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    The Ultimate Finals Survival Guide

    April 22, 2016 Amanda Cross 4 min read
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    Finals are quickly approaching for college students across the country. I have survived many finals weeks with great success and I am here to day to share with your the finals survival guide that I have been using to help me manage five finals at once during my undergraduate career.

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    Having a plan of action is very important during finals week. You want to make sure that you are prepared for the uptick in assignments, tests, and papers. I am hopeful that these tips will help you come up with your own finals survival plan.

    Calculate Your Grades For Each Class

    At this point in the semester I like to gather all of my grades and do some grade calculations. In my opinion this helps me to determine which of my classes that I really need to focus on, as well as what I can actually accomplish in the semester. For example, if I have an 84 or something like that I know that all I really need to do is maintain that B. Sometimes you know that there is no way to get to the next level, because it's just not possible. So instead of trying to accomplish everything, I just stick with what I know I can accomplish. I love when professors have easy to calculate grade systems, but in case they don't I love using this grade calculator to see what I need to get in a class. It makes the whole process easy.

    Figure Out What You Have Left To Do

    Also, during this point in the semester I love to make a new to-do list featuring all of the things I have left to do for the semester, their due dates, and the percentage of the grade or points they are worth. This is really helpful when it comes to doing the work for the year so I make sure nothing slips out of my mind. I make sure to check back with this list every few days or every week so I don't miss anything. Now that I only have class once a week I usually check it weekly, but when I was in undergrad I checked it a lot more often.

    Figure Out Your Probable Test Scores

    It's really easy to figure out your probably test scores. First and foremost, figure out your average test score that you have gotten thus far in the class. This is really helpful if you have had a few tests under your belt, but if you haven't you may have to do some guessing. In that situation use a similar class if this is your major and you have taken tests in other major classes. For example if I haven't had any tests in Sociology Class A, I would see what my test scores have been like in Sociology Class B. I would assume that those test scores would be pretty similar, assuming I know the topic pretty well and I work just as hard in both classes.

    Make sure you determine what the test will be like. Is it comprehensive or just like any other test? That will definitely change how you decide to study for this test and might change your probable test scores.

    Fill Out Any Study Guides

    If your professors are kind enough to do an in class review or give you a study guide–USE THE STUDY GUIDE/REVIEW. I cannot state this louder, honestly. They can give you so many good clues and tips on what will be on the test. As a graduate assistant this semester I have had the privilege of seeing a class from a different perspective, and I promise that if you listen you will begin to see just how many clues your professor will give you about the tests in class. Listen to the things they constantly repeat, the things they put on the board, and of course anything that's on a study guide.

    Finish Assignments ASAP

    The sooner you finish your assignments, the better. When you can focus less on random assignments, you can focus more on the tests that you have coming up in your courses. So my tip to you is to actually focus on getting your assignments done as soon as you can and don't wait until the last minute. You should know all of the assignments that you have left thanks to the assignment to-do list you wrote earlier, so try to get some of those things checked off your list now.

    Figure Out Your Finals Week Schedule

    Next, make sure you know your finals week schedule. During finals week everything is topsy-turvy. Most colleges don't have finals during your class period, but at random times during the semester. Make sure you go through every class and figure out when your final is compared to the week and your other finals. With this information you can determine which classes you need to study for first based on where they are during finals week and where they are on your class ranking that you made earlier based on your probable test scores.

    Don't Forget To Get Sleep and Destress

    Last, but not least, don't forget to take sometime to yourself during finals week. Yes, this is a stressful time of the year, you want to make sure everything gets done, and you want to make sure you don't fail any class–but you also need to make sure that you are giving yourself time to relax, sleep, eat, and have a little fun. Don't go crazy, but you definitely need to take breaks and get a good amount of sleep. You won't function on all-nighters, and the work you get done won't make much sense if you are sleep deprived while writing it.

    I hope these tips help you during finals week. I know that you will crush it and show finals who's boss!

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