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About Amanda

About Amanda

Amanda is the 24 year old blogger behind The Happy Arkansan. She has been blogging with variations of this blog since her freshman year of college in 2011. Since then she has grown her blog and has been able to connect to a number of amazing college women all across the country through her college and career related content.

Amanda has a passion for helping other people through the experiences  have lived. She discusses things like college study techniques, beauty and fashion, sorority recruitment, career tips, and so much more.

To Amanda, happiness is telling stories, sharing recommendations with, and just interacting with readers of her blog.

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Sponsored posts - Starting at $100

Sponsored posts come with a ton of deliverables including a dedicated blog on The Happy Arkansan, social media updates, and more. If you would like this option it starts at $100.

Social Media Sponsored Posts - Starting at $50

A social media only sponsored post starts at $50. We can come up with the configuration that works best for your brand but I post social media sponsored posts across a variety of platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Giveaways - starting at $50 with gifted product or $100 without

I would love to do a giveaway with your brand. If you want to provide the product I will do the giveaway for $50. If you don't want to provide the product for my brand I will do the giveaway for $100.

guest posts on the blog (for businesses)--starting at $75

When you write a guest post for The Happy Arkansan I will also be creating branded images for that post and sharing it across social media. I have guest posts from my blog that have over time received 1k+ repins on Pinterest. For those reasons business related guest posts start at $75.

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