The Ultimate Sorority Toolkit | Click through for my fave links for letter shirts, jewelry and sorority gifts, chapter and recruitment wear, where to find that holy grail white dress, and so much more!

The Sorority Toolkit

I joined my sorority Tri Sigma in January 2012. I have loved my experience thus far with my sorority, but I was definitely a newbie to the entire process. All I had when I went through my journey as a sorority woman was one or two friends in a sorority and my freshman roommate. I was completely new to the process and I didn't know what to expect as a sorority woman. 

Navigating the process can be difficult when you don't know where to find the right clothes or the right sorority gifts, and especially when you can't find the perfect white dress for initiation. This toolkit is perfect for sorority women, and I hope that you enjoy it.

What to expect

This toolkit features content to date about:

  • Letter shirts and screen printed clothing
  • Jewelry and sorority gifts
  • Chapter and recruitment wear
  • Where to find a white dress
  • Sorority bloggers, websites, and Facebook groups
  • Chapter Fundraiser Ideas

I plan to add new content to the toolkit every month by updating categories and adding new ones. I think you will adore the resources that are already in the toolkit, but I want this to be a toolkit that you constantly feel comfortable going to and learning from.

Current Resource Count: 50+

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