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January 26, 2018

31 Things To Post On Your Student Group’s Social Media Pages

Social media is so important for on-campus groups these days. Especially if you are recruiting for a sorority or even a club for your major–social media is where it’s at. You want to utilize social media to connect with your alumnae, members, and potential members. What do you share there, though? Today on the blog I am going to share 31 things you can add to your group’s content calendar today!

Recruiting is a big part of keeping your organization alive, but social media goes far beyond that. It helps showcase to the campus community (and the larger city, state, and nationwide community) that there are student organizations doing amazing things for themselves and their communities.

31 Things To Post On Your Student Group's Social Media Pages | Posting on social media is so important for student groups across the country. Click through for 31 things you can post on social media no  matter what kind of group you have!

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December 13, 2017

How To Take Beautiful Photos Of Your Campus Groups

I think that we have all had that group photo session. You know, the one where NO one is prepared to take the photo, no one knows how/where to line up, and there are a million things wrong with the layout of the photo. You know, the one where someone who is tall doesn’t want to get in the back of the photo, even though that’s the only logical place. Or, better yet, someone who is short doesn’t want to be in the front. Like, what are you five foot tall? Get in the freaking front.

Yeah, those photos usually end up disastrously. Today I am going to give you some great tips on creating a group shot that looks somewhat decent. This is perfect for you whether you are getting ready for a group shot of your sorority or just a regular campus organization.

How To Take Beautiful Photos Of Your Campus Groups | Taking a good group photo can be a huge undertaking. Check out today's blog post that will help you take better group photos of your #sorority or campus group/organization.

Give People Almost Too Much Warning

People are notorious for forgetting everything that you tell them, especially when you are dealing with students. Likely, the student has a million things on their plate, and they forget that they have an upcoming group photo shoot.

To combat this, tell your group members about the photo shoot multiple times. I would encourage that at least one of these warnings be in a physical meeting. The other ones should come in the form of an email (or if you can, a text message.)

Make sure that with each warning, you give the same information. You don’t want any of your warnings to be something vague like “don’t forget about the group photo shoot!” That message is too vague, and if for some reason that was the only message they got from you, they would be confused AF.

So, with each warning share all the most pertinent details: the date, the time, the location, and the dress code if you have one.

Don’t Be Afraid To Give A Dress Code/Guide

Dress codes can be beneficial for your photo shoots. By setting a dress code, your photos will look a million times more cohesive. If you are doing a sorority or fraternity group photo, a dress code won’t be as weird, but you can still set a dress code for any group photoshoot as long as you give people plenty of time to get together the necessary material.

Your dress code can be as simple as wearing the group’s shirt or much more complex. How close your members feel to the organization will determine how complex or elaborate your dress code can be.

Make A Relaxed Dress Code

Often when people hear the word dress code, it stiffens them up because what if they don’t have what the dress code entails. Usually, for people in Greek life, it is to be expected that you will have to purchase something for a photo shoot, but it’s completely different for most other organizations.

If your photo shoot dress code isn’t as simple as wear the official shirt of the campus group and blue jeans—you may want to create a more relaxed dress code.

For example, if the color blue is prominent in your organization’s colors, you may request that everyone wear a blue shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Your photo will still look put together, and your members will most likely not have to buy anything new for the photo shoot.

Have Extras Of Dress Code Attire If Possible

There is always that one person who forgets or couldn’t find the required clothing. If you have some extra things that fit the dress code requirement, bring them with you and encourage others to do the same just in case. You wouldn’t want to put anyone out of the shot just because they couldn’t find what they needed.

Alternatively, you may want to require that people let you know by a certain date if they can’t find the required items. That way you aren’t just toting around a bunch of things, and instead, you can bring only the essentials or find someone who can help that person out. You may want to set the deadline a few days before the photo shoot, so you aren’t completely scrambling to find the right material.

Scope Out The Site (And Be Prepared With Props)

You should scope out the site that you booked for your group photo shoot before the day of your shoot—especially if you are filming your photo shoot in a different location than where you normally meet.

See what is in the building or open area where you plan to take your photo. An open set of stairs with nearby windows are your best friend when it comes to group shots because you can easily pose a huge group on a set of stairs with no problems.

