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    31 Things To Post On Your Student Group’s Social Media Pages

    January 26, 2018 Amanda Cross 13 min read
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    Social media is so important for on-campus groups these days. Especially if you are recruiting for a sorority or even a club for your major–social media is where it's at. You want to utilize social media to connect with your alumnae, members, and potential members. What do you share there, though? Today on the blog I am going to share 31 things you can add to your group's content calendar today!

    Recruiting is a big part of keeping your organization alive, but social media goes far beyond that. It helps showcase to the campus community (and the larger city, state, and nationwide community) that there are student organizations doing amazing things for themselves and their communities.

    31 Things To Post On Your Student Group's Social Media Pages | Posting on social media is so important for student groups across the country. Click through for 31 things you can post on social media no  matter what kind of group you have!

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    1. Meeting Glam

    What do your members look like when they come to your meetings? Share that with your followers on social media! Especially if your members get dressed up to be in your meeting, show off their pretty faces! When you have a match-y day of wearing the same t-shirt or a themed meeting, show it off! I am a huge fan of a themed meeting, so get a pajama day scheduled ASAP.

    Works Best For: Instagram or Facebook

    2. Study Nights

    If your group can often be found hitting the books together, grab a few snapshots of that happening and post it on social media. Above all else people want to see your club creating long lasting friendships. One of the best indicators of that friendship is hanging out when meetings aren't mandatory!

    Works Best For: Instagram or Facebook

    3. Meeting Space

    What does your meeting space look like? People want to know more about that! Take a few pictures or walk them through it by showing a video of your space. This works best for people with a dedicated meeting space such as a sorority with a chapter room.

    Works Best For: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

    4. House Tour

    Along those same lines, if you have even more space, showcase that too! If you have a house or bigger building where your members hang out, show that off. This can be a great choice for church groups who have a house for their service or sororities who have chapter houses. It's similar to showcasing a meeting space, but obviously on a larger scale.

    Works Best For: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

    5. Get To Know Members

    People want to envision themselves being a part of your organization, the best way they can do that is to get to know your members! You can do this in a variety of ways:

    • Member spotlights: Gather a few interview questions, share them with new members, members, chapter officers, etc. Create pretty graphics using their pictures, and showcase them on social media.
    • Member interviews: Sit down with one of your members at your meeting space and record a quick interview and edit it later or record a live stream where you are interviewing them!

    Video is awesome for getting to know your members better, but pictures and some good interview questions can also do the trick!

    Works Best For: Instagram & Instagram Live, Facebook & Facebook Live, or YouTube

    6. Awards Love

    If you get an award, you need to show it off! Don't be shy to recognize your chapter's accomplishments and the accomplishments of your members! If you win an award from your school, from your national organization, or from anywhere else you need brag about it. After all, if you don't brag about it (or at the very least, talk about it.) how will people know that it happened?

    Works Best For: Instagram and Facebook

    7. Game Nights

    People love to see how they would fit into your group. What better way to share that than through a good old fashioned game night. Pick your game wisely, for example, a sorority probably shouldn't broadcast themselves playing Cards Against Humanity (even if it's a fun game) because it might look strange, be racy, or not be a very fun game of Cards. So pick a game that showcases your organization's personality and shows your group in the best light.

    Works Best For: Instagram Live or Facebook Live

    8. Study Abroad Adventures

    Are there any members of your organization who are studying abroad this semester? See if they can go to a fun place in their city and throw up your organization's hand sign or even wear a shirt and get their picture taken in front of that place. Yes, Eiffel Tower throw what you know pictures are probably totally basic, but it's also a great way to make your page pop.

    Works Best For: Instagram or Facebook

    9. Upcoming Events

    An important part of social media is promoting upcoming events. So use your social media presence to share event fliers and information on the events you are hosting. You can get so much more publicity for your upcoming events with some well-timed social media updates so get to posting.

    If you have an event that is more come as you please, live social media it. The morning of the event tell people where the event is and to come down any time that day during event hours. Then as the event is happening share a few snapshots of the event on your social media platforms. For example, if you are hosting a tournament that people can come and watch all day, make the tournament seem like the best place to be and you may be able to pick up those few stragglers who thought they would rather be in bed that day!

    Works Best For: Any Platform

    10. Day In The Life

    What does a day in the life look like for the members of your organization? If your members are doing something interesting like going to a national leadership conference, a retreat, or even the more “boring” day to day stuff–get them to takeover your Snapchat or Instagram Stories for a day. Let them introduce themselves, share what they are up to, and follow that up with a few stories throughout the day. People are nosy, so seeing what other people are up to is a great way for people to get to know your members.

