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May 22, 2013

My Study Techniques

Over my collegiate career, I have found that there are so many different types of college studiers.

You have the students who are sipping on Starbucks strongest brew and look like they haven’t slept in days. They are ready to get the test so they can fill it out and finally sleep for longer than two hours.

You have the studier with ten thousand neatly color-coded index cards, they are trying to soak in the last bits of knowledge they can before they regurgitate all the information on the test.

There are the quizzers, the really prepared people, who are thinking of questions you never dreamed of thinking about. You sit around at all these characters and begin to doubt how well you prepared. Maybe that really obscure question they thought of from line 115 of page 100 will be on the test.

What if’s start running through your head and you wonder if you really prepared as well as you thought you did. Or is this just me that notices the angst of test day?

As an extremely oratory learner I never really have a hard time in lecture-based classes. Throw me in a lab and I begin to struggle a little, but I can be easily lifted up if given clear, concise instructions. These study tips might not work for you, but they do for me. This is how I tend to study for any test thrown my way.

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