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May 5, 2018

7 Creative Gift Set Ideas For Incoming Freshmen Living In Dorms

Happy Saturday lovelies!

I know that I said I would likely only be posting on Tuesday/Thursday for the foreseeable future, but I love surprising y’all with some interesting post ideas. So many people are graduating high school and college this week, so I figured I would give you a gift guide for any incoming freshman you know who will be living in dorms.

I want to do other gift guides throughout the summer so you can give your friends and family the perfect going away gift!

I have seven themes listed below. Feel free to buy them as sets, or just get individual pieces. I am sharing a ton of ideas below, and I hope you like these. Let me know in the comments below which idea is your favorite!

*This post contains affiliate links, y’all!

 7 Creative Gift Set Ideas For Incoming Freshmen Living In Dorms | Do you have any friends or family members who will be staying in a dorm soon? Check out my gift set guide so you can add some joy and practicality to their first year living the dorm life. #GiftGuide #GiftsForCollegeStudents #DormGiftIdeas #DormGiftGuide

1. The Laundry Starter Kit

Hear me out. Laundry is expensive AF, and not all dorms have free laundry. I was so fortunate my freshman year that my dorm didn’t make us pay for laundry, but your incoming freshman may not be as lucky. Seeing as how NO ONE has cash on them, get them a:

  • Jar full of quarters
  • Tide Pods (or another laundry detergent)
  • Dryer sheets
  • Laundry basket with handles
  • Tide To Go Pen (because sometimes, you just need some easy stain removal, y’all)

You can get as creative as you want with this starter kit. Just make sure that you are wary of the space that college students have in their dorm room. Don’t go too overboard!

Here is some inspiration for the Laundry Starter Kit Set:

2. The Drown Out The Dorm Life Set

What I learned while living in the dorms: dorm life is loud AF and a tad bit smelly. I decided to create this set so your incoming freshman can drown out dorm life and act as though they are living at home, even if they aren’t. In this set you should get them a:

  • Pair of headphones
  • Sleeping mask
  • White noise machine
  • Small dehumidifier
  • Fan
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Essential oil starter kit

All in all, you just want to make dorm living as comfortable for them as possible through the use of items that make them feel at home.

Here is some inspiration for the Drown Out The Dorm Life Set:

3. The I need Coffee, Or I’ll Die Set

Coffee on any college campus is expensive. Most college campuses have Starbucks or some other large coffee chains and daily visits can add up. When I was in college/graduate school, I always went to Starbucks or Einstein Bros Bagels for my coffee fix, and I don’t even want to look at what a bill for all that would look like! Here are some ideas to help your college student out. Get them a:

  • Keurig K15 Brewer
  • Good set of starter K-Cups
  • Reusable KCup Pod
  • Cute coffee mug (or six)
  • Creamer/sugar set

This set will help them drink more coffee at home. They may still go out for those specialty coffees they can’t brew in their dorm. Overall, though, they will be happy with what they can save when they don’t have to go to Starbucks for everything.

Here is some inspiration for the I Need Coffee Or I’ll Die Set:

4. The Dorm Room Makeover Set

My favorite part of the dorm room process was deciding what to bring to decorate it. If the incoming freshman in your life is really picky, you may want to skip this set and just them a gift card to a place like Pottery Barn. If they are less picky, you know their style, or at least their color palette you could consider getting them stuff like:

  • Wall Tapestries
  • Canvas Paintings
  • Throw Pillows
  • Curtains
  • Posters
  • Loctite Fun-Tak Mounting Putty (sounds boring, hella helpful for adding decor to dorm walls without damage)
  • String Lights
  • Felt Letter Board

All these excellent decor pieces combined will give them a Tumblr/Pinterest dorm room for sure! Make sure everything matches, though!

Here is some inspiration for the Dorm Room Makeover Set:

5. The Get Your Academic Shit together Set

Your incoming freshman will likely spend a ton of time burning the midnight oil at their desk. Get them some items to help them make their desk feel more comfortable and easy to use such as a:

  • Laptop cooling pad
  • Desk organizers
  • Notebooks
  • Pencils, pens, markers, etc
  • Planner (We love Erin Condren in these happy parts)
  • Seat cushions
  • Ergonomic keyboards/mouse pads

Your incoming freshman will likely already have a desk and chair on campus, but they might not be the most comfortable. Purchase some extra goodies to help them feel better while studying.

