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May 4, 2016

How To Deal When You Feel Overwhelmed

This weekend I made the trek to Memphis, TN to enjoy what I thought would be a great concert and time at Memphis in May’s Beale Street Music Festival. This great event happens on the first weekend of every May and a ton of different bands and musicians come to Memphis to play. When I got there though, I completely froze, and got super overwhelmed. Today on the blog I am sharing how to deal when you feel overwhelmed. 

 How To Deal When You Feel Overwhelmed | Sometimes life puts you in situations where too many things are going on at once. Click through to learn my tips on what to do when you are in a situation that feels like it is too much for you.

I am not usually overwhelmed by concerts. I am overwhelmed by many social situations, but I am usually super selective about the concerts that I attend and I make sure that I have a reason to go. I had been to the Beale Street Music Festival before, back in 2008, and I went to see my all-time favorite band My Chemical Romance. There was no way I was leaving that place then (although I did end up leaving the crowd and standing on the outskirts during the My Chemical Romance show because the pit became really uncomfortable for me.)

This week was a bit rough for me, I had bought my ticket, but I was beginning to get comfortable with the fact that I probably wouldn’t be going because that’s all that I had. Then I got the chance to go, and I am not going to lie, when push came to shove on Saturday morning I didn’t really feel all that up to it. I went ahead (and right before me and my dad left the hotel room for the Beale Street I told him my feelings) and I cycled between getting excited about the event to not wanting to go. We got to the event when the doors were supposed to open, and low and behold, the concert was postponed due to electrical issues.

So me and my dad went back to Beale Street (which was overwhelming in it’s own right with a million people wanting us to accept Jesus Christ, buy their rainboots, and buy their CDs) to get some food before the show. We ate, enjoyed Beale Street a bit, and then got back to Tom Lee Park–where people had lined up over a mile because of the delayed start. My nerves were already being tested, and I didn’t know if going in was worth it.

Going in, for me, was no better unfortunately. There was so much going on, my body physically felt ill in a way. There was so much random music, way too many people harassing you to check out their vendor tents, it was muddy and slippery and I didn’t have good shoes for the park, and overall it was just not a great experience.

I would love to say that I toughed it out and stuck through it, but I didn’t and I don’t feel guilty about it. Sometimes it’s cool to stick through it and learn, but sometimes it’s okay to remove yourself from a stressful situation.

you don’t need to feel guilty about putting yourself and your needs first.

I think the biggest thing I learned on how to deal when you are feeling overwhelmed is to listen to your body. What is your body saying to you? What does it need? Can it handle you trying to test it to make it stronger? Do you need to make your body an example right now? You can do anything you put your mind to, but you don’t always have to live outside of your comfort zone.

I am a big believer in challenging yourself, but I am also a big believer in listening to yourself.

You have to strike a balance between the two in my book. Don’t be afraid to sit down when your body tells you to sit, and stand when your body tells you to stand. Get out there, and if you want to stop, stop. Simple as that. 

I wish I could tell you some crazy awesome story about how I overcame my feelings of overwhelm to conquer the world one noisy festival at a time, but that story would be a lie. Truth is, I stayed in the blues tent for a while, before I went back to Beale Street and watched random street performances and got a picture of random Elvis statute.

This is my life, and I am not perfect. Sometimes I wish I could handle large groups of people better, but sometimes it’s really hard for me to focus in that level of chaos. Know your body, know your limits, try to exceed them, but love yourself even if you can’t.

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July 9, 2013

College Transitions: Keeping Up With Your Schedule

One of the biggest difference between high school and college? The schedule and how crazy it can be. There is so much to do: classes to go to, friends to hang out with, clubs to join that it can be super crazy and hectic on you and your planner. Here are my tips on everything you need to know about keeping yourself sane during your freshman year and throughout your collegiate career.

 College Transitions: Keeping Up With Your Schedule | One of the biggest transitions that college students face is dealing with their new schedule and freedom. Click through for five tips to help you transition to college and understand your new schedule without going crazy.

Learn to say no

This is the biggest tip. I will give you a pep talk about saying no next week that will probably include some clever ways to say no, but for now, you need to learn to say no. There will be a million things you want to do, but you can only do maybe one or two of those things (depending on the tasks) but hopefully one if you are devoting your full attention to whatever you
are doing.

