelancer?

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