If you see no proper ways to get a good group shot with the props on site, you may have to bring some extra things to make it happen like a bench or some chairs. The location that you are filming at may be able to provide extra chairs or benches so I would contact them ahead of time to see if they can help you set up your photo shoot.

Let Your Group Know Exactly What’s Going On Throughout The Shoot

Have you ever been in a group photo smiling ear-to-ear only to realize the photographer is nowhere near ready to press the freaking shoot button? I hate when that happens, and it makes the entire shooting process take five-ever.

So, if you are the photographer or you know the photographer, ask them to keep the group up to date with what they are doing. Let your group know step by step so that they aren’t needlessly smiling or posing while you are still setting up the shot. Your group members will thank you for that!

Use A Nice Camera If You Have One

iPhones and Androids have come along way, but if you are serious about a group shot, I encourage you to use a nice DSLR if you have access to one.

I use the Canon Rebel T5 or the Canon Rebel T5i for all my photo shoots on the blog, and I LOVE it. Since there is a Canon Rebel T6 series, the T5 is usually reasonably priced. You can also get a DSLR certified refurbished from Amazon or the retailer. I got my T5i certified refurbished, and it looks and performs like new (but it was cheaper than the T5i list price.)

Having a nice camera for your group photo shoot will allow you to get amazing shots over a phone’s camera.

Take Multiple Shots

Most cameras have a continuous shutter feature. USE IT. You also want to get a few different poses as well. The more shots you have, the more you have to choose from when you edit the photos later. There is a chance that you will have more than enough shots after doing this, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I would rather have more shots than what I needed over having not enough shots.

Don’t Have Too Many Cooks (Photographers) In The Kitchen

You want to get shots for you, your social media chair, and the president of the organization that is just so proud of the work that they have put in and they want a picture of all their members for memories. With so many people to take pictures for you may feel that the best thing to do would be to take pictures all at once, DO NOT DO THIS.

When you have too many photographers in the kitchen, your group members are confused. They don’t know who to look at or who is about to take a picture. All the pictures turn out bad because you stretched your members too thin.

Get your main photos first. Then get a few photos for the people who want extra shots like the social media chair and the president. Someone’s random iPhone photos should never come before the main, fancy, photos.

Create Smaller Groups During Your Session

It’s REALLY hard to get great huge group shots. I would encourage you to take some shots that are still “group” shots without the huge group. For example, take pictures of your officer team, all your chairs, the various member classes you have (if you are in Greek life), etc. Find several ways to segment your group. This will help you get the most out of the group shots that you are taking. These smaller group portraits will help you with all things recruitment.

Throw In Some Candid Shots

Stiff, group shots are great, but they don’t really showcase your group at it’s best. Throw on some music, get your group talking, and capture photos of them in the moment. Maybe snap a few shots during a group meeting or when y’all are having a game night. Whenever you have an activity with your group, you should be taking pictures of it.

Hire Out If Necessary

Composing your own photos can be hella stressful. Sometimes the best thing that you can do for your group is to hire someone to take the photos for you. Don’t be afraid to hire a local photographer or a student who is majoring in photography. You can find a great photographer without breaking your budget, and you may even have a great photographer in your group. Ask around!


With these tips, I am hopeful that you can cut down on awful group photo sessions. Group sessions can be fun and truly highlight your sisterhood/brotherhood or campus organization. Be prepared, be smart, and work hard to make sure that everyone has a good time taking photos at your session.

Do you have any group photo session horror stories? What made your favorite group photo session so fun?

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November 15, 2017

How Greeks Can Stop The Destruction Of Greek Life On Campus

So, I was going to share another article today, but I personally just had to write up this opinion piece today. Yesterday a Twitter moment showed up on my Twitter feed. This moment stated, “Is this the end of Greek life on college campuses?

This breaks my heart.

As a proud alumna of Sigma Sigma Sigma, I couldn’t imagine my collegiate experience without my sorority. I have always been outspoken on my blog about my anti-hazing stance. It’s frustrating that some members of the Greek community don’t share this stance with me.

