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    Tea Drops Review: Why I’m Loving This Innovative Tea Company In 2020

    October 12, 2020 Amanda Cross 5 min read
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    Over the past few months, I've become a bit of a tea lover. Before 2020, I never really drank a lot of tea, but I've needed more energy than ever with my new job, and coffee doesn't do me any favors. Earlier this year, I started using Verb Energy bars. These bars get their caffeine from green tea. After eating those bars and loving them, I decided to get into tea. When I thought about which tea company to try, I remembered all the Tea Drops ads I'd seen. So, I decided to purchase from Tea Drops in July. From the few months I've been getting regular Tea Drops deliveries, I've been nothing but impressed with the company. Today, I wanted to share a Tea Drops review and let you know why I love this innovative tea company.

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    What Are Tea Drops?

    Tea Drops are loose leaf tea that has been ground and compressed into shapes like squares, stars, hearts, and more. These drops can be used to make creating tea super easy. All you need to do is pour some water in a cup, drop a Tea Drop, and then stir. It's super simple. The result is a delicious cup of tea that was simple to make.

    Alternatively, you can do what I do. I typically add the tea first, then pour water over it and stir. I find that pouring water over the tea wakes it up and breaks it up quickly. I've never really tried it the other way around.


    How Much Do Tea Drops Cost?

    Tea Drops are pretty inexpensive.

    You can get 10 Tea Drops in a cute recyclable cylinder for $14.00 ($1.40 per drop.) Or you can get 25 Tea Drops individually wrapped in a burlap sack for $25.50 (1.02 per drop.) If you know you'll want tea delivered regularly, you can save 15% off any price by setting up a subscription every month, two months, or three months.

    You can also buy gift sets like latte kits, boba kits, and samplers. If your new to tea, I suggest starting with a sampler or subscribing to the tea club!

    Tea Drops Tea & Chat Monthly Subscription Box

    I want to spend some time chatting about the Tea Drops Tea & Chat monthly subscription box. This is one of my favorite quarantine purchases! The Tea & Chat monthly box is only $25, and it's delivered at the end of every month. Inside the box, you'll find:

    • 16 teas (4 varieties)
    • A fun themed Q&A
    • Bonus gifts (I got a Karuna face mask, Copper Cow rose pour-over coffee, and mint seeds in my three boxes.)

    Overall, it's a fun box that I look forward to getting every month. I couldn't create a Tea Drops review without talking about this monthly box. It's something that I look forward to every month.


    What Do You Do With Tea Drops?

    Tea Drops are super simple to use. I've made my Tea Drops cold and hot.

    When I make it hot, I use a simple tea kettle to warm up the water and serve my tea in a mug. I don't typically put a lot of excess sugar in my tea. Tea Drops has a bit of sugar already, so you don't need to add a ton. If you're looking for something unsweetened, you can get some of their Tea Sprinkles.

    I recently purchased an iced coffee maker from Mr. Coffee. It makes a single-serve cup of coffee or tea. The iced tea I'm holding in my hand in my Pinterest image is a tea I made using my iced coffee maker. I love iced tea, and I usually only need to use one drop to make good tea in my iced coffee maker.


    My Favorite Teas And Combinations

    If you came to this Tea Drops review to see what my favorite teas and combinations are, let's chat! I know it can be hard to decide what to purchase first when purchasing a new product. I hope that these tips will give you some food for thought as you go through the Tea Drops website.

    My Favorite Teas

    Here are my favorite teas:

    • Chai Spice: This one tastes like fall in a mug. So good!
    • Matcha Green Tea: I didn't know what to expect with this one, but it was delicious.
    • Pumpkin Spice: I've only got to taste this one once because it was a freebie in my monthly tea box. I loved the cute little pumpkin shape, and it tastes like fall.
    • Chocolate Earl Grey: I didn't know what I would think about this tea. It has just the right amount of chocolate in it.
    • Strawberry Shortcake: How can you hate a tea that tastes like strawberries?
    • Orange Cinnamon Roll: This one smells AMAZING, and it's just like the name implies. It takes like a cinnamon roll with a hint of orange.
    • Ginger Peach Cobbler: I like peach cobbler, and I love this tea.

    My Favorite Combinations

    One of the best things about Tea Drops is the fact that you can create combinations with your tea. I typically like to pair a caffeinated tea with a decaffeinated tea. I don't like to get too rowdy when drinking tea, after all. I'm still learning about combinations. Here are some of my favorites so far:


    What Do You Do About The Tea Sediment?

    You may have heard about the sediment that Tea Drops teas produce. Tea Drops are essentially ground up tea leaves compressed into cute shapes. Once the Tea Drop dissolves into the water, it's going to leave a few traces of sediment behind. The sediment isn't always easy to drink, especially if you get to the bottom and have a bunch of sediment and only a bit of tea left.

    Sometimes I make Tea Drops in a single-serve coffee maker, which keeps the grounds in the coffee maker while still getting that delicious tea flavor.

    If you want to make tea like normal, though, make sure you are consistently stirring while drinking the tea. This will help more of the Tea Drops particles dissolve while the tea water is still hot enough to warm it up. If I stir consistently, I'll notice far less sediment at the bottom of my tea.

    Tea sediment is good for you. According to Tea Drops:

    The loose leaf tea residue is completely safe to drink and rich in nutrients and antioxidants because the leaves are what hold the health benefits from your cuppa!

    It's up to you to decide what you want to do with the leftover sediment at the bottom of your cup, though.

    Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

    At the end of the day, you might be wondering if Tea Drops are worth it. I think so. I've never been into tea, but I am now excited about my monthly tea deliveries. I feel much better when I drink a cup of tea over a cup of coffee. Tea gives me energy that doesn't make me crash at the end of the day.

    If you don't know if tea is right for you, I encourage you to purchase a cheap tea kettle and give Tea Drops a try.

    If I could wrap up my Tea Drops review with a few words, I'd say: Run, don't walk to the Tea Drops website.

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