    Works Best For: Snapchat Or Instagram Stories

    11. Dinner Conversation

    What do you and your group talk about when you are having dinner together? Let your social media audience know through a video! You can also just share a cute picture of you and your group hanging out together at dinner and share a fun quote from dinner in the caption. Whatever floats your boat!

    Works Best For: Instagram & Instagram Live or Facebook & Facebook Live

    12. Snow Day Fun

    With all the snow falling down across the country lately, snow day pictures are always a great idea.

    • Get a few of your members together for some snow day fun and don't forget to grab a few pictures.
    • If your organization has a house or designated meeting space take a picture outside of that.
    • If your organization is associated with a certain building, take a picture of that building in the snow. For example, if your club is major related, take a picture of the building all your classes are located in when it's covered in snow.

    There are so many different ways that you can celebrate snow day fun on your social media page.

    Works Best For: Instagram or Facebook

    13. School Spirit

    Your school is the center of all activities. Your school is the one thing connecting you to most of your social media followers (or at least the ones that can potentially join your organization.) Show them that you have some school spirit. Take a picture:

    • With the school mascot and post on social media.
    • Cheering on a sports team.
    • With a few of your members in school jerseys or shirts.

    You can paint your face, take a video of your members doing a school cheer, and so many things in between.

    Works Best For: Instagram or Facebook


    People love inspiration across social media platforms. Share your best inspirational quote and make sure to make it branded using a site like Canva to create your quotes or if you are on the go an app like Word Swag. Quotes are so easy to find on social media. Whenever I need a quote I usually check out Pinterest (I also have an entire board dedicated to inspiration.) If Pinterest isn't your jam ask your members! Get them to share their all-time favorite quotes with you so you can share them on social media.

    Works Best For: Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter

    15. Tips For Freshmen

    If you want to recruit, a big demographic for that is freshmen! Gather some awesome tips from your members, make pretty graphics for them, and share them on social media. This will make your page the go to! You can also share articles from bloggers who discuss advice (hint hint, I have a lot of articles that might interest freshmen on this site, and so do my fave bloggers on my group board The Happy College Club!)

    Works Best For: Instagram or Twitter

    16. The Best Spots In Your City

    Not only should you show school spirit, but you should also show city spirit. What are your favorite places in town? Where are all the awesome brunch places, fun things to do, and cool things to see? You should strive to venture out into your city and show the cool things you find there. Get together with a few of your members every few weeks and explore, take some great pictures, and post those on social media. This supports local business, shares the best spots around town with freshmen who are always looking for something to do, and helps your account stay full. It never huts to wear the shirt for your organization on these trips.

    Works Best For: Instagram or Facebook

    17. Group Throwbacks

    If your school has been on the campus for a long time, look in your archives and see if you can find some old throwbacks to share. This will help you out in the alumnae department a lot which is why I say this works best for Facebook then Instagram. You want your alumnae to be able to see a little bit of themselves in your social media pages.

    You can start a Throwback Thursday day on social media, and you can even reach out to alumnae to see if they have any old pictures to share. This is a great way to reach out to alumnae so that you have a healthy relationship that goes beyond asking them to donate and seeing them on Homecoming day.

    Works Best For: Facebook or Instagram

    18. Giveaways & Contests

    Giveaways and contents should always be used sparingly, but they are an option to grow your page and engage your page. It is CRUCIAL that your contests follow all the necessary rules on social media as well as the rules of your campus. This is especially true for sororities and fraternities as you don't want contests to sway or convince potential new members.

    Works Best For: Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter

    19. Members Repping Your Group

    Gather up a few of your members when they are wearing letter shirts or group shirts around campus. If you happen across someone on the way to class or work and they are rocking their shirt, ask them if you can snap a few pictures. Post those on social media because it shows that your groups love to rock your gear even if they don't have to.

    Works Best For: Instagram or Facebook

    20. Poll Your Followers

    Polls are fun to take. You ever wonder why so many people get sucked down the Buzzfeed quiz hole, it's because quizzes and polls are fun and procrastination is everywhere. There are many ways to poll your audience so come up with a few fun questions for them to answer and poll them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram Stories.

    Works Best For: Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram Stories

    21. Celebrate Random Holidays

    There are so many random holidays now. It seems that nearly every day there is a fun or trivial holiday happening. Time And Date keeps a really great list of all these fun holidays. Look through the list and come up with a few that make sense for your group to celebrate. You can also celebrate the normal holidays (here's a list of those.)