Today, I wanted to reach out to others in this community (new members, members, and alumnae alike) to share my personal thoughts on this and provide some solutions.

Not only should we chat about hazing but also the other things happening that are giving our organizations a bad name. It’s not just the hazing, it’s the insensitive parties, the underage drinking, and general negative experiences.

Colleges and college presidents are left wondering, “Is Greek life on our campus really worth it?”

So many people think that these things shouldn’t concern them if their organization isn’t doing anything wrong, but you definitely should. Before I joined Tri Sigma I knew nothing about the Greek alphabet. Now that I am not in college anymore, all the Greek letters are starting to blend together if it’s not a Sigma or something really obvious like an Alpha or a Tau. Unless you can read the Greek alphabet, it’s all Greek to you.

Bad sororities and fraternities impact EVERY GREEK ORGANIZATION. It doesn’t matter if you are a nationally recognized organization or a local one. You are impacted by what is happening. Having one bad organization on campus can impact every organization on campus, especially if Greek life gets shut down because of them.

How Greeks Can Stop The Destruction Of Greek Life On Campus | Is this the end of Greek life on college campuses? A Twitter moment question that sparked a fire and a sadness in me. I have been a member of a Greek organization for almost six years and I want to share my two cents about how Greeks can stop this fate. Click through for my op-ed about stopping the destruction of Greek life on campus.

Before I share my thoughts I want to open with this. Here is a quote from Emily Pualwan, the Executive Director or Emily is the sweetest and last year she answered a few questions for The Happy Arkansan. When I asked her what students can do if they feel like or know they are being hazed she answered:

“If you witness a hazing incident or someone is in danger call 911!

If you want to report a hazing incident or a suspected incident that is not immediately putting someone in danger contact your campus security office, your organization’s headquarters, and/or other state or local designated reporting authority. Many schools and organizations require that you report what you witness!”

Please, please, please follow her advice! If you are concerned and want to report anonymously, there are also resources for that (although I am sure the local police officers can offer some sense of anonymity.) There is a hotline you can call to share anonymous tips about hazing incidents you know details of. The hotline number is 1-888-NOT-HAZE or 1-888-668-4293. You can learn more about this hotline by checking out the Fraternal Law page for it.

So, now that I have gone through that, let’s chat about what we can do to stop hazing and other negative behaviors happening in Greek life right now.

1. Take Any Allegations Seriously

One of the worst things you can do as a member of a sorority or fraternity is to dismiss allegations happening on campus. What does a sister or brother have to gain from coming forward? Most of the time, coming forward ends in losing the members of their organization they are actually closest to and being ostracized because we have not come far enough on being understanding when people come forward. Instead of scoffing and ostracizing, take a second to listen and believe someone’s story.

Don’t take someone’s coming forward as a slight against all Greek life. They aren’t slighting you, they just want Greek life to live up to and exceed our Founder’s expectations.

2. Report What We Know

I know that reporting can be super scary. I mean, no one wants to be the person who rats on someone. You have to get out of that mentality if we want to stop these things from happening. If you see something or know something, say something. There are anonymous ways to report hazing incidents if you know of any.

3. Stop Standing Up For Greek Organizations Who Haze


Hazing incidents don’t just affect the student and the chapter who hazed them. They impact the parents who worry about their child (and potentially lose their child), it impacts friends of that student, it impacts the entire university, and it will impact your chapter too if it’s serious.

Don’t have sympathy for members who haze and don’t stand up for them. It just makes Greek life as a whole look bad when we have people who are sending thoughts and prayers to the chapter hazing and not the members being hazed.

In May, I wrote a similar op-ed on LinkedIn, where I shared this:

“We have to be the people who make the distinction. We have to be the people who step up and take our anti-hazing stance seriously. We can’t look down on students going through these issues and ask them, “Why didn’t you just leave?” Instead, we must weed out these chapters so that they can either change their ways or stop recruiting members.”

We have to be the ones who stand up against this because if other people have to stand up for us, we won’t be able to control our own narrative as members of Greek organizations.

