July 14, 2018

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About Amanda

Amanda is the 25-year-old blogger behind The Happy Arkansan. She has been blogging with variations of this blog since her freshman year of college in 2011. Since then she has grown her blog and has been able to connect to a number of amazing college women all across the country through her college and career-related content.

Amanda has a passion for helping other people through the experiences she has lived. She discusses things like college study techniques, beauty and fashion, sorority recruitment, career tips, and so much more.

To Amanda, happiness is telling stories, sharing recommendations with, and just interacting with readers of her blog.



Page Views 2014-2017

2014 – 31,848

2015 – 26,608

2016 – 45,182

2017 – 67,121

2018 (Last Updated 11/12/2018) – 90,762

Age Of Readers

Most of my readers fall between the ages of 18-34, with the largest chunk of my readers in the 18-24 category.

Gender Of Readers

Around 85% of my audience is female, with 15% being male.

Some Of My Most Popular Posts

5 Things That Sororities Look For During Recruitment

How To Pack Clothes For College

My Honest Review Of SheIn After Getting Multiple Orders From The Site

How To Create Irresistible Sorority Social Media Profiles

How To Chase Your Creative Dreams With Diet Coke®

Social Media

Facebook – 1,139 Likes

Instagram – 2,850 Followers

Twitter – 2,030 Followers

Pinterest – 9,500 Followers

Bloglovin – 307 Followers


Sponsored Posts – Starting at $175

Sponsored posts come with a ton of deliverables including a dedicated blog on The Happy Arkansan, social media updates, and more. If you would like this option it starts at $175.

Here are some sponsored posts I have done:

How To Get Ready For A Road Trip On A Budget (With ExxonMobil)

5 Easy Tips To Keep Your Apartment Fresh & Clean (With Glade®)

How To Chase Your Creative Dreams (With Diet Coke®)

Paid Brand Ambassadorships – Starting at $200 A post

I am always looking to join paid brand ambassador programs for brands! Brand ambassadorships must consist of 3+ long-form blog posts, and they have a higher starting point than regular posts because they require more deliverables and more creativity.

Here is an example of a brand ambassadorship I recently finished up with Tai Pei:

How To Remember To Eat During Stressful College Times

The Happy Guide To Graduate School Self-Care With Tai Pei

10 Things All Millennials Should Do During The Holiday Season

Social Media Sponsored Posts – Starting at $50

A social media only sponsored post starts at $50. We can come up with the configuration that works best for your brand but I post social media sponsored posts across a variety of platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Here are some sponsored social media posts I have done:

Talking About Gift Giving With InComm Worldwide

Talking about the importance of STD testing with ASHA

Giveaways – Starting at $50 with a gifted product or $100 without

I would love to do a giveaway with your brand. If you want to provide the product I will do the giveaway for $50. If you don’t want to provide the product for my brand I will do the giveaway for $100.

Freelance Writing – Starting At $40 Per Article

I also create freelance writing articles in the following niches:

  • Blogging
  • Digital Marketing
  • Career (Both finding a career and HR articles)
  • Higher Education

You can hire me on Upwork by checking out my Upwork profile or you can use the contact form below to hire me off Upwork.

Check out my writer website to learn more about these services!

Contact Me

Want to contact me to work together?

Contact me at amanda@thehappyarkansan.com for sponsored post and social media inquiries.

Contact me at amanda@amandacross.co for freelance writing inquiries.

The Happy Arkansan Photography

Here are a few photos I have produced for other sponsored post clients. I work closely with my dad to create beautiful photos that showcase your products in the best light.