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November 15, 2017

How Greeks Can Stop The Destruction Of Greek Life On Campus

So, I was going to share another article today, but I personally just had to write up this opinion piece today. Yesterday a Twitter moment showed up on my Twitter feed. This moment stated, “Is this the end of Greek life on college campuses?

This breaks my heart.

As a proud alumna of Sigma Sigma Sigma, I couldn’t imagine my collegiate experience without my sorority. I have always been outspoken on my blog about my anti-hazing stance. It’s frustrating that some members of the Greek community don’t share this stance with me.

Today, I wanted to reach out to others in this community (new members, members, and alumnae alike) to share my personal thoughts on this and provide some solutions.

Not only should we chat about hazing but also the other things happening that are giving our organizations a bad name. It’s not just the hazing, it’s the insensitive parties, the underage drinking, and general negative experiences.

Colleges and college presidents are left wondering, “Is Greek life on our campus really worth it?”

So many people think that these things shouldn’t concern them if their organization isn’t doing anything wrong, but you definitely should. Before I joined Tri Sigma I knew nothing about the Greek alphabet. Now that I am not in college anymore, all the Greek letters are starting to blend together if it’s not a Sigma or something really obvious like an Alpha or a Tau. Unless you can read the Greek alphabet, it’s all Greek to you.

Bad sororities and fraternities impact EVERY GREEK ORGANIZATION. It doesn’t matter if you are a nationally recognized organization or a local one. You are impacted by what is happening. Having one bad organization on campus can impact every organization on campus, especially if Greek life gets shut down because of them.

How Greeks Can Stop The Destruction Of Greek Life On Campus | Is this the end of Greek life on college campuses? A Twitter moment question that sparked a fire and a sadness in me. I have been a member of a Greek organization for almost six years and I want to share my two cents about how Greeks can stop this fate. Click through for my op-ed about stopping the destruction of Greek life on campus.

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June 26, 2013

The Importance of Greek Unity

I honestly didn’t plan to put so many Greek life post during the month of June. I had a schedule I was going off of, but then I decided to just dump the schedule and pick whatever I thought was a good topic that week. This week I want to discuss the importance of Greek unity. This is oh so important for the students going through formal recruitment this fall.

 The Importance Of Greek Unity | Often when women and men are going through the process of picking their sorority or fraternity, they don't think of Greek life as a bigger process and something that is larger than them. Greek unity is so important for collegiate students to understand and follow. Click through for my advice and why I think Greek unity is so important.

When you go through recruitment and pick your favorite house you aren’t automatically just done with the other organizations in Greek life.

As soon as you accept a bid from your favorite sorority or fraternity you join many different communities. You join your organization at the local and national level and you also join Greek life at your school as well as Greek life all across the nation and even world. The letters that bind you to your sisters locally and nationally also join you to wearers of Greek letters everywhere. Being associated with Greek letters not only helps you at home, but it also helps you anywhere you decide to go. It’s extremely important that you realize the importance of Greek unity, but also what Greek unity isn’t.

A phrase that floats around Greek life and ends up being placed on many a Panhellenic recruitment t-shirt is,

“No matter the letter we are all Greek together.”

This could not be more true. You may be in different sororities, you may do different activities, have different charities, and have different people joining your sorority—but at the end of the day we are all Greek life and we are all aiming toward the same things. Whether it be creating sisterly/brotherly bonds or raising awareness and money for our charities; we are doing the exact same things but we just have different ways of going about it.

The Greek life community is strong at schools.

Greeks often support each other by attending events hosted by other Greeks, having socials with each other, and even something as simple as speaking at each other’s chapter meetings. Greek life at your school will more than likely try to make these bonds stronger by hosting events like Greek Weekend or an all Greek step show.

Overall I would say not to burn bridges in Greek life.

It’s so easy to trash talk a house you didn’t get into during formal recruitment or to just be rude to women in other chapters once you join. Try not to do this as it fosters bad relations among sororities, and the same goes for fraternities. Also, it’s just not a nice thing to do. There are a number of reasons why you were placed in the house in which you were placed so there is no point to poking fun at other sororities and no good can come of it. You should be able to appreciate your own sisterhood/brotherhood without making fun of other chapters on your campus. People in Greek life will fall where they are supposed to go, so spreading rumors and being catty for no reason are not worth it and it doesn’t make you look good. People join for the sisterhood/brotherhood so how can they believe you have it if you don’t show it.