4. Stop The Cycle Of Hazing If It Is Happening In Your Organization

If hazing is occurring in your organization, stop the cycle right now. Obviously, behaviors and thoughts on hazing take time to change, but you need to move forward on stopping these toxic behaviors.

Make a mandatory and strict no hazing rule in your sorority or fraternity and enforce it. Obviously, not everyone will be happy at first, but no one ever is with a change in an organization. Eventually, those members who aren’t a fan of the change will get kicked out for violating the order, leave the organization because of the change, or graduate.

Either way, you have made a strict stance against hazing, stopped the cycle, and put in place punishments for it all at once. It may be harsh to some members, but it’s not actually harsh, and it will make your organization a better, safer place.

5. Be The Voice Of Reason In Our Organizations

Lately, there have been many stories of senseless deaths happening in Greek organizations. A person will get hazed, drink way too much, and it will damage their body to the point of death. Usually, it turns out that there were plenty of times for people involved to simply take the person to the freaking hospital and save their life. Alas, some idiot with basically just a high school diploma will state that taking them to the hospital would be bad and that leaving them to “walk it off” would be so much better so they won’t get in trouble.

Newsflash, this never freaking works.

So, if you are ever in this scenario or a similar one, be the voice of reason. Say, “You know what, how about we take this person to the hospital and deal with the consequences like human beings who care about the people who join our organization.”

Now, I realize that the probability of you finding yourself in this situation is slim to none, but I also realize that this is an important thing to say.

If someone is in trouble or too intoxicated from an event, get them help. Yes, you may have to deal with some consequences, but if things go seriously awry, the consequences will be tenfold. On top of that, if you have the chance to save someone’s life, just do it. You don’t want to have to go to court one day, look someone’s parents in the eye, and tell them why you let their child die in your care.

6. Talk To Your Fellow Sisters & Brothers About The Dangers Of Hazing

Many colleges are trying to have these talks with their college students, but honestly, that is not the best way to have these conversations. When a student receives a talk from their university it feels like a lecture, when they receive it from a fellow sister or brother it feels like a chat. So, universities should definitely still provide these talks across campus, but these should be followed up with chats within the organization and between members.

The same can be said about chats about the dangers of binge drinking, stereotypical Halloween costumes, and any other thing that can give Greek organizations bad press. Some people listen more when it comes from someone in their organization and not from some higher-up on campus.

7. Have Tough Conversations With Your University About Stricter Regulations

To be honest, some universities are better at regulating these incidents than others. When your university is relaxed and nonchalant about hazing incidents, it eventually impacts other universities.

University presidents may see what’s happening at another school and decide that they want to investigate or further crackdown at their school (which can be great if they find incidents) or they could go even further and decide to cancel an expansion of Greek life at their school or Greek life altogether. Don’t let your school impact Greek life on your campus or across the country.

You have some bargaining power as an organization. Use that power to urge your council to take hazing and hazing prevention more seriously.

For these next few ideas, I am going to focus on shedding light on positive things. I do want to say that this shouldn’t be like potpourri. Your goal isn’t to cover the odor of bad things happening in Greek life. You should definitely use these in tandem with making positive progress on hazing prevention and other things plaguing Greek life today.

8. Get More Press About The Positive Things Your Organization Is Doing

If you have something positive happening in your organization invite the press to it. Once the event is done, send pictures and a snippet to local and state press. The more you can get your heart-warming and positive stories out there, the better.

9. Reach Out To Your Community And Give People Positive Interactions With Greek Members

Host community events as often as you can in your college town. Reach out and wear your letters. Make sure that people have more positive interactions with Greek members. When people are able to see Greek members doing great things, it can create a better case for why Greek life is such an important part of campus and community life.

10. Realize That You Are Always Wearing Your Letters

You are always, and I mean always, wearing your letters. This is a lesson I learned early on in my Greek career and it has served me well. You are a representation of not only your sorority but Greek life as a whole. Once you wear your letters once, you are immediately seen as a representation of your organization, everything you have done or will do is automatically seen through the lens of Greek life. So, represent us well.

