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June 12, 2018

I Tried Freshly For Two Weeks: This Is My Honest Review

Note: This post contains affiliate links.

I am a girl that loves to eat. Recently on the blog, I shared my review of the service Dinnerly with you, and I absolutely love it as a meal kit. It’s so inexpensive, and you get a lot of food in each box.

For this post, I wanted to circle back to a box I had tried in the past but decided to stop using halfway through a week. This post is not sponsored by Freshly in any way, mainly because I have had my qualms with the box in the past and I didn’t even want to try to reach out to see if the company would send over a few boxes.

In 2016, I tried Freshly, and I couldn’t get over one meal in particular. You can probably guess that I won’t be featuring that meal in today’s post. It was their Roasted Turkey with Quinoa Stuffing meal. I HATED IT. I was so excited to try it because I remember getting the box a few weeks before Thanksgiving break in graduate school. I wanted to get a head start on eating Thanksgiving foods. It was a severe disappointment for me.

Well, after hearing about Freshly a lot over the past few years, I decided to let it redeem itself.

I decided to try the meals again to see if I would like or love them. I needed a bit of a break from my normal lunch foods of ramen, burritos, sandwiches, or random concoctions I whipped together in the kitchen (I created a taco bowl once with roasted black beans, tortilla strips, chicken, and barbecue sauce that was fiyah!) I eat great for dinner, I swear, but my lunch leaves something to be desired y’all.

So, without further ado…let’s get to chatting about Freshly.

I Tried Freshly For Two Weeks: This Is My Honest Review | There are so many food subscription services out there that claim to make your life easier. Today on The Happy Arkansan, I am doing a deep dive into the service Freshly for my readers to learn more about the meal subscription service with the three minute microwavable meals. #Freshly #GetFreshly #FreshlyReview #MealKit #MealKitReview

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January 3, 2018

8 Phrases To Abandon In 2018

The English language is filled with tons of great words, but there are certain words that we should abandon in 2018 so that we can live a fuller, richer life. You will slip up on the road to being intentional about what you say, but it is important to start somewhere. Here are some phrases that we should all abandon this year.

8 Phrases To Abandon In 2018 | What do you tell yourself and others every day? Do you get mixed up in sorries, LOLs, or can'ts? If so, this post is for you. In this blog I am sharing the 8 phrases you need to abandon in 2018 so you can have a happier, healthier year.

1. LOL or JK After Something You Are Serious About

If you say something, own up to it.  I love letting people know when I am joking, but if I am not, there is no need to be put LOL or JK after what you say to soften the blow. Your friends will not like it when you say, “your cats are gross,” but if you believe that, own up to it. Do not say, “your cats are gross LOL” just to lighten the mood. That won’t do any good for you or your friend. Your friend’s cat is gross, let them know that.

If you don’t truly believe it, then yes, add a LOL or a JK. On the other hand, if you do believe it, let the “your cat is gross,” comment hang in the air. Don’t stifle its potential with a fake internet laugh. When you add a JK or an LOL the comment loses its original meaning. Your friend won’t clean up after their gross cat because they thought you were joking. Now you still have to put up with a gross cat and your friend does not know their cat is gross. What good came from your original comment?

2. Does That Make Sense?

When you say, “does that make sense?” I begin to question whether or not what you said makes sense. Instead of asking if what you just said makes sense, own it. It obviously makes sense. You took your time to carefully explain what you had to say. If someone has a question, they can ask the question. Do not assume that people have a question.

You are a talented, intentional boss babe who makes sense all the time. Own that.

3. No, I’m Not ___

No, I’m not smart. No,  I’m not funny. No, I’m not gorgeous.

All these things have something in common. Someone told you something that you are, and you told them that you are the opposite of that.

Stop that.

If someone is giving you a compliment, take it. Be unapologetic about it. When someone tells you that you are smart, or funny, or pretty take the compliment (within reason of course, sometimes people who give compliments can be v. creepy.)

The more you take compliments, the more you will internalize those compliments. You will begin to think: Of course, I’m smart, pretty, and funny. This will be a great and welcome change from not thinking those things about yourself.

People don’t just give out compliments like funnel cakes at a state fair. They are selective about the compliments they give. Don’t assume they tell everyone that, assume you are the the best person they ever met!

4. I Can’t Do ___

Yes, you can do it, you just don’t know how to yet.

If someone gives you a task that they think you can handle. Attempt it.

