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    Media Kit


    Work With The Happy Arkansan

    Are you interested in working with a veteran blogger with a consistent readership? Check out my media kit for more information and opportunities to work with me, from brand deals to affiliate marketing partnerships.

    I am excited to help you uncover how you can tap into and activate my audience of young adult women through amazing content-centered brand partnerships.

    My Audience In A Nutshell

    Through search engine optimization, I have continually grown the page views of my blog The Happy Arkansan. I regularly receive 40,000 pageviews monthly. I am on track to receive over 536,000 pageviews in 2020. With those page views, I've reached well over 460,000 people all over the world.

    Most readers of The Happy Arkansan fall between the ages of 18-34. My largest category of reader falls into the age range of 18-24.

    Unsurprisingly, most of my readers are women. Around 85% of my audience are female, and the other 15% are male.

    I am always trying to find ways to grow my social media audience.

    I have over 1,100 followers on Facebook, over 2,700 followers on Instagram, over 2,000 followers on Twitter, and over 11,500 followers on Pinterest.


    Do you want to work with me? Here are some of the services you can choose from:

    Sponsored Posts

    Sponsored posts come with a ton of deliverables including a dedicated blog on The Happy Arkansan, social media updates, and more.

    Here are some sponsored posts I have done:

    How To Get Ready For A Road Trip On A Budget (With ExxonMobil)

    5 Easy Tips To Keep Your Apartment Fresh & Clean (With Glade®)

    How To Chase Your Creative Dreams (With Diet Coke®)

    A Look At A Sponsored Post Campaign:

    Here's a recent campaign I did with Kohl's. I wrote a post about fashion tips every college student should know. I ended up with over 50,000 impressions on this campaign mostly due to Pinterest, where I ended up with over 850 clicks to my blog and thousands of pin impressions. All of this took place during a time when Kohl's was having a big back to school promotion. It led to countless people in their demographic knowing about their sale while it was happening. Plus, this post is still up, running, and evergreen enough to apply year-round (but especially during back to school season.)


    Paid Brand Ambassadorships

    I am always looking to join paid brand ambassador programs for brands! Brand ambassadorships must consist of 3+ long-form blog posts. These posts have a higher starting point than regular posts because they require more deliverables and more creativity.

    Here is an example of a brand ambassadorship I did with Tai Pei:

    How To Remember To Eat During Stressful College Times

    The Happy Guide To Graduate School Self-Care With Tai Pei

    10 Things All Millennials Should Do During The Holiday Season

    Social Media Sponsored Posts

    Social media campaigns can be a great way to reach a new audience. We can come up with the configuration that works best for your brand. I post social media sponsored posts across various platforms, including Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

    Here are some sponsored social media posts I have done:

    Talking About Gift Giving With InComm Worldwide

    Talking about the importance of STD testing with ASHA

    As an added investment, you can provide $50 for content boosts to ensure more people see the social media campaigns.

    Guest Blogging Opportunities

    I love writing for other brands, and I would be more than willing to write a long-form guest post for your website. Since I put a lot of time and energy into creating content, I charge at least $200 for the blog post unless you are a fellow blogger. I don't allow sponsored guest blogs on The Happy Arkansan, but I would gladly write one or more guest posts for your website. You can credit me for those articles, or they can be ghostwritten. Any topic I talk about on The Happy Arkansan could be a potential topic for your website.

    If you need more than 1,000-words, my official per word rate is $.20 per word. I do not want to write guest post content that is under 1,000 words.

    5 Do's And Don'ts For Influencer Recruiting (A post I wrote for the fantastic folks over at Impact)

    Affiliate Program Opportunities

    I love working on sponsored post projects, but I would be more than willing to work with your affiliate program. I'm not a part of programs like LikeToKnowIt or RewardStyle; I enjoy creating connections with affiliate marketing managers and individual programs. With that being said, I am already on Awin, Impact, Pepperjam, and ShareASale.

    I'd love to chat with any affiliate marketing manager about joining their program and finding a way to create a meaningful connection between your brand and mine. I do not wish to join every affiliate program known to man, though, so I may decide to skip your affiliate program.

    For more of my look at affiliate marketing, I recorded a podcast with my friend Samantha all about my thoughts on affiliate marketing and how I approach the subject.

    A Look At One Of My Favorite Affiliate Partnerships:

    In 2018, I wrote a review for Freshly just using my referral code. After using that as much as I could, decided to join their affiliate program on Impact. Ever since making this transition, I've made a few hundred dollars a month from one post. Since then, I've written another review for Freshly, and am working with them to create even more collaboration opportunities. I've also made over $15,000 with them since I joined the program in early 2019, while they've made over $40,000 with these blog posts. Many of my recent audience members have told me how they found my website thanks to my Freshly review which ranks on the first page for terms like “freshly reviews,” “freshly review,” and “get freshly.” All of my Freshly rankings are entirely organic. I have spent no money to get on the first page for this result.


    Search Engine Optimization And Affiliate Life:

    Creating high-quality reviews and other content that ranks well is a big way that I make affiliate income. I take SEO very seriously, as well as growing my Pinterest account and following. For example, you can see down below that my average position for the keyword “SheIn reviews,” is 5.0. That traffic goes to my honest SheIn review. While I don't make nearly as much income from that review thanks to a 10% commission rate and the honesty in my review, it does make a good amount of income each month.


    About Amanda, Founder of The Happy Arkansan

    I'm the 27-year-old blogger behind The Happy Arkansan. I have been blogging with variations of this blog since her freshman year of college in 2011. Since then, I have grown my blog and has been able to connect to several amazing millennial women all across the country through her college, career, fashion, and lifestyle-related content.

    I have a passion for helping other people through the experiences I've lived. I discuss things like college study techniques, beauty and fashion (specifically plus size fashion), sorority recruitment, career tips, and so much more.

    To me, happiness is telling stories, sharing recommendations with, and just interacting with readers of my blog.

    I have plans to grow this blog more each year. I'm excitedly working to shoot amazing photos with my dad, edit photos, and produce stellar long-form content for my readers.

     When you work with me, you can rest assured that I will put time and energy into giving you a finished product you and your team can be proud of.

    Contact Me About My Brand Services

    The Happy Arkansan Imagery

    When you work with me to create content for your brand, I will show up for you to the best of my ability. I work with my dad (an amazing photographer) to bring your content to life through beautiful photographs. These photographs are available for purchase for extra advertisements. We've worked together to produce several amazing images for companies like Fresh Cravings, PayPal, A&W, Coca-Cola, and so much more. Here is just a small sampling of the lifestyle imagery we've done.