Greek life has made such a positive impact on me as a person since I joined in January of 2012. In a few months, I will be celebrating six years of being Greek. I love my organization and I’m so proud of my chapter and their continued success (shout out to Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Omicron chapter.) I’m so thankful that my organization and my chapter taught me love (one of our many values) as a new member. I was so pleased to see that continually being shown to other new members, even after I left.

As a whole, Greeks, we have to do better. No new or existing member should ever be hurt (mentally, emotionally, physically, etc.) while in our care. So, let’s join together and make an impact. Let’s take this Twitter moment and turn it on its head. Let’s make real change in our organizations and let’s do it because we care.

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October 9, 2017

31 Simple Ways To Get Involved In Your Sorority

Getting involved in a sorority can be a challenging task. We think that as soon as we join, we will have a hundred best friends, but the truth is relationships take work. Today on the blog I am going to give you 31 simple tasks you can do to get more involved with your sorority. These ideas are great for introverts and extroverts alike!

One thing my sorority taught me is to receive much you must give much. I hope these 31 ideas will help you get more involved in your sorority, no matter if you are a new sister or a senior.

A note before we start: not all of the things on this list are for you to be endlessly praised by your sisters. Some of these items will just make you feel more involved and by relation, help you feel better about your sorority experience. Don’t get involved just for show, do this because you want to get closer to your sisters and make connections with them.

 31 Simple Ways To Get Involved In Your Sorority | Do you want to be more involved with your sorority? Check out this quick blog post for 31 simple sorority involvement ideas you can start implementing today!

1. Write A Sweet Note On Someone’s Facebook Wall

You have no idea how much you can make someone’s morning with a simple note on their Facebook wall. While you are waiting for class one day, take out your phone, and write a quick note to someone in the chapter who inspires you. Publish that note on their Facebook wall, and commence to make someone’s day.

2. Write A Handwritten Note To Someone Who Encourages You In The Chapter

Like #1, a handwritten note can also be just as impressive, if not more so. People love a nice thank you note. So, get some stationery with your sororities name on it (I love the stationery from Sorority Girl Store) and use that to share a beautiful message with as many of your sisters as you would like.

3. Wear Your Letters Every Day For a Week (And Document It)

This works better if you have a ton of sorority shirt. My last semester of college I was feeling a little off my sorority involvement game, so I gathered some of my favorite sorority shirts and I wore one each day. Sometimes I wore a letter shirt, sometimes I wore a screen printed shirt, and once I wore a button because I got a new shirt that I wanted to wear more that day. Then I documented this on my personal Instagram each day. It was a way for me to reconnect with my letters and my sisters. You can do the same thing, and if you don’t have a ton of shirts, buy some buttons instead!

4. Bring A Treat To Chapter Meeting

With Halloween quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to share your love with your chapter by bringing a treat to chapter meeting. At my school, we met every Tuesday and it was during dinner time. A bunch of people in a room during dinner time can get cranky if the meeting takes a while. So bake or buy some cookies, candy, or even some cupcakes and bring them to chapter meeting. Your sisters will definitely appreciate the snack. If cupcakes aren’t in your range, even just a bowl of candy will be appreciated, I promise!

5. Help A Sister With Her Homework

A big part of sorority life is school work. You can’t continue to be in a sorority if you don’t have a certain GPA after all. If you have some knowledge, help your sister’s study for a test, fill out their homework, or anything study related. Your sisters will appreciate the help and get to know you better.

6. Spam A Sister With Instagram/Facebook Likes

This is one of the easiest tasks on this list as it can be done almost mindlessly (but I would put a little effort into it though.) Go to Facebook or Instagram and scroll through, find the first sister you come across and spam her page with likes and comments. Most people love the feeling of their phone blowing up with notifications, and as long as you don’t continuously do this to the same person all the time, it won’t look weird. Just take your time and like their most recent 20-30 pictures or statuses. Also, comment on a couple here and there.

7. Bring Coffee/Food To A Sister Studying In The Library

If you stop by Starbucks before you go to the library, get another Starbucks drink while you are there to pass out to a sister studying in the library. It’s Pumpkin Spice Latte season, and almost everyone is waiting patiently in line to drink their PSLs (even if they don’t say so or try to act like PSLs are the most basic thing in the world.) So, don’t be afraid to offer a drink. Not everyone drinks coffee, so your drink may not always be accepted, but don’t take it personally!

