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February 9, 2018

How To Skim A Fiction Book For A College Course

I have talked at length on this blog about the act of skimming. When I was in graduate school I began to realize that I needed to get much better at reading because I thought that I was the only one who couldn’t read fast enough. What I soon realized was that my classmates weren’t reading either, they were skimming. When I realized this I had to get better at it and then I felt the need to share that with y’all in my posts Reading With Purpose: Article Skimming 101 and How To Effectively Skim An Academic Book.

This week I wanted to focus on fiction and even nonfiction regular books. These books are way different to skim than an academic book so I wanted to cover that today.

How To Skim A Fiction Book For A College Course | Skimming is an important skill to have in college, but how do you skim a fiction book? Today on the blog I am sharing my best tips for skimming fiction books so that you can read all the books that your heart desires in college.

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January 12, 2018

The Happy Guide To Reading More Books This Year

If you guys didn’t know, I set a goal for myself to read 24 books this year. This would be the most I have ever read in one year probably ever (if not in my recent adult years.) I like reading, but I am just slow af at it. This year I am taking my reading goal seriously though, and I wanted to share a few tips on how I am planning to read more books in 2018!

 The Happy Guide To Reading More Books This Year | Do you have a lofty reading goal for this year? Check out my guide to reading more books for fun so you can crush your goal and then some!

1. Set A Goal

First, you need to set a goal for how many books you plan to read. Setting a goal and putting that goal out into the universe is a great way to make that goal come to life. Setting your reading goal is easy if you sign up for the site Goodreads. They have a yearly reading challenge that you can sign up for by putting the amount you want to read in their tracker. Then as you read books, you can update your Goodreads profile with updates along the way and when you finish the book. Each book you finish within a certain year is put towards your reading challenge.

If you want to friend me on Goodreads, check out my profile!

Break Down your goal

Once you have your main goal, break it down further. Reading 24 books sounds daunting, but breaking it down to one book every two or so weeks makes the act of reading 24 books way more manageable.

Then as I am reading each book I can break down my books page numbers by 14 days. This way I am reading an equal amount each day. If I read more than the bare minimum amount one day, that’s good, that just puts me further ahead of schedule.

Strive To Read A little Bit Each Day

You may not be able to pick up a book and finish it on the same day with your busy schedule, but you can make a small dent. Each small dent that you make adds up over time, and before you know it, you will have finished an entire book. Don’t look a book that you want to read and be intimidated by it’s size. Just read the book and keep reading.

2. Sign Up For A Book Club

A book club is an excellent way to push yourself to read more books and a wide array of books each month. Your campus may have a book club as a student organization or there may be one in your town or local library. If you are unsure where to find local book clubs, I suggest that you check out Meetup’s Book Club topic. There are tons of book clubs in cities across the world on the page.

On top of that, there are many book clubs online that are looser and allow you to get ideas for new books to read. Checking out the Goodreads Groups page is a great way to find online book clubs to join.

Whatever book club method you choose, you are bound to find some new books to read!

3. Sign Up For A Book Membership

There are SO many book membership boxes out there now.  Signing up for one is so simple and easy to do. My favorite is Book Of the Month, but there are tons out there for you to try. Book memberships are great because they get you out of your book reading comfort zone. You can discover new (and new to you) authors, you can branch out and try new genres, and you can get a box curated around bookish items. What’s not to love?

If you are looking for some other book subscription services to try, I encourage you to check out this list from My Subscription Addiction. They listed the 10 best book subscription boxes as voted on by their readers, so you are bound to find a box to love there.

4. Utilize Services like Amazon Prime Reading or Kindle Unlimited

Amazon has a ton of services that help you read way more.

Amazon Prime Reading comes with any of your Prime memberships. With Prime you have access to a TON of extra material on your Kindle. There are so many great books that you will be able to read for free just because you have Amazon Prime.

As another option, you have Amazon Kindle Unlimited which is $9.99 per month and gives you access to tons of additional titles over Amazon Prime Reading. For the price of one digital book, you can get tons per month. This is great if you plan to read a lot this year and you imagine yourself reading more than one book from your Kindle per month. The best part? There is a 30-day free trial so if you wanted to try Prime Reading you wouldn’t pay a cent today.

5. Listen To Audiobooks using Audible

Another Amazon service that is so helpful for reading more books is Audible! I definitely consider Audible reading a book. You have to be at least somewhat focused while listening to an audiobook to make sure that you are understanding all the knowledge that the book is imparting.

I love using Audible to speed through some books that would normally take me weeks to finish(literally, they have an option to speed up the narration.) Also, sometimes I just absorb content better when I am having someone read to me. Why did we stop being read to? I didn’t sign up for an adult life where I am not read to!

Sometimes I will even have a physical copy of a book and an Audible copy so that I can follow along while the narrator reads to me.

You can get two free audiobooks right now if you click the banner below. I really suggest listening to Year Of Yes by Shonda Rhimes, Born A Crime by Trevor Noah, and/or Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg on Audible. They all narrate their own books and are all fantastic at it.


I am hopeful that 2018 will be the year that you (and I!) crush our reading goal! With these tips you can make a dent in your reading goal and always have material to read to boot!

What are your best tips for reading more this year?