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June 29, 2018

How To Stop Being Overwhelmed By Your Social Media Options

With the onslaught of IGTV, bloggers and business owners are in an absolute tailspin. There are SO many social media options out there, and it seems like new ones are popping up every day. How can anyone stay up to date with new technology in these conditions? I know it’s tough out there!

Today I am giving bloggers and business owners some tips on how to stop being overwhelmed by social media options. This is geared toward all my followers who blog, but honestly, some of these same principles can be used for anyone who is using social media today (aka everyone!)

 How To Stop Being Overwhelmed By Your Social Media Options | If you are a blogger or business owner in 2018, you know how overwhelming social media can be. I have 10 tips on the blog that will help you kick social media overwhelm to the curb, for good! #SocialMedia #BloggingAdvice #SocialMediaAdvice

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January 26, 2018

31 Things To Post On Your Student Group’s Social Media Pages

Social media is so important for on-campus groups these days. Especially if you are recruiting for a sorority or even a club for your major–social media is where it’s at. You want to utilize social media to connect with your alumnae, members, and potential members. What do you share there, though? Today on the blog I am going to share 31 things you can add to your group’s content calendar today!

Recruiting is a big part of keeping your organization alive, but social media goes far beyond that. It helps showcase to the campus community (and the larger city, state, and nationwide community) that there are student organizations doing amazing things for themselves and their communities.

31 Things To Post On Your Student Group's Social Media Pages | Posting on social media is so important for student groups across the country. Click through for 31 things you can post on social media no  matter what kind of group you have!

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August 2, 2016

How To Create Irresistible Sorority Social Media Profiles

When I left my collegiate sorority days, I took up a National Officer position with my sorority Tri Sigma. I joke that I am basically a Sigma Instagram stalker, and I have seen the amazing things that my sisters across the country have done with their sorority profiles. With recruitment around the corner, you need to understand social media use. This can be helpful for your members as well as your sorority social media chair as you try to craft your sorority’s story online.

How To Create Irresistible Sorority Social Media Profiles | Help your sorority stand out online by following this advice on how to create the best sorority social media profiles.

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May 18, 2016

How To Be A LinkedIn Rockstar

In today’s economy, it is important to have a professional online presence, especially an amazing LinkedIn profile. Companies are using LinkedIn to hire professionals as well as using LinkedIn to get a feel for potential candidates. You want to make sure that the vibe your LinkedIn profile is giving off is hirable and not fireable. On today’s post, I am giving you some of the basics of becoming a LinkedIn rockstar and making sure your profile is up to par with your personality.

How To Be A LinkedIn Rockstar | Do you want to rock LinkedIn? Check out this amazing post featuring the advice you need to know to rock every aspect of your LinkedIn profile from the profile photo to the recommendations section (and more.)

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