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April 15, 2016

The Importance Dressing Up In College

So let’s talk dressing up in college. Around this time a lot of people’s normal wardrobe goes down the drain. You wear sweats to class, norts (Nike shorts), and your hair is almost always in a bun. Sometimes dressing down for class can be good. Today I am going to tell you why dressing up in college, especially during the final countdown, can be the best thing.

 The Importance of Dressing Up In College | Dressing up in college is very important to showcase how much you care about your classes and to prepare you for the real world. Click through to learn more about why you should dress up for class in college.

I never really got the dressing down in college memo, even as a freshman. I never quite felt comfortable rocking pajamas or a lazy bun unless I was doing something for spirit (my first year of college my residence hall had a spirit week where we had a different theme each day.) Dressing up in college is so easy and today I am going to share with you a cute outfit and the reasons why you need to dress up.

You need to treat college like a career

In your future career you would never spend the last month before the end of the year or before summer dressing in sweats. It’s just not practical. While some say that you should use this last bit of time before you become an official adult to stop dressing up, in my opinion that’s just not right. Dressing up will get you in the mindset so the transition from college to the adult world won’t be so bad. I am not saying dress up to the nines and wear heels to class (that won’t work on most college campuses) but you can dress up and wear flats or a nice pair of boots in the winter time. When I wear dresses I will often wear boots or flats and bring a pair of tennis shoes in my backpack for ultimate comfort. 

Dressing up makes you feel good

I don’t know about you, but when I wear a super cute dress or blouse I feel a million times better. I feel put together. I feel like I can take on the world. Dressing up is soothing for me. I find that when I take the time to get up and get dressed that sets the mood for my day. If I look good I feel good and that sets up the day to be a million times more productive than if I were just to be in my sweats all day. This sets up every hour of class to be as productive as my outfit makes me.

Dressing up makes you stand out

We all want to stand out a little more in our classes or with our classmates. Dressing up does just that. Most people around this time of year will be dressing down and wearing sweats to class, but you will be wearing a cute sundress. This will help you look more professional and will set you up to a path of greatness. Just by taking a few minutes in the morning to wear nice clothes, do your hair, maybe put on some makeup (although that’s totally not required, I normally don’t wear makeup.) Paying attention to what you wear will help you out so much.

The happy guide to dressing up in college

Here are my tips for making sure that you stand out in all the right ways when you dress up in college. 

Wear Your Outfit for a few minutes Before you leave

Okay, so sometimes, you gotta change it up and rock your outfit around the house for a few minutes. I love the dress in these pictures but it’s definitely not a dress I see myself wearing to class. This dress is a little shorter and a little tighter than I would generally like my outfits to be so I probably wouldn’t feel very comfortable wearing this for long periods of time in an academic setting. Going out for drinks with friends, yes, but definitely not class. So I would say that even if something looks good on you and makes you love it when you put it on, wear it a while around the house before you go. Are you tugging and pulling? Chances are this will not make you feel good about yourself throughout the day so you need to go for something that makes you confident.


My #1 tip to dressing up is to accessorize. You can start so many fun conversations with people around accessories. The other day I wore a pretty tassel necklace from Purple Peridot and someone stopped and asked about my necklace when I was in line for coffee. Accessories can make your outfit and give you an extra boost of confidence too.

Dresses aren’t the only way to dress up

You don’t have to be pigeonholed to just rocking a dress when you want to dress up. Not only are there various types of dresses, but there are also skirts, dress pants, and endless blouses. I love a good blouse and dress pants combo (mainly because I can get away with rocking my Nike Roshe Runs and still look and feel put together.) Dressing up doesn’t have to be super frilly and uncomfortable, it can be just as comfortable as wearing jeans and a t-shirt. 

Don’t underestimate the power of a blouse and dark wash skinny jeans either. You can still look as put together with jeans on, it’s all about how you rock it. 

Do you dress up in college? What is your go to outfit?

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March 11, 2016

Never Let The World Change Your Smile

Today on the blog I am going to talk about an issue I think that all optimists and happy people have to face eventually. People’s reaction to your optimistic take on life. One quote that I adore is “Let your smile change the world, but never let the world change your smile.” Optimists, you have a special place in the world. Your goal is to be as positive as possible and the world is a whole lot better with you in it. At some points even you get a little upset, and it’s the other optimists in your life that help to ground you and bring you out of your moods. Optimists are important, not only for the world, but for other optimists.

 Never Let The World Change Your Smile | Being happy is an important part of The Happy Arkansan. One of the most important things to being happy is never letting the world dictate your happiness. You can impact the world with your smile, but never let the world dictate your choice to smile.

But let’s be honest, this statement is easier said than done. Sometimes it’s hard to not let the world change your smile. You could be having the best day and hear something and your day is completely shattered. In those times I really only offer this advice:

Breathe out negative energy, and breathe in positive energy.

How exactly can you do that? My rule is just to talk. The longer you keep that negative energy inside, the less positive your day will be. My go to is to call my sister. She is one of the only people in the world I feel comfortable being 100% myself with, and she has seen me at my most negative (and most times my most positive.) She helps balance me and center me back to if not my rosy self, at least way more neutral. She gets my personality and can tell when things aren’t quite right and I just need to vent which is great for me.

So what do you do when you don’t have that person? My answer is to write or talk it out (yes, I am encouraging you to talk to yourself.) Sometimes my sister is busy and she can’t get to the phone right away. I understand that, and I know that I am sometimes too busy as well. So when those moments hit, I usually write it down or talk it out. Sometimes I record myself, play it back, and really see what my thoughts are. Writing and talking for me are just a way to get out my feelings and when I can actually get my feelings on paper/into the air–that’s when the real magic and healing can happen.

So by now I hope you all have been following me on Instagram because today I am on Day Eleven of my positivity month on Instagram. This has been getting a lot of great feedback and I am so excited about that. It has been such an uplifting experience for me as well as my followers on Instagram and I have been loving spreading the positivity. I love gathering the quotes and finding myself down a Pinterest Positivity rabbit hole when I batch write my posts for the series. It has seriously been such a great experience thus far and I’d love to know your opinions on it thus far.

This outfit was pretty simple. This dress absolutely steals the show and I couldn’t not get this dress as it was such a steal on sale at Gwynnie Bee for $20. Unfortunately that sale is over now, but this super sweet Karen Kane dress can be easily found with a quick Google search for Karen Kane Metallic Knit Dress. I would give you a direct link to the dress, but I want you to be able to comparison shop through different websites if you decided that this dress is for you. Warning: it is a bit itchy in the arms, but it’s beautiful in every other way. I thought this would be perfect for any special occasion like dinner or New Years.

What is your go to look for special occasions?