Yes, it will be a long and bumpy road at first, but you will get the handle of the tasks you are given.

For example, I am a freelancer writer. I am often writing articles that I don’t have a 100% understanding of. In fact, the other day someone asked me to write an article about omnichannel marketing. At first I said to myself, “Omnichannel marketing, who dat?” in a very Mindy Kaling from The Mindy Project and Gina Linetti from Brooklyn Nine-Nine-esque fashion.

I was excited to work for this client, though, so I took to my best friend Google and YouTube to watch videos and read articles to learn more about what omnichannel marketing was. At the end of this, I knew I wasn’t an omnichannel marketing expert, but I also knew that I would be able to write a great introduction to ominichannel marketing.

You can do more than you know. You may not have that skill outright, but if you focus, research, and stop thinking about what you can’t do, you will surprise yourself with what you can do.

5. I Think ___

Do you remember in school when you would say “I think ___” and a teacher would follow up with, “Do you think, or do you know?”

The same concept applies here with why you need to abandon this phrase in 2018.

You are confident, you are knowledgeable, your opinion is informed.

You should not have to qualify your thoughts with, “I think ___.”

Girl, you know!

6. I’m Sorry I ___

Don’t be sorry. Do better.

Instead of being sorry, make better choices so you have less to be sorry about.

It’s okay to be genuinely sorry when the moment is right. It’s not cool to be a jerk.

But I know that, as women, we throw around the word sorry far too much.

  • You got in someone’s way on the sidewalk. Sorry.
  • You interrupted someone who was speaking. Sorry.
  • You don’t have a pencil that someone else needs to borrow because they didn’t bring their own. Sorry.

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

Yes, if you said a nasty thing to a friend when you were tired, say sorry. You also need to realize when you are saying sorry for unnecessary reasons. Take a page from Queen Bey’s handbook:

7. I Wish I Could ___

The things that you wish you could do are often the things that you can do if you took the time to do them.

Instead of saying I wish I could, think about how you can plan and accomplish the things you wish you could do.

Do you wish you could take a trip? Think about how you can save money or take a trip with a friend so you can split the bill. Then put that plan into action.

Do you wish you could help someone with their homework? See what their homework is about before you say, “Sorry, I wish I could help!” You can probably rearrange your schedule, help them out, and get your work done later.

Do you wish you could start a blog? Instead of wishing, start the process of starting a blog. There are SO many resources out there, and I even have an entire blog dedicated to offering advice to aspiring and new bloggers!

Don’t wish you could do anything, just do it.

8. I’m Not Sure But ___

If you are not sure, why are you offering advice?

Going to be harsh here for a second, but no one gets value from shaky advice.

Come back when you are sure about what you are saying!

Practice saying what you want to say instead of giving a qualifier to it.

Stand behind what you believe.

Stand behind what you know.


2018 is all about growth, y’all! Getting rid of these phrases will help you grow this year. Be confident, keep it classy, and shine brighter than the sun this year. When we are intentional about what we say, we all rise to bigger and better levels.

Which of these phrases are you abandoning in 2018?

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December 6, 2017

10 Things I Have Loved Lately

I wanted to take some time today to share a few things I have loved as of late. I am sharing things across so many different categories from music to products to ideas (if you will.) I am not sure how often I will create a blog post like this, but I think it will be cool to share with you what I have loved in hopes that you find something cool to do or listen to.

 10 Things I Have Loved Lately | Take a peek into my life to learn some of the music, products, and ideas I have been loving lately. I am sharing everything from music genres to makeup products so if you are looking for something new, this post is for you!

1. Alternative R&B

Spotify, coming through big time with this one. One night I was on Spotify looking for some music, I happened across a playlist called Alternative R&B, and I fell in love. It’s as amazing as it sounds, y’all. I am going to share this playlist down below with y’all so you can hear the amazingness of this playlist. It’s everything I could ever want from music and more. I have spent a large chunk of the last month jamming out to this playlist and discovering new Alternative R&B artists.

Speaking of:

2. Jamila Woods’ Album HEAVN

Jamila Woods is one of the people I discovered while I have been on my Alternative R&B kick. You guys, this album is everything. I have been sharing snippets with y’all on social media (specifically Instagram.) Here are a few of my favorite tracks from the album (although, I encourage you to listen to the ENTIRE thing)

  • Lonely
  • In My Name
  • BLK Girl Soldier
  • LSD

I mean, I could go on to list the entire album, and honestly, I almost did. It’s such a great piece of musical art, y’all.

