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July 4, 2019

3 Essential Tips To Growing Your Audience On Instagram

Hi there! I see you out there in the vast land of social media, trying to grow your audience. Do you ever feel like you make a post on Instagram and it just floats out there into the abyss never to be seen again? You’re waiting for the likes and comments to roll in because you know you posted great content, but nothing happens.

You’re trying to grow your following, but you’ve been stuck at the same number for weeks. You’ll gain a few and then lose just as many. Why do people have to follow/unfollow?! It can be so frustrating, right?

I’ve been there, girlfriend. I spent years trying to grow my home decor page before I finally hit my stride and starting seeing consistent growth each week. Now I’m right back at the starting line trying to grow my new coaching page.

It’s hard. Really hard.

You wonder what you’re doing wrong, and you can’t figure out that darn algorithm. And why does it have to keep changing so much? It makes you want to give up sometimes, doesn’t it?

At some point, you might have even considered buying likes and followers.

Please don’t do that! It hurts your engagement. Authentic growth is the key to success, so please don’t let your account become full of bots and fake people. That will make you look spammy too.

Instead, try these three tips to growing your audience.

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3 Essential Tips To Growing Your Audience On Instagram | Struggling to grow your audience on Instagram? Follow these three tips from coach Anna Kat Napier on how to grow your audience online. #Instagram #InstagramTips #SocialMedia

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