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November 15, 2017

How Greeks Can Stop The Destruction Of Greek Life On Campus

So, I was going to share another article today, but I personally just had to write up this opinion piece today. Yesterday a Twitter moment showed up on my Twitter feed. This moment stated, “Is this the end of Greek life on college campuses?

This breaks my heart.

As a proud alumna of Sigma Sigma Sigma, I couldn’t imagine my collegiate experience without my sorority. I have always been outspoken on my blog about my anti-hazing stance. It’s frustrating that some members of the Greek community don’t share this stance with me.

Today, I wanted to reach out to others in this community (new members, members, and alumnae alike) to share my personal thoughts on this and provide some solutions.

Not only should we chat about hazing but also the other things happening that are giving our organizations a bad name. It’s not just the hazing, it’s the insensitive parties, the underage drinking, and general negative experiences.

Colleges and college presidents are left wondering, “Is Greek life on our campus really worth it?”

So many people think that these things shouldn’t concern them if their organization isn’t doing anything wrong, but you definitely should. Before I joined Tri Sigma I knew nothing about the Greek alphabet. Now that I am not in college anymore, all the Greek letters are starting to blend together if it’s not a Sigma or something really obvious like an Alpha or a Tau. Unless you can read the Greek alphabet, it’s all Greek to you.

Bad sororities and fraternities impact EVERY GREEK ORGANIZATION. It doesn’t matter if you are a nationally recognized organization or a local one. You are impacted by what is happening. Having one bad organization on campus can impact every organization on campus, especially if Greek life gets shut down because of them.

How Greeks Can Stop The Destruction Of Greek Life On Campus | Is this the end of Greek life on college campuses? A Twitter moment question that sparked a fire and a sadness in me. I have been a member of a Greek organization for almost six years and I want to share my two cents about how Greeks can stop this fate. Click through for my op-ed about stopping the destruction of Greek life on campus.

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