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December 25, 2017

10 Positive Habits You Should Implement In The New Year

The New Year is rapidly approaching, and I want to make sure that you are having the best New Year possible today and all this week. I am announcing something special on Wednesday, and today I wanted to start this week of New Year content off right by sharing ten positive habits that I feel we (and I say we because I do not follow all these to a T) should implement in the New Year. You should always be looking to build positive habits, so I hope that this blog post will give you some ideas on habits to form. I do not expect you to follow every single habit, but this post is a good starting point if you want to think about habits you could start in the next few weeks.

 10 Positive Habits You Should Implement In The New Year | The New Year is quickly approaching and I want to make sure that you are living your best life. Today on the blog I am sharing ten positive habits you should implement in the next year so that you can starting creating positive things in your life.

1. Showing Gratitude For What You Have

We are a culture that continuously wants more. It is not necessarily completely our faults; we were born this way! We are taught that once we have one thing, we should always be trying to climb to get the next thing. We never stop and consider the many blessings around us. In the New Year, I want us to show more gratitude for what we already have before we start grabbing at things we do not.

Check in with yourself: do you have clothes on your back, food in your belly, a smartphone probably near your hand? You have so much more than you could ever want for yet you want more? I am not saying that we should not strive for more, but don’t let your many blessings pass you by this year.

2. Making Your Goals Known To Yourself And Others

If you have a goal, don’t make all your moves in silent! It is harder to let go of goals when everyone and their momma knows about them. So, share your goals with a group of close friends and family members. Get those people to help hold you accountable to your goals. Be picky about your goals, though, don’t wish for everything under the sun. Be picky and keep working at that goal in the New Year.

3. Journaling Your Thoughts And Feelings

Journaling is a great way to get your thoughts and feelings out there to something completely unbiased. The air and the paper you are writing on cannot judge you. Make it a habit to journal every few days in the New Year so that you can document your year and get out all the feels you have bottled up.

4. Reading Daily

I am not the best at reading daily, even with the added free time I have since I graduated with my Master’s in August. Reading daily can be an insurmountable challenge when you are in school fulltime, but it is only because we let it be. You do not have to read a million pages a night—you may not even truly read (audiobooks, anyone?) Break up the books that you read. Vow to read a few pages a night or a chapter or so. The more you pick up the habit of reading daily, the faster you will get at it. Daily reading is important, and it helps you destress. Why wouldn’t you want to make this a habit?

5. Keeping Promises That You Make To Yourself

We make SO many promises to ourselves daily. What if we held up our end of the bargain? When we make promises we do not keep, we train our brain not to take ourselves seriously. As much as I am saying this, I do the same thing to my brain. In the New Year, let’s strive to keep and be more selective about the promises that we make.

6. Dressing For Success Most Days

When we put thought and effort into the way that we look, we get many benefits from it. It is hard to dress up 24/7, but you should strive to get dressed up most days of the week. Since I have been working from home, I have fallen victim to wearing just anything, but we should be getting dressed up no matter where we work. In the New Year, I am vowing to be dressier and show up put together most days of the week.

7. Making A Concerted Effort To Meet New People

It is easy to and not to meet new people currently. You can be a complete shut-in and not talk to anyone, or you can meet a new person every minute of every hour you are online. The balancing act we are on right now is so weird. Instead of trying to be a shut-in, though, make more of an effort to get to know the people around you. You will be much happier that way.

8. Get The Right Amount Of Sleep Each Day

We are in a perpetually busy state. We use the “I am so busy” line to neglect the sleep we desperately need. Instead of cutting into the sleep we need, we should focus on being more productive throughout the day so that we can get an adequate amount of sleep at night. Don’t lose sleep just because you were not productive, get some shut-eye and try again in the morning. You cannot be your most productive on little sleep so pick the most important part of the equation—sleep.

9. Asking For Help When You Need It

Yes, I do believe in Googling something if you do not understand it, we could all benefit from trying before we ask. We should also know when it is time to ask for help from the people who know and love us. Try to help yourself, and when that does not work, ask for help. Your first instinct should not be to suffer quietly. People around you want to help you, but they cannot help until you ask them for what you need.

