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In a world where everyone seems to find the negative in a situation, take some time to walk on the positive side of life.


About The Head Positive Person In Charge

Hi! My name is Amanda C. I just tried to write this in the 3rd person, and that just seemed like hella inauthentic. So, let's get down to business. I am a 24-year-old blogger who always loves to see the positive things in any situation. Some may call it a flaw, but positivity gets me through every day situations. When you look at the world the rose colored glasses, you always know that something awesome is around the corner.

I am excited to start sharing daily positive emails with you so that you can start living by the sunny disposition that I swear by.

Some facts about me that you will notice as you read my emails:

  • I say y'all, a lot.
  • I think many day-to-day problems can be solved by lipstick.
  • I am all about having a wide array of emotions (sometimes, you just need to be angry, or sad, or both.)
  • I love Old Navy, some might say way too much.
  • I love a good inspirational quote or printable.

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