8. Go To An Intramural Game And Cheer On The team

Intramurals can be so fun, especially when you have a bunch of sisters cheering the intramural team on. I am aware that intramural sports aren’t for everyone (I participated once–in a “cross-country” type of walking/running event, never again after that, I almost keeled over, sports are not for me.) In college, I loved to attend the intramural games though, especially when they were in the outside sports season because I lived across the street from the intramural fields for my Junior and Senior year. If you can take the time, go and cheer your sisters on. Posters and fun cheers encouraged!

9. Help Clean The Chapter Room

The chapter room/house is so essential to your sorority. Those parts of the house that are frequented by guests need to be kept as clean as possible. If you have a person who is in charge of that, volunteer to help them clean the room during their next clean up session. The room will get cleaned faster, and the person you are helping will adore you for it.

Alternatively, clean up randomly when you see trash being left in the chapter room. Some people just aren’t great at cleaning up after themselves, so if you see a piece of trash here and there, pick it up and throw it away.

10. Ask The Officer Team Or A Chairperson If They Need Help With Something

There are always things that need to be done, and sometimes they can’t all be done by one person. Ask people in your officer team or people who hold chair positions if they need help with something on their plate. Especially, if you can connect with someone who holds a position you want in the future.

11. Donate To A Sister’s Favorite Cause

This is just a sweet task to do, but if you know a sister’s favorite cause, donate. You can even donate in their name if you want to make it extra special! Be genuine about this and let them know that you appreciate them for introducing you to the cause or charity.

Alternatively, if donating is too much money, volunteer for the cause! Chances are, you need volunteer hours for your sorority anyway, so you may as well use them for a cause one of your favorite sisters love.

12. Ask A Sister To A Lunch Date

It’s so easy to think that just because a sister hasn’t asked you out for a lunch date, they don’t want to go with you. Sometimes it seems that lunch dates are intimate, but they don’t have to be. Ask a sister or a group of sisters to eat lunch on campus one day and make a true connection. Try to be as in the moment as you can with them!

13. Get To Know Any Sister You Have A Class With

Having a class with a sister is a positive thing! It’s the perfect excuse to get to know them because you can study with them and even sit by them without it being a huge deal. For some, the sister connection will never feel like enough right off the bat, so when you add sisters who have class together, it can make it easy to form a bond. So, get to know the sisters you have a class with and study with them outside of class!

14. Introduce Yourself To A Sister You Haven’t Spoken To

As you are getting acquainted with sorority life, or even after a while, there may be sisters you haven’t completely met yet. Introduce yourself and get to know them! It’s a simple task that gets you involved with new people.

15. Get Involved In An Intramural Sport/dance

We talked about my dislike of intramural sports earlier. I also have a huge dislike of dances, but I participated in a quick dance routine once (and hated it.) If I can do both, you can too (trust me, I am not talented at all.)

So, do it once for participation sake. You can get to know new women you would never have hung out with otherwise, and you may even be surprised to find out that you like sports!

16. Join A Committee

Committees are a great, easy way to get involved in your sorority. I like committees because they are a team. If the committee works as it should, you shouldn’t be holding all the responsibility. Also, you get the chance to meet many different people. The best thing about committees for introverts is that you are meeting to accomplish a task. Sometimes it’s difficult for introverts to ask people to meet just to meet, and with a committee, you always have a purpose.

17. Pay Your Dues On Time

This one won’t necessarily get your brownie points with your entire chapter, but it will with your chapter treasurer. This is a friendly reminder to pay your dues on time because it helps the entire chapter!

18. Speak Up In Chapter Meeting

Asking a question, or just sharing a message in chapter meeting when the time is right is a great way to be involved. If your sisters seem confused about something, or you are just confused, don’t be afraid to ask your question. Even if it takes a few second out of chapter meeting, you may help someone else who is confused, and more people will get to know your voice and face.

19. Be There For A Sister Who Is In Pageants Or Sports

If you have a sister who participates in university-level sports or a sister who is doing a pageant, attend them! Your sister will be so happy to see you, and it will give them the boost of confidence they need to go on. It’s great to go to events that aren’t mandatory or even on the radar of your sorority sometimes.