Here is some inspiration for the Get Your Academic Shit Together Set:

6. The I Don’t Want To Use the Dorm Bathroom Set

Dorm bathrooms are kinda icky AF. Your incoming freshman needs to be prepared for dorm life, and I hope that this set of products will help them be prepared for the shared dorm bathroom life. It’s really not that bad, I promise, as long as your dorm-dwelling freshman has some essentials like a:

  • Bathrobe
  • Shower caddy
  • Dorm shoes aka flip flops aka flippity flops (You can likely get these cheaper at Old Navy or Walmart, but adding some links to Amazon in case you want to get them there.)
  • Soap/Body Wash
  • Shaving supplies
  • Towel Set

Dorm bathroom life is so much better when you have the supplies to survive it. If your freshman doesn’t share a bathroom with an entire floor, make sure they have some bathroom cleaning supplies. They don’t want to be the suitemate who never cleans up!

Here is some inspiration for the I Don’t Want To Use The Dorm Bathroom set:

7. The What Is Cooking And How Do I Do It Set

Sometimes you won’t feel like going to the cafeteria or going out to eat. For the times your incoming freshmen just wants to stay in, get them a few items to keep around their dorm for easy cooking such as a:

  • Mini-fridge (if they can, rent this from campus or share this cost with their roommate)
  • Tupperware set
  • Set of cookware (if they have room for it, otherwise, get individual pieces like a skillet and a pot)
  • Plastic dish set (don’t think these are automatically microwave safe, not all plastic dishes are!)
  • Metal cutlery (don’t go plastic on cutlery)
  • Kitchen utensils

To finish out this set add some ramen noodles, pasta, mug cakes (did you know Duncan Hines sells mug cake mix?!), and other goodies for the perfect gift set. You could also add a gift card to Walmart or another grocery store as well.

Here is some inspiration for the What Is Cooking And How Do I Do It set:


Dorm life can be fun again with all the products I showed you today! These gifts may not make your incoming freshman squeal like money or a new car, BUT they are super practical.

One of the best gifts I ever received when I was headed to college was a laundry basket and a bunch of supplies I could use in my dorm! At the time when I was getting gifts I was most excited about the monetary ones, but over time I realized I needed all the stuff I got in that basket.

You should strive to get your incoming freshman gifts that keep on giving. A lot of those gifts I got my freshman year followed me all throughout college. So, choose gifts wisely and make them practical, y’all.

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January 10, 2018

14 Tips To Help You Secure Your Dorm Or Apartment

During the first week of my Sophomore year, something that I never thought would happen, happened to me. Usually, I was very cautious about keeping the places I lived secure, but one night I slipped. That night happened to be the night that my apartment got broken into.

While strange people (that we never caught, by the way) were rummaging through the apartment I lived in with two of my friends; we were all in our rooms fast asleep. That was until one of my roommate’s dogs heard the commotion and barked until she woke up. All she saw was a glimpse of one of their hands and arms as they turned off the light and closed the door.

I didn’t get a ton of stuff taken. They only got a few things like the singles packets you can put in your water and some college food staples like ramen from me. Nothing significant, nothing that couldn’t physically be replaced. They were able to get something pretty big from one of my roommates, though, one of her DVD cases filled to the brim with DVDs she’d collected over the years. That was one of the most significant items, worth hundreds of dollars

It was icky. We called the police, they took down what was stolen, but it was either so small that it wasn’t genuinely worth mentioning or it was big but hard to trace down in the end. We went to our apartment, but they were no help. Then we thought about trying to go through the insurance plan we were made to get through our apartment, but it turns out the plan that they picked only looked out for them. It was liability insurance to cover their property, not ours. Not only that, but even if it did cover our stuff the deductible was so high that it wouldn’t have made sense to claim anything on the insurance anyway.

What Really Mattered

At the end of the day, though, it wasn’t the stuff. It was the strange people we never caught who managed to enter our apartment on a one-off day that we forgot to lock the front door. The fact that those unknown people were mere feet away from me because they managed to take laundry detergent from the laundry room that was right beside my bedroom. If they were bold, and I hadn’t locked my bedroom door, they could have easily gone into my bedroom too. You better believe I never once forgot to lock the front door ever again. I also never forgot to lock my bedroom door. I didn’t want to ever feel that vulnerable again.

Now that I have told you my story let’s chat about how you can secure your apartment or dorm.

14 Tips To Help You Secure Your Dorm Or Apartment | At the beginning of my Sophomore year I made a mistake. My roommates and I forgot to lock our front door one night, and that same night someone broke into our house. They didn't get a lot, but it was the fact that strange people we never caught were in our apartment without our consent. Since then I have been a security junkie. Today on the blog I am sharing fourteen of my best tips to keep your dorm or apartment secure.

Keep Reading, Darling