    Works Best For: Instagram or Facebook

    22. Members Doing Good For The Community

    Giving back is the bee's knees. If your group has a charitable component, don't be afraid to snap a few pictures so that you can post it on social media after. If members of your organization give back frequently and they are okay with you posting about it on social media, that's a great option too. Giving back does nothing but support and help the community so don't be afraid to show that off.

    Works Best For: Instagram or Facebook

    23. Cultivating Leadership

    Being a better leader is one of the main reasons that so many people join groups. If your organization has a leadership conference or if your members are going to leadership events around town–get pictures of them going to those events. Share stories of how your organization is shaping its members into better leaders. Share stories of your alumnae who have gone on to become great leaders in their everyday lives.

    Works Best For: Instagram or Facebook

    24. Why Your Members Join

    At the end of the day, people want to know: why do your members even join your organization? Share the stories and conversations that your members have on why they join. Get it in their words and share those genuine words on social media.

    Works Best For: Instagram & Instagram Stories, Facebook, Snapchat, or YouTube

    25. Fire Meme Delivery

    Memes really make your social media happy. You can post memes on Instagram, but they aren't always the best for your Instagram feed look so I feel they work best on Twitter and Facebook. You can create your own memes or use ones you find online. Whatever you do using a funny meme can help you attract new members and look relatable. Of course, as I have said for other ideas, make sure the memes put your organization in the best light. Sure the memes you end up picking may not be as fun, but you also don't want to cause any controversy because you wanted to share the best meme that wasn't a fit for your organization.

    Works Best For: Twitter or Facebook

    26. Member Birthdays

    Bottom line, you need to be super careful about member birthdays. If you are going to shout out each individual birthday, you need to have a list of that stuff. Birthdays are easy to forget, and you don't want that.

    On the other hand, what you can do is celebrate all birthdays at once. During one of your meetings each month celebrate all the birthdays for that month. For example, if your meeting in January is on the 20th, celebrate all your birthdays for January during that month. Get them cupcakes and round all the birthday people for a picture. For summer birthdays, have an extra special event for them during the last meeting of the spring semester. For winter break birthdays, celebrate those as soon as you get back or during the last meeting of the fall semester.

    Post the every birthday in X month photo, it will save you so much trouble and you won't have to create a list or remember a million birthdays.

    Works Best For: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

    27. Facts About Your Group

    People want to learn more about your group and what y'all stand for. Gather facts from your national organization or local group, make them look pretty and on brand, and post them on social media. Here are some facts you may want to talk about:

    • When your group was founded.
    • What your founder's names were.
    • What your group values are.
    • How many members your group has.
    • What charity your group supports.

    Those are basic facts. You may want to talk about symbols that are important, mascots your groups has, what your group members have gone on to do, etc. Whatever facts you think are interesting and don't give away any secret group rituals.

    Works Best For: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

    28. Create Blogs & Share Them

    I am all about creating blogs, if you can't tell already. I think that blogs are a great way to create content that will get your potential members to know your organization on a deeper level. If you have someone in your organization who loves to produce content, get them to create a few blogs so you can share those out on social media.

    Works Best For: Create on your website share across platforms like Facebook and Twitter

    29. Share Content From Your National Organization

    If you are lucky enough to have a national organization, they have probably put out a lot of information on their page. Share information that they have posted on your social media sites, especially for the ones like Facebook or Twitter where you share more than just pictures. If something is general enough you can also repost on Instagram.

    If you don't have a national organization, find a bigger organization. For example, as a sociology club, you probably don't have a national organization, but there are plenty of sociology organizations like Alpha Kappa Delta (Sociology's honor society) or the American Sociological Association that you might share from instead. Think of those bigger organizations that would work for your group.

    Works Best For: Facebook or Twitter

    30. Music Recommendations

    I am a huge fan of music so this had to be on the list. Share some of your member's favorite songs at the moment. Make sure that the songs are in line with your group's values. Your members may like a certain song, but it still needs to make sense with the image that your organization as a whole is putting out there. For example, if you are a church group, you probably don't want to recommend songs with a million curse words. Make sure you vet each song before you add it to a playlist.

    Works Best For: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Stories, or Snapchat

    31. Graduation

    Your members have officially done it! They have graduated, they moved their tassel to the other side, and they are ready to party. Before they say goodbye, celebrate them! Get pictures of them in their graduation gear and post it on social media.

    Works Best For: Instagram or Facebook


    So we have gone on a crazy ride together over the course of these 31 ideas. I hope that your organization has a popping and awesome social media presence now because with all these ideas you shouldn't run out of things to talk about on social media!

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