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    7 Fun Winter Break Activities For College Students

    December 14, 2020 Savanna Pruitt 5 min read
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    Finals are over, grades are submitted, and it’s finally time to enjoy winter break. For most of us, this usually means binge-watching Christmas movies and reality TV, snacking all day long, and trying to ignore the creeping anxiety we have about next semester. Why not try something a little different? Even though things are crazy out there and this year us completely different from what any of us imagined, there’s still a lot of fun to be had. Here are seven fun winter break activities for college students.


    1. Learn How To Cook Something New

    When COVID-19 first hit the United States, and everyone went into quarantine, lots of us turned into hopeful chefs. Do whipped coffee and sourdough bread ring any bells? I thought so. Why not continue that and learn to make a few new dishes? All you have to do is hop on Pinterest and do a quick search for fun, easy meals to prepare. You won’t have any trouble finding recipes that suit your tastes and preferences. 

    There are a few good things that will come from learning how to cook a new meal. First, your family will love you for helping them get out of their food rut and introducing them to something new. Second, you’ll have a recipe in your back pocket you can pull out to impress your friends once it’s safe to hang out again. Third, it’ll give you something fun to do to pass the time during winter break. Win-win-win.

    2. Host A Virtual Winter Break Happy Hour

    Even though we can’t go out and have a few cocktails (or mocktails) with our friends right now, you can still pour a glass of your favorite bubbly and enjoy it with your friends through a video call. This is the perfect fun winter break activity for college students. 

    If you want to have the most fun possible with this, you should really go all out. Create a cute invitation for the event with Canva, get dressed up for the call, and have a few games in mind you can play virtually. “Name That Song” and “Never Have I Ever” are two great games that will loosen everyone up and create many laughs.

    3. Have A DIY Spa Night (Or Two)

    Winter break is the perfect time to relax and focus on self-care! I love planning out elaborate spa nights for myself when I have time off school and work. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make this happen. Most of the things you need for a DIY spa night (lotion, candles, face masks, etc.) are probably already lying around your house somewhere. 

    The activities you include in your spa night are completely up to you to choose. My favorite things to do are whipping up a homemade face mask, painting my nails, and taking a long bath. Light some candles, find a chill Spotify playlist to vibe with, and have yourself a merry little spa night. 

    4. Take A Drive Around Your City To See Christmas Lights

    This is such a simple winter break activity that will make you so happy if you love Christmas. Hop in the car with your family, your best friend, or your partner and start driving. Make sure to play some Christmas tunes in the car and bring a cup of hot chocolate with you. 

    If you live in a bigger city, you might be able to find a guide or map online of the best light displays. If not, you can still drive around your neighborhood or city and find the Christmas lights.

    5. Become An Expert On Something Random

    If you can think of a subject or topic you’re mildly interested in, I can assure you that there’s more information about it out there than you might think. Choose something random and spend some time during winter break reading up on everything you can find about it. You may even be able to find a free online course to teach you more about the topic. 

    This one is fun because it gives you something cool and impressive to talk about on a first date or at your next hangout session with friends. Being smart is always in style.

    6. Prep For Next Semester

    Spending some time getting ready for next semester probably doesn’t sound like the ideal fun winter break activity. It’s important, though! If you go ahead and prep for next semester now, you won’t be so stressed out later. There are ways you can make this a more enjoyable activity. 

    Almost everyone needs to restock on school supplies after each semester, so why not make a list and treat yourself to a fun Target run? Invite a friend along and turn it into a full-on shopping adventure. If you’re taking online classes from your house or apartment, take some time over winter break to reorganize or redecorate your workspace. I don’t know about you, but having a clean, nicely-decorated environment always motivates me to get ish done.

    7. Make Some Money On The Side

    We are living in the era of the side hustle. You can make money off of literally almost any skill or service these days. Choose something you love to do and make some extra cash doing it over winter break. It could be something as simple as walking dogs or as complex as building websites for small businesses. 

    There are hundreds of side hustles you can get into. Making a little money by doing something you love to do over winter break will pad your pockets and set you up well for the spring semester. Plus, it’ll give you a bit of spending money for super last-minute Christmas shopping

    Conclusion: There Are Tons Of Fun Winter Break Activities For College Students

    You don’t have to spend your winter break bored and wishing you were anywhere else doing anything else. There are plenty of things you can do to have fun and add value to your life.

    What’s your favorite thing to do during winter break?

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