20. Stay To Clean Up After An Event

Events happen all the time, and it’s hard to get people to clean up after them. If you know your sorority is putting on a philanthropy event, don’t just leave after it’s over! See if you can stick around and help your philanthropy chair clean up. It’s a simple task that will make a big impact. The same can be said of any event your sorority hosts.

21. Have A Positive Attitude At All Greek Events

A positive attitude and a smile go a long way. Even if you aren’t as involved as you can be, people will notice your smile. If you always have a kind thought and you don’t complain when events take place, people will recognize that about you.

22. Be On Time For Events & Meetings

As a person who would rather be early than on-time, I can’t tell you how much it secretly annoyed me when people were late to things. I tried not to let it show, but if you say you will be somewhere at a certain time, be there. Also, there are just certain events that will always start at a certain time. For instance, chapter meetings. Being on time is just a common courtesy, and it can even help you stand out if you are consistently on time to things.

23. Chat With Alumnae At Events

Alumnae love when current members chat with them during alumnae events like Homecoming. It can be a daunting task, but alumnae were once in your shoes! Also, alumnae expect the conversations to be small talk; you just met after all! So get out of your comfort zone and strike up a conversation.

24. Support Sisters When They Are Going Through Tough Times

It’s always great to support a sister if they are going through a rough time. Don’t ever be afraid to text a sister and let them know that you are thinking of them, or even hang out with them to cheer them up! You never know what a kind olive branch may do to help a sister feel loved!

25. Be Extra Prepared And Help Sisters During Recruitment

Formal and even informal recruitment can put a lot of stress on sisters. If you can be a little extra prepared, that can really help your sisters in their time of need. You may want to bring some pads and tampons, a couple extra hair ties, some extra bobby pins, and even a sewing kit or first aid kit. Obviously you don’t have to stock up on everything, but if you remember to grab a few extra things, don’t hesitate to share. A sister is bound to need one or all of the things I mentioned at one point during recruitment, and you will be there to save the day!

26. Take Sorority Fundraisers Seriously

Those Yankee Candles aren’t going to sell themselves! Yes, sorority fundraisers do take a lot of energy that you may want to spend elsewhere, but they can be really helpful for donating to charity and helping your chapter. Take them seriously and get your stuff sold because that will make a bigger impact on the sorority and the world at large than you know.

27. Be present When You Are Hanging Out With Sisters

In a world where there is always 100 million things happening, be in the moment! Our generation is so notorious for not paying attention. People will follow your lead though! Be present, and be in the moment when you are hanging out with your sisters. This way, you get the most out of every interaction you have.

28. Help Paint A Banner/Other Sorority Goodies

If you are talented in the arts and crafts department, use that to your advantage. Participate in any and all chances to craft with your sisters because that’s when the real bonding happens. Also, lend a hand to other people in the sorority who need crafting help. during times like big/little week if you have been in the chapter for a while.

29. Leave Cute Notes For Your Sisters To Find

Your sisters may not know that these notes are from you, but they will love how it made them feel. Get some sticky notes and leave cute notes on people’s notebooks, planners, and other things that they would actually grab. You may not want to leave them around the chapter room, but instead on actual belongings that way they are more likely to actually find them.

30. Be Open About Your Sorority Love

Shout your love of your letters anytime you can. If you are a proud sister, you should show that in whichever way you can! This is an easy task that almost everyone can do. Be proud of your letters and what they represent.

31. Showcase Greek Life In A Positive Manner In Life And Online

Last, but not least, show Greek life in a positive manner. When Greek life is in the news, it’s often because something negative happens. The news forgets all the amazing things that Greek organizations do every day, and so do your friends and family if you don’t remind them! Showcase the positive side of Greek life and be the positive side of Greek life every single day!


I hope you loved today’s article. I am all about getting involved in your sorority. It’s more than joining, it’s also about participating. If you participate in sorority activities, you can grow as a person and as a sorority sister.

Did I miss anything here? Tell me your favorite ways to get involved in your sorority in the comments below!