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    Mapiful Review: How To Showcase Location-Based Memories

    September 28, 2020 Savanna Pruitt 7 min read
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    One of the best ways to cherish your favorite memories is by celebrating where they happened. Whether it’s your hometown, your college town, or the place you met your significant other, I’m willing to bet you have at least one place in mind that’s special to you. Today I’m sharing a Mapiful review with you so that you can get beautiful gifts for your friends and family.

    Mapiful is a fantastic company that specializes in creating decorative prints that highlight those special locations. Here’s everything you need to know before placing an order with Mapiful.


    Mapiful Review: The Pricing

    To start this Mapiful review, let’s talk about the pricing.

    Short answer? The price varies based on what you order. Mapiful offers prints in three sizes, and the classic prints come in both landscape and portrait layouts. They’re currently priced as follows:

    • 11 x 17” – $39 
    • 18 x 24” – $59 
    • 24 x 36” – $79 

    Mapiful also sells full wooden frames to go along with the prints. The frames come in a few colors, and they are currently priced as follows:

    • 11 x 17” – $39
    • 18 x 24” – $44.99
    • 24 x 36” – $64.99

    If you don’t want to spring for the full wooden frame, Mapiful offers wooden print hangers in several colors for $29.


    The Shipping Process

    According to the Mapiful site, they ship to over 100 countries worldwide, and they have printing facilities in over 30 countries. They’re able to speed up their shipping process and cut down on their carbon footprint because they have so many printing locations worldwide. 

    Depending on where you live, there are a few different shipping options:

    • Free/ Normal Shipping: 4-10 business days
    • Priority Shipping: 3-6 business days
    • Express Shipping: 1-3 business days

    The shipping prices vary based on your location, so your best bet is to head to the Mapiful site, put in your location, and see what the rates are.

    The Ordering Process

    To give some insight during this Mapiful review, let’s go through each step of the process. 

    1. Decide Which Kind Of Print You Want To Order

    Mapiful offers a few different types of prints. 

    • Classic: The Classic Mapiful print is their signature offering. This print features a map of any city or set of coordinates you choose. If you go with the Classic option, the first step is selecting the location you want to highlight. 
    • Star: The Star Mapiful print features a map of the stars on a specific date and time at a certain location. This is an excellent option if you want to highlight an event like a birth or a wedding.  
    • Zodiac: The Zodiac Mapiful print features the star sign that coordinates with your birthday or the birthday of a friend, child, or another special person in your life. 
    • Text Art: The Text Art Mapiful print allows you to upload an image and overlay it with custom text. 

    2. Customize The Text

    I ordered the Classic print, so I’m mostly going to focus on that. However, all of the print types allow you to customize them in different ways. 

    With the Classic print, you can customize the headline, divider, and tagline. The headline is typically the name of the city or location, the divider is usually the name of the country, and the tagline is usually the coordinates of the location. You can change each line to say whatever you want, though. 

    3. Customize The Look

    Next, you get to choose what you want your print to look like. There are tons of preset options that include a variety of colors and layouts. If you can’t settle on one of the preset options, you also can customize your print with your own color and design choices. 

    Once your print looks exactly like you want it, you get to choose the size and orientation of the print. The default orientation is portrait, but some prints are also available in landscape. 

    4. Place Your Order

    Now all you have to do is decide whether you want to add a frame and then place your order.


    Mapiful Review: My Experience And Thoughts

    Recently, I ordered a classic print and a hanging frame Mapiful. I decided to go with the classic print in the Pantone style. I chose Pyeongtaek, South Korea, as my location. My husband and I lived there for a while (with our dogs), and it played a huge part in our lives. I thought it would be special to have a map of Pyeongtaek to hang in our new house and remind us of our adventures in Korea. 

    I also chose to order a hanging frame in the pine color.



    I currently live in Alabama, so I can only go off my experience with Mapiful’s US shipping. My order was placed on July 23. I just went with the standard shipping option, which is free in the United States. Mapiful sent out an email letting me know my order had been shipped the next day (July 24). The email included a UPS tracking number, so it was easy to keep an eye on my order. 

    The only issue I had with my order is that UPS tried to deliver it on July 29 and said they could not complete the delivery. I was going to call and see what happened, but it was delivered early the next day before I even had a chance. This wasn’t an issue on Mapiful’s end, though.

    Overall, I was pleased with and surprised at how fast my order arrived. 

    My print and hanging frame arrived in a sturdy cardboard tube. The frame came in four pieces with nails and string for hanging. Two of the pieces snap together with magnets and slide onto the top of the print, and the other pieces slide onto the bottom. 

    I would note that you might want to make sure there’s a covered place for the delivery service to leave your Mapiful order if you aren’t going to be home when it’s delivered. I don’t know how well the cardboard tube would hold up if it was left in the rain for an extended period. 


    The print itself is made of a thick, high-quality paper. It took almost no time at all for it to flatten out after being rolled up in the shipping tube. The quality of the image on the print is impressive. All of the lines are clean and crisp, and the coloring is consistent. 


    I think the price for the print is more than fair. The paper is super high-quality, and the image looks exactly like I hoped it would. I do think the frames are a little on the pricey side, though. I might try to find a cheaper frame on Amazon or at a local store next time I order from Mapiful. 

    Mapiful Review: How I Plan To Use Mapiful Prints

    Like I mentioned before, my first print from Mapiful highlights a location that’s very special for my little family. I currently have it hanging in my living room. It’s a great way to remind me of a great time in our lives, and it’s a great conversation piece when guests come over. 

    I plan to order from Mapiful again. Since I’m a total, die-hard dog mom, I think I might order some smaller prints soon that show the location of the shelters we adopted our boys from. I’m also excited to order a different print style— I think I might try out the Star print at some point. 

    I think Mapiful will be a go-to place when I need a special gift for a friend or family member.


    Why Mapiful Prints Make Such Great Gifts

    Everyone loves receiving gifts that are both personalized and thoughtful. Mapiful makes it super easy to pick out a customized gift that doesn’t take hours of time and effort. 

    There are just so many occasions for which a print from Mapiful would make the perfect gift. Here are a few ideas:

    • If you have a friend who’s getting married, gift them a Mapiful print of the location of their wedding. My mom gave me something similar for a wedding present, and I almost cried because it was so special. It’s now hanging in my bedroom, and it makes me smile every time I see it. 
    • If you have a friend or family member who’s graduating, a Mapiful print showing the location of their school would make a great gift. High school graduates can hang the print in their college dorm to remind them of home. College graduates can hang the print in their home or their office at their new job after graduating. 
    • If you’re celebrating an anniversary (or a friendaversary), a Mapiful print highlighting the location where you and the other person first met would make such a sweet gift. 

    A fantastic gift combination would be a print from Mapiful and a cute plant from The Sill!

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    Conclusion: Mapiful Prints Are Awesome

    Whether you’re buying something yourself or as a gift for a special person in your life, you can’t go wrong with a print from Mapiful. These prints are the perfect way to commemorate and showcase your location-based memories. Check out Mapiful today! 

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