10. Getting A Head Start On Tasks Assigned

It is so easy to say, “if today is not the due date, then today is not the do date,” but that just causes unnecessary stress in your life. Instead of walking around in a perpetual state of stress, get a head start on the assignments that you have to do. Once you start and finish them early, you will feel much better, and you will not have that last-minute stress on your back.


The New Year is bound to be great if you start implementing just a few of these ten positive habits. We should all strive to be better people throughout the year, but the New Year fastly approaching is the perfect reason to start building new habits.

What habits do you hope to form in the New Year?

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June 15, 2017

12 Ways To Be More Positive Today

A few days ago I posted a simple message on Instagram (follow me there if you aren’t already),

The grass is always greener on someone else’s side. It’s also probably pretty filtered so don’t take it at face value. 💕

Today on the blog I want to expand on that thought and tell you how you can add this form of positivity into your life and be just as positive as me. Let’s chat about how to add more positivity to your life in 12 simple ways.

Note: This post contains affiliate links.

12 Ways To Be More Positive Today

Keep Reading, Darling

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April 13, 2016

If Someone Believes In You, Let Them

Often times when someone gives us a compliment, we don’t truly consider what they say. We may say thank you, but in the back of our minds we are secretly trying to negate all of the compliments they are giving us. Today’s post is all about taking that journey to letting someone believe in you.

 If Someone Believes In You, Let Them | Letting people believe in you when you don't believe in yourself can be hard. Click through to learn my tips for letting go and believing people when they believe in you.

I have a problem accepting compliments. There, I said it. I think we all do. We don’t want to be seen as overly confident and we dread saying “I know” to a compliment someone gives us. Compliments and taking those words in to our souls is so important to becoming better, more confident people. Here are my tips for believing in yourself and believing in the compliments that others give you.

Accept Every Compliment

The biggest thing you can do today to let people believe in you is to accept every compliment you are given. Instead of putting down the compliment audibly or in your head just say, “Thank you so much, I really appreciate that.” Don’t say, things like “Well, I’m not sure about that,” or any other things. Be confident. Be succinct. Don’t add any qualifiers to the acceptance of your compliment. They thought that it was important to give you that compliment. You earned that compliment. That compliment is yours.

Fake It Until You Make It

This won’t be easy at first. You might not be able to stop yourself from negating a compliment in your head, but still audibly accept the compliment and move toward a place of acceptance in your soul. You may not be able to do both right away, but the least you can do is look like you accepted the compliment.

Write down every compliment

Did someone say something about you that really made you smile or gave you joy? Write that compliment down. This is your compliment proof. You can write these down and tape them to your mirror or put them in a jar for when you are feeling down. Then in those moments, read those compliments. Those are real, live compliments that someone has given you in the past. You earned those compliments and therefore no matter the day, those are yours to keep and reuse. One thing we did in my sorority when I was in undergrad is we took turns to write down our thoughts about a person and put them in a decorated bag during a retreat. At the end of the retreat we got our bags and were able to go through all of our notes and keep going back to them throughout the semester. So whenever we got down about Greek life we can think of the amazing things our sisters said about us and get excited again. By writing down your compliments, you can go back to them and believe in yourself again.

Know you are capable of more

Above all else, know that you are capable of amazing things. You are capable of more than you know, you just have to get to that point, and then you will be capable of even more. Life is about chasing your dreams and chasing all the things you are capable of in life. The more you chase your capabilities, the more capable you become. Start by chasing a small goal and then chase bigger goals. Start wherever you are in your journey to believing in yourself, and know that you are always capable of believing in yourself more. You are always capable of doing bigger and better things. It’s all about starting the journey forward.

One exercise that I have learned over my years is that when it comes to something that you are really excited about, talk about it like it has already happened. Get yourself in that happy mindset. So, if you are excited about getting a promotion, tell yourself, “Remember that one time I got a promotion and it changed the way that I lived and worked? Remember that time that with my promotion at work I was able to better provide for myself and do more amazing things at work?” If you talk about something like it has already happened, you can really begin to see that thing actually happening,

Final Thoughts

As women we are taught to be shy about our accomplishments. We are never taught to step boldly into the sun and shine our light for all to see. In order to accomplish things we have to believe in ourselves and we have to believe that others believe in us too. When someone says that you are an awesome student or worker, believe them. Take that to heart and do better. Work harder. Be stronger. You are capable of so much, darling.