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February 16, 2018

How To Vet Your Academic Sources

Vetting your academic sources is essential. Your academic research depends on you picking sound articles and books to critique and draw upon. If you choose the wrong sources, you run the risk of your entire article being distrusted and thrown out. Using structurally sound articles is even more critical when you are writing for an audience that’s wider than your classroom like at a conference or in a small journal. You want to make sure that your research reflects the time and energy you spent writing your paper.

Today we are going to look at seven things you can look at when you are vetting your academic sources.

As a note: Use your best judgment. Whenever I looked for sources in college and graduate school, I never had to look super hard. Some of these you should look at by default, but you may not have to go so deep. If something doesn’t seem quite right, go through more of these steps until you are satisfied that you are using a good source.

How To Vet Your Academic Sources | How reputable are the sources you use for your academic research papers? If you are struggling to answer that question this post will help you vet the sources you are using so you use the best ones every time.

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August 9, 2016

Your Ultimate Guide To Using Research Databases

Ahh, research databases. These can be very difficult to use, especially if you have never used them before. The easiest way is to honestly get in there and play around with it a bit, but today I am going to be showing you some excellent tips and tricks to using your libraries databases and research articles to find all the articles you need for any research paper in no time.

Your Ultimate Guide To Using Research Databases | Click through for six awesome tips, and a video all about using research databases like EBSCOHost, ProQuest, JStor, and more. Using research databases is so helpful when it comes to writing papers in college, and I am giving you the run down on my favorite research tips and tricks.

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