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    The Happy Arkansan’s Official Affiliate Link Policy


    If you've been following the blog for a while, you know I am getting pretty serious about using affiliate income as a stream of revenue for this blog. It's pretty amazing that I can recommend products I love and get paid to share them with you.

    Utilizing affiliate links is one of the ways that I make money on this blog. It helps pay my bills and keeps this little corner of the internet running smoothly. I get around 50,000 page views a month on this blog. I have to make sure I am doing my best by everyone who visits.

    Affiliate marketing is complicated, so I wanted to break it down for you in case you wanted to know more about these links.

    What Are Affiliate Links?

    Affiliate links are specially coded links that are created to help me get a commission for purchases I help inspire. When you read a post on this blog, I may an affiliate link included. These links help make sure your purchase or sign-up is linked to me. I get credit for writing my content, and you don't pay extra for using my link either.

    How Do Affiliate Links Work?

    Affiliate links work by placing a cookie (unfortunately not the baking kind) on your computer. These cookies have a time limit, so they don't stay there forever. Usually, this time limit is around 30 days, sometimes more, sometimes less. I've seen cookies that lasted 24-hours and some that last a year. A 30-day cookie window means that if you decide to go back and purchase even 29 days later, I'll still get credit. On the 31st day, I would no longer get credit for that sale because the cookie would have expired.

    How Much Do You Make With Affiliate Links?

    It depends. There is a variety of affiliate link earning opportunities. Here are the main three I use:

    • Pay Per Lead: I usually get a small commission (less than a $1) based on leads I bring to the company. Leads usually entail signing up for a free account or getting on an email list.
    • Percentage: For some companies, I get a percentage of what you purchase as an affiliate income. I could get anywhere from 5%-50% depending on the type of program. Most programs stay in the 10%-20% range, though.
    • Flat Rate: For some programs, I make a flat fee based on your purchase. This can vary by the program, this how I usually get paid for all of my subscription box reviews.

    How Do You Decide Which Products To Recommend?

    I'm picky about my affiliate marketing process. As you may notice by now, I like to get in-depth, write reviews, demos, et cetera. I only recommend products I am in love with. I'm honest AF in my reviews. I want to share my experience with you. I hope that you realize I am always here to be genuine, even if that means I make less affiliate income from a post. Whether the post was brought to life with the help of the brand or not, I am here to be honest.

    If you have been wondering about affiliate marketing and The Happy Arkansan, I hope this quick page gave you some ideas to think about. I love you guys and how much you support me.

    Thank you for making The Happy Arkansan possible!

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