Learn the difference between doing something and “doing” something

Ahh quotation marks you change the simplest word into something else entirely. If you are studying your are very engaged with the material and you are working really hard to pay attention to what you are learning about, but if you are “studying” you are not focused, probably snap chatting the cutie in the class you are studying for, and watching Vlogbrothers on Youtube. Make sure you know when you are studying versus “studying” and that you are correcting yourself if you are doing a bit too much “studying.” You are much more productive when you are studying and you will get done studying a lot faster so you can go out and enjoy life with friends.

Limit the amount of clubs you join

I know that you want to join at least 50 over the 200+ organizations your school has but limit that. In college it’s not about the amount of clubs you have joined, but what you did in those clubs. High school clubs can be so superficial, but in college you can actually make a lot of difference. Joining Student Government gives you the chance to actually govern over parts of your campus; being in a sorority/fraternity gives you the chance to host events, meet people. and donate real money to charities; being a member of a political organization allows you to meet real elected officials or ones that want to be elected and campaign for them or hear them speak; being an Ambassador your campus allows you to meet real perspective students and show them around your campus, and so on and so forth. College clubs will take up considerably more time than high school clubs so make sure you are ready for it.

Keep a weekly to-do list

Each Sunday write down all the meetings you have, major assignments due, and any fun activities you know you want to do. Keep it on your desk each week and even break it down by day so you can see where all your to-dos are in terms of days. Mark off each done item as you complete it for a better look at your schedule each week.

Make classes mandatory…not optional

You go to college, first, to get an education. The clubs you get to join and friends you get to make are important to keeping you at college, but don’t let them take priority over going to class. If you have that type of mentality, you won’t be at college long. You have to make the grades to stay in school so make sure you are making the grades by going to class. Don’t treat class like an option and go to class. If you are sick that is one thing, but skipping for the sake of it will not help you in the end. Go to class.

These are my tips on how to effectively keep up with your schedule as you get to college. I hope these helped you out and as always if you have.

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July 6, 2013

Reader Question: Finding Motivation

I am here to answer another reader question and I am sorry to xochrissaymariexo for taking so unbearably long to get to your question. With the new month I completely blanked, and I would blame yolo, but it’s completely my fault. Anyway, here are my ideas for finding motivation when you are pretty sure you there is no motivation left to have!

 Reader Question: Finding Motivation | Finding motivation in college can be very difficult for students, but it doesn't have to be. Click through for five tips that are helpful for finding your motivation in college even when you don't think you have any.

Set goals

A lot of motivation-less happens when you aren’t sure what your goals are. Take a few minutes each week to write down your weekly goals and go over your long term goals. Make sure that at least some of your short term goals are helping you reach your long term goals. Knowing that you are making progress is instantly one of the best motivators in the world.

Make a jar of love/inspiration notes to yourself

Sit down before school starts and get a mason jar and some really tiny scraps of paper. Right down a ton of inspirational sayings and things that make you happy. Highlight your best and worst features in a positive light and get yourself motivated. Not only will this give you a boost while you are writing them, but when you sit down at your desk to study later during the semester and you just can’t get motivated you can pull out your jar of inspiration and get motivated all over again!

Strive to be around people who motivate you

If you hang around a lot of motivational people, you will be more motivated! Try to let go of the people who constantly put you down, and hang around people who are positive role models in your life. Everyone has flaws, but don’t let the flaws of people bring you down. Study with people who motivate you to be a better person, and when you feel deflated look to those people for a helping hand. You can get a whole motivation group together of people to inspire each other and have faith in each other. It can be your group of best friends or classmates. If you have people who believe in you, you are more likely to be motivated to succeed.

Collages work wonders

This is an idea that is in every single post ever made about motivation, but collages are a wonderful way to get organized and motivated. Whether you make one for your computer background so it’s the first thing you see when you open up your computer or you make one for your walls collages are the perfect way to get motivated. My only tip is that if you are using collages for workout purposes use healthy role models. You can use collages for a number of different things. Want to graduate, get a bunch of pretty grad cap pictures from the internet, pictures of graduations, and the like and make a collage. Want to be a better artist grab all your favorite art pieces from the internet and make a collage with them. Want to be a better cook, grab all the tasty looking dishes you can find and make a collage with those images! Collages can be motivational in so many ways.

Don’t be afraid to take a step back

Motivation can be a bit hard to come by sometimes, and it sucks. Don’t be afraid to take a small break for an hour and get your mind together. Take a coffee break, a thirty minute nap, a walk around the house, or do some laundry. Take a kit kat break and come back at it re-charged. Sometimes to get motivation you need to step back and get the full picture again.

I hope these tips helped anyone who is feeling a little less motivated lately. Thanks again to xochrissymariexo for this wonderful question.