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July 2, 2019

5 Tips For Future Communication Majors And Minors

When I started my college journey, it felt a little slow, and I couldn’t seem to figure out my life. Through time my college years flew by, and the next thing I knew, I was walking across the stage at commencement. Once I got my hands on my diploma, it finally hit me that I’ve closed another chapter in my life.

I’m happy to share that my degree in communication has taught me so much about myself and my career. I have utilized my communication skills in so many ways since I’ve graduated from college. I think it would be fantastic if more people were comm majors because it’s a valuable skill to have in every industry. So today, I’m sharing five tips for anyone interested in having a degree in communication.

5 Tips For Future Communication Majors And Minors | Are you a future communication major looking for some tips on how to succeed? Look no further than today's article. Keep reading for the tips and tricks you need to ace your communication classes and learn the art of public speaking.

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June 3, 2019

100 K-pop Songs You Should Listen to Today

Korean pop (K-pop) is one of the most popular genres in 2019. From huge boy groups like BTS to talented girl groups like BLACKPINK, K-pop is a rising genre that has been making headlines in the western music charts. Some fans may be familiar with K-pop, while others may have never heard of Korean music before. So, what better way to talk about this wonderful genre than to share 100 K-pop songs? Before I share my playlist, I’ll dive in a little bit more on K-pop, how I got into K-pop, and why I enjoy this genre.

100 K-pop Songs You Should Listen to Today | Do you need some new music to listen to? Look no further than a new playlist from Jennifer Shreve featuring 100 K-pop songs you need to listen to today. Are you new to the genre of K-pop? This playlist will help you get into this genre today. #Kpop #Music #MusicMonday #Playlist

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