Greek unity isn’t bashing non-Greeks.

Greek life isn’t the only way to be involved in campus and in life. Calling people who chose not to associate themselves with Greek letters GDIs or rude names is honestly bratty and rude. Not everyone wants Greek life to be a part of their collegiate experience and that should be respected. There are so many things to be actively involved with on campus. Making fun of people not involved in Greek life should not be a way to tighten the bonds of Greek life.

Ultimately Greek unity is important because it gives you options.

It gives you the options to make many more connections and reach outside of your group of sorority/fraternity friends. Having connections with other sororities and fraternities allows your organization to grow and blossom and bottom line it allows you to grow and blossom. You may not be super mega best friends with people outside of your Greek letter organization but you can at least make an effort to have acquaintances in other organizations. You would be surprised at what could come of it.

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June 12, 2013

Sorority Life and Why It’s a Great Way to be Awesome

Sororities get a pretty bad name sometimes. Sorority stereotypes flood the minds of young girls and sometimes sororities are just known as an expensive way to make friends and party. Sorority women do so much more than the things we are given credit for. I am here to let you in on the actual ins and outs of sorority life. With sorority season fast approaching I am going to give some solid reasons to the benefits of sorority life and joining a sorority.

“When your letters are in front of you, your sisters are behind you.”

 Sorority Life & Why It's A Great Way To Be Awesome | Are you struggling with letting your friends and family know about sorority life and why sororities are good organizations to join? Click through for my five reasons why sororities are awesome.

Sorority Members Become Your School Family

If you move far away from home visiting your family every weekend is not possible for you. Having a sisterhood at your school becomes important because it gives you a tie to the school you love and it gives you something to be a part of. Having a ton of sisters helps you stay grounded and sisters can give the best advice.

Sorority Life Offer A Ton Of Opportunities

Being a member of a sorority can offer you a lot of opportunities that you would not otherwise have. From leadership roles that would be harder to get if they were advertised to the entire campus, to great relationships like bigs and littles, to even having access to cheaper tickets to certain campus events being Greek helps a ton. The networking possibilities are endless between sorority members, sorority alumnae, and even other sororities it’s hard not to make connections when you are a member of even the smallest sorority. Also people from around campus are likely to stop by sorority meetings to broadcast organizations and events where you will have the opportunity to ask that person questions while they are there or after they leave.

Sororities Have Strong Academic Support Groups

It has been shown that Greeks overall do better than their non-Greek counterparts when it comes to grades. It is not because we take fewer classes or any of the stereotypes, it is because each sorority puts heavy emphasis on education. To be a member of most sororities a 2.5 must be maintained even after you become an initiated member. Some sororities may have even higher requirements than that. Most sororities also require a certain number of library hours so if you take them seriously you are more likely to get great grades.

Sorority Life Allows You To Be Mentored and Be A Mentor

Big/Little relationships are important when it comes to Greek life. Becoming a member allows you to have a great mentor and become that mentor to someone else in return. These are your bridesmaids and biggest supporters. The relationships you make in Greek life are truly extraordinary.

Past the big/little relationship mentors and women to mentor are literally all around you in Greek life. I have met some of the most amazing women to look up to while being Greek and the most amazing women I know I will make a big difference in the world. You don’t have to be Greek related to the women in your sorority to form these mentor/mentee relationships.

Sorority Life Helps You Impact Your Community

Sororities do a ton of community service each year. From hosting events to raise money for a cause to selling cookie dough to adopting a highway your sorority will be uber involved in the community around you. You will be able to work closely with community projects and see how much of a difference you make. One time I passed out gummy bears to runners at a race for a bit of sugar in the final stretch and it’s so amazing how something that small can affect people because during and afterwards I heard some amazing stories of how the gummy bears actually helped them through the race!

There are so many more advantages to sorority life. There are more stereotypical advantages, but I will not get into length with those. You can be any kind of person you want to be in a sorority. If you want to be the girl who likes a party you can be that, or if you want to be the girl who stays in on a Thursday night to do homework you can be that too. If you are interested in learning more about Panhellenic sorority life, or even sorority life in general check out The Sorority Life, and if you are interested in giving your parents some information check out Sorority Parents.