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    The Happy Life Updates April 2018

    April 11, 2018 Amanda Cross 5 min read
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    Whew. You could say that I have been more than MIA on the blog lately, I am going to get to that more later (and it's not all that happy, but I had already named this series that, so I just went with it.) I am not sure if I will 100% be here 3 days a week just yet, but I did want to get another post to you because I haven't posted since last Monday! Today's post is going to be quick and to the point, but I hope that it will give you some ideas on where in the world I have been.

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     The Happy Life Updates April 2018 | Do you want to get up to date with what's happening over in my neck of the woods? Check out my latest installment of The Happy Life Updates to see what in the world I have been up to and why I haven't been posting as much lately.

    1. Busy With Freelancing

    Freelancing has definitely picked up in the last month, but I am definitely not complaining. I love working with clients and creating content (and getting paid for it) on a daily basis.

    I have picked up quite a few awesome clients including one I am super excited about: Citation Machine!

    I have worked with Chegg a couple times in the past to produce content for their website. They own Citation Machine, and recently they were looking for a weekly blog poster. I applied, and I was picked. It feels very full circle-ish for my writing to be on their site because I used their service so much in college and graduate school to cite my own papers. Now, I get to help their users by providing excellent advice!

    I am also working with a number of other clients on a regular basis who talk about everything from home office organization to digital marketing to human resources. It's incredibly fun to be able to help my clients succeed.

    2. Obsessing Over Metal Marvels

    You all know about my obsession with Metal Marvels. It's absolutely no secret at all. This month I took that to the next level and I purchased thick bangles for the first time! In one order I picked up the Bless Your Heart thick bangle and the Goal Digger thick bangle. Yesterday I got a new order with this awesome bangle holder + the I'm A Fucking Warrior thick bangle. Now I have thick bangles in gold, rose gold, and silver to go with all my thin bangles. Yas!

    Do you want to purchase some Metal Marvels and save some $$$? Use my coupon code THA15 to save 15% off purchases made on the site. If you use this code, I do get a commission on your sale.

    Here are some items that are next up on my wishlist:

    3. Celebrating My Birthday In Memphis

    A couple weekends ago I traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to spend some time with my family to celebrate turning 25 YEARS OLD! I am still getting used to saying that number, y'all. I can't believe I am that old, even though I am really not that old at all. I have only been out of college for about 3 years and out of school for less than a year, but I feel old AF.

    We went to Beale Street and spent some time there eating, drinking, etc. All the kids were with us, so we couldn't get too crazy. Then the next day we went to the National Civil Rights Museum. Memphis Travel sent me a ticket to go and I did an in-depth post all about NCR on the blog. Check it out using the related reading link below.

    The picture below is of my mom, my niece, and me in front of a mural on Beale Street.

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    4. Traveling To St. Louis

    So, here is what's been making me a little absent lately (besides how busy I have been with writing for clients.) On March 27th we found out that my grandmother had passed away. My mom went up to St. Louis that week to plan, and then this weekend we all travelled to St. Louis to attend the funeral as a family. I got back on Sunday.

    It has been taking a lot out of me to deal with that, plus work, plus blogging so I let The Happy Arkansan fall away a bit. I am hoping that by this time next week I will be back to my completely normal schedule, but I cannot say anything for sure right now. I am hoping to get a couple of articles written and scheduled out so I am not flying by the seat of my pants here anymore. Goals, goals, goals y'all!

    Here are a couple of pictures from my time in St. Louis and coming home.

    1. The first picture is of the church where my grandmother's home going was.
    2. The second picture is right outside her apartment as we were going to meet there with my mom's family.
    3. The third picture was actually taken somewhere in Arkansas on the way back from Missouri.

    St. Louis is such a beautiful city, even though it was terribly cold the entire time. I hope to visit soon on a more pleasant trip that isn't associated with a funeral.

    5. Finding More Alternative R&b I Love

    If you have been following me for a while, you probably know that I have been falling in love with Alternative R&B for a minute now. Spotify has an amazing Alternative R&B playlist where I get all my alt r&b fixes from. If you are not following this playlist already, you need to be doing that like yesterday.

    Here are some songs that I have been loving lately:

    • Eye To Eye by Jordan Rakei
    • Wasn't Looking by ELIZA
    • Blood Type by Cautious Clay
    • sidetoside by Chris McClenney
    • Millions by Always Never
    • Arizona by snny
    • Cold War by Cautious Clay
    • Crazy by Cabu

    I hope that you have found some awesome artists to enjoy with these couple of songs and the larger list. Unfortunately a lot of artists on this list only have a couple of songs available. Some are putting out music soon (I called Always Never out on this on Twitter lol and they told me that they were planning to put out a whole album this year!) You may not get to hear full-fledged albums with them, but they have some great music on Spotify though.


    Welp, that's all for today's blog.

    Like I said, I hope to be more on my a-game in the next few weeks.

    I have some awesome articles that I am planning including a BeyoncĂ© inspired outfit and some articles with a company that sells sorority gear. I promise that I have stuff in the works. Soon you will be saying “I wish Amanda would stop updating her blog!”  🙂

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