3. My Favorite Desk Lamp From Amazon

This desk lamp is only $30, but it packs some serious punch, y’all. Earlier this year I was looking for the perfect desk lamp to go in my office because the old one that I found around the house was constantly going out and distracting me. I happened across this one while shopping for desk lamps and it has been an excellent small investment for me.

Why is this desk lamp so great? Simply because it has so many features to fit my lifestyle. It has different color temperatures that I can adjust throughout the day depending on the strain my eyes are currently having, and it also has a ton of brightness options. It is also adjustable in many ways at the base and at the light source itself. You can point it down at what you are doing, up towards the sky, or away from you. It is so freaking amazing. On top of that, it has a USB port built in so you can charge your phone or tablet from it!

There are some downsides, though. While it is well made, it is also very lightweight. If you want to adjust the light in any way, you are probably going to have to hold on to it, so it has some support to move. Also, every blue moon the device goes out for no apparent reason, but this has happened only a handful of times since I started using this lamp in October. Lastly, sometimes the controls can get sensitive if you have stuff like computer wires going over them. They are touch controls, obviously, so a touch from a stray wire may trigger them throughout your work session at your desk.

4. Creating Inspirational Pinterest Quotes

Recently I downloaded this huge pack of fonts from Creative Market, and I have been having so much fun using the fonts to create little Pinterest quotes. I link them back to The Happy Arkansan and share them on my Inspiration Pinterest board. I have loved the response to them. I started doing this at the end of November and one of my Pinterest quotes from this time has been pinned to 186 boards!

Here are a few of the Pinterest quotes I have been making:

5. Buying All The Books

I have been purchasing a ton of books lately. I need to get into reading more and taking time to read every day though; I am still not the best at reading every day. Normally, I will have a lot of spurts of heavy reading followed by no reading at all. If you have any suggestions for making yourself read every day, share them, please!

Here are some books I have been purchasing lately:

6. Adoring Fall Leaves

I am obsessed with fall leaves right now. There are still some excellent colors all around here in Arkansas, and I have been thoroughly enjoying getting to see them all fall. The only sad part to fall in Arkansas is how barren everything looks after a while. There are a few nice evergreen trees here and there, but after a while, I will have to be relegated to taking all my photos near brick walls/murals and away from nature because there won’t be much nature to take pictures within the next few weeks.

7. Writing Content For Days

I have been writing SO much content y’all. This week I am trying to write more content than ever before. In a perfect world, I want a month full of content written by the end of this week. I know that seems like a massive undertaking, but if I could get this month’s content done and over with, that would help me out SO much for the rest of the year. Then I could focus on creating content for January, securing sponsored posts, and writing more of the e-book I am writing. In the last week, I have probably written about 10,000+ words. I don’t keep up with the count, but I know it’s no small number. The editing article from Monday was 3,000 words by itself!

8. Focus Keeper Pro

If you have been following me for a while you know, I am obsessed with the Pomodoro technique. I have fallen back in love lately because I needed to get so much writing done. I recently upgraded my Focus Keeper app to Focus Keeper Pro, and I LOVE it. With the Focus Keeper Pro app (which is a $1.99 update) you can add so much more customization to your Pomodoro experience. I updated the music of my app a lot. For example, during my Pomodoro sessions I have rain sounds playing, during my short breaks it plays Beyonce’s Formation, and during my long breaks it’s completely silent, so I can do whatever I want during that time. It’s excellent, and my short breaks get me super pumped up.

9. ELF Cosmetics Everything

Another thing I am obsessed with lately is ELF Cosmetics everything. All my makeup is from ELF Cosmetics, and I love so many of their products. Here are a few things I have loved lately:

(Also, if anyone wants to know what’s on my ELF Cosmetics wishlist, it’s this Rose Gold Matte Lip Vault…heavy breathing, y’all!)

10. Dark Colors

If you check out my Instagram lately, you would know that dark colors have been my jam. I am currently doing a campaign with InComm & Walmart where I am wearing a lilac dress, and it’s the lightest shade you have seen on my Instagram in a while. I have just been so obsessed with dark velvet shades, everything burgundy, and black lately.


I have loved on so many things lately. It was so fun to sit down and share some of those things with you. I would love to continue the conversation down in the comments with you. What have you loved lately? I am always looking for new things to enjoy!