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December 5, 2016

How To Make A Powerful Academic Argument

Today on the blog we are talking about how to make a powerful argument in your academic papers. Arguments are the backbone of any paper, so it’s your job to make a sound one. I’m sharing the top five tips I have learned for creating convincing arguments. I hope that this will help you become a more successful academic writer.

Recently, I polled my Twitter audience on this topic, and the results were pretty split (half and half, to be exact) some people do have trouble making powerful academic arguments, while others feel they are strong in this regard. No matter where you stand, I hope that this post proves helpful for you. I am writing some of my best tips that I have learned from grading hundreds of papers as well as writing as a student myself.

How To Make A Powerful Academic Argument | Making a compelling academic argument is important in college.  Click through to read my top five tips for creating a stellar argument in your next paper.

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