I run two podcasts for my readers on The Happy Arkansan: The Happiness Looks Like Me Podcast and The Ambitious Freelancer. Do you want to listen? Check them out below:

The Happiness Looks Like Me Podcast

The Happiness Looks Like Me Podcast is for anyone who’s tired of the traditional view of happiness. If you’ve ever been:

  • Told to smile while you are just minding your own business
  • Been a little saddened that your life isn’t Instagram perfect
  • Dealt with a few massive mood swings in your life

Then this podcast is for you. I am here to show you that happiness isn’t having a smile on your face 24/7. How can you be happy in this Instagram world? Simple, be proactive about how you are spending your emotional energy and create a more balanced life for yourself.

Listen To The Latest Podcast Episodes

BuzzSprout is my podcast host, so you can always check out the podcast using the player below.

Other Places To Listen To The Podcast

The podcast is available on a number of other places such as


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Download The Emotional Check-In Worksheet

If you’ve listened to the podcast, you’ve probably heard me talk about the emotional check-in worksheet I have created. If you want to download this worksheet, use the form below to enter your email (I will send you occasional podcast updates) and a copy of the worksheet will be on its way to you shortly.

Click here for the worksheet.

The Ambitious Freelancer

The Ambitious Freelancer is here to help you create your dream freelance life quickly. We’ll cover everything you need to know to create a freelance business from getting clients to building your testimonials so you can work with bigger and better companies.

The Ambitious Freelancer is a short, sweet, and to the point podcast. Most episodes will be between 10-15 minutes long. This podcast is updated every Tuesday/Thursday so look out for